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Sade Baderinwa is a popular news anchor in one of the biggest news markets in the world. This Emmy award winning news anchor for New York’s WABC TV has a salary in excess of $300,000 dollars per year. Sade was born in Baltimore and began her career with WABC as a producer.

Her back story is a story of tough life turned out great. She was abandoned by her biological parents, first her mother and then her father and left with family friends. Her biological mother showed up about 6 years later and she formed a relationship with her. Her life was off to a pretty rocky start but she was surrounded by love and evidently it made a difference for her.

She has steadily climbed her way up the career ladder. She started at a small local station in Baltimore as a producer and caught the eye of the station manager who put her on air and as they say the rest was history. She spent some time as an anchor on the daytime talk show the “View” but returned to the more serious and coveted 11 o’clock anchor spot. She has had her fair share of scandal as well.

The Rumors

There are rumors that Ms. Baderinwa had an affair with the mayor of Baltimore who happens to be married. The rumor includes stories of an unwanted pregnancy and some even go as far as stating that his wife put out a hit on her because of the affair.

Both the mayor and Ms. Baderinwa and the wife deny the rumors and chalk them up to vicious political banter to discredit the mayor. The rumors are said to be started by a former aid. The story dates back to 2008 when Ms. Baderinwa left for her NYC career change.

Back To Her Pay

The evidence that Ms. Baderinwa earns over $300K is really just rumor as well although it comes from some credible sources. Her salary is absolutely 6 figures but the actual amount is really just an educated guestimate by industry insiders. It may be a little more or a little less.

She has worked hard and she deserves whatever it is that she earns. It does seem that her career will continue to expand in an upward direction. She has the looks, the dedication and clearly the talent to take her as far as she wants to go!

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