Sanguine Personality Type Characteristics and Meaning

The sanguine personality type is one of the 4 classic temperaments from history. Melancholic, phlegmatic, and choleric personalities are the other three. Hippocrates was one of the world’s first medical practitioners to use these temperaments in his practice, which are still part of some medical traditions.

Even though we have disproven that bodily fluids dictate personality development, we have kept the definitions of each personality type. Now they are grouped into response categories, much like the results of a personality test.

Think of the sanguine personality type as a generic personality, the foundational building blocks of an individual approach.

Here are the characteristics of this personality type and what they mean.

List of the Sanguine Personality Type Characteristics

1. Forgiveness
People with this personality type are very quick to forgive. Although some may struggle to set aside negative emotions when they’ve been wronged, their goal is to move on in each circumstance. They don’t like dwelling on what happened in the past. They see mistakes as a chance to learn and make things better. They tend to live in the present, expect others to do so as well, and keeping pushing forward.

2. Emotional
Sanguine personalities tend to be very emotional. Although their emotions tend to be a fleeting response, every situation creates emotions that must be handled. That happens because of how they approach the present. Someone with this personality type might feel like they hate someone because of an action that occurred, but then apologize because they want the incident to be forgotten because it is now in the past. For some, this can make them flighty, and potentially even cause them to change their personalities at times, but it doesn’t take long for them to return to their bubbly self.

3. Humorous
People who have the sanguine personality type have a genuine, authentic sense of humor. They are very open with their humor, avoiding the negative tones of sarcasm in most cases. It isn’t a subtle or dry sense of humor either. These people look to find funny things in present moments, then look for ways to share those moments with others. Life is good for people with this personality when they are able to smile often, laugh frequently, and find ways to love.

4. Arrogance
Some personality types have high levels of confidence and self-control that can be mistaken for arrogance. For the sanguine personality type, there really is a tendancy present for being arrogant. These folks like to show off whenever they can. Their high levels of self-esteem can make them feel invincible, like they can conquer the world. The goal of these actions is to show others how amazing they are, like “look at how much better I am than you.” That can make it hard for some of the other personality types to hang around someone with the sanguine personality type.

5. Energetic
Most of the time, people with this personality type are extremely energetic and friendly. They have a certain presence about them which makes you feel like you’ve known that person for forever, even if they might be a stranger. These are playful people, willing to pull a prank, while also being incredibly charismatic. People are naturally drawn to the charm offered by someone with a sanguine personality.

6. Extremes
It is very easy for someone with a sanguine personality to experience severe mood swings, similar to what someone diagnosed with bipolar disorder might experience. They can go from rapid highs to canyon-sized lows in a matter of minutes, depending on the environment around them. For many, this creates periods of self-loathing because they feel like their emotions are forcing them to be out of control. In these moments, this personality type tends to lash out at others, be melodramatic, and look for ways to place blame elsewhere.

7. Attention-Seeking
Those with a sanguine personality love being the center of attention. In any given situation, they want the spotlight to be on them. For some, that desire leads them to a career that can make them quite famous. For others, it creates an addiction to praise and compliments. Many people with this personality type will go out of their way to create opportunities for others to heap praise on them.

8. Chameleons
Although someone with a sanguine personality loves to stand out, they also like to blend into the background. They want to be popular, so they do what it takes to fit in with the group of people they’ve identified as being the most popular. People with this personality type may even go as far as to change their core values, their physical looks, or other attributes to give themselves the best possible chance of being associated with the right group of people.

9. Performers
Performing is in the nature of someone with this personality type. You’ll find them first in line when it is karaoke night down at the local bar. They love to be the life of the party, dancing whenever they can, with energy levels that seem to never stop. This can translate to the workplace as well. When you have a group of co-workers around someone telling a story, the storyteller is likely someone with a sanguine personality.

10. Sociable
You will find people with the sanguine personality type frequently looking for social interactions. They are at ease in any situation, even if they are being asked to be sociable with strangers. The social interactions that they have are what recharges their battery each day. If they were asked to spend time alone, they would find the circumstances to be incredibly boring.

11. Pleasure-Seeking
A sanguine person is always looking to have a good time. They focus on things that make them feel good, then invite others to come along for the experience. People with this personality type want to be in charge of the pleasure-seeking events because that gives them a reputation for fun. They seek out rooms where there are plenty of people, engage with as many of them as possible, and then make connections based on shared stories and emotions.

People with the sanguine personality type are lively. They tend to be carefree and sociable, preferring a talkative environment. You’ll find that they are always up for a chat, even if it is with a stranger. It is very easy for those with this personality type to make new friends or meet new people.

For many, the negatives of this personality type are easy enough to offset. They take a deep breath, get out of the moment, then work to repair the situation. It is when they get stuck that the problems begin to come.

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