Tara Vanderveer Salary

Tara Vanderveer has a storied career and legacy within Women’s Division I college basketball. She has been the head coach of Stanford’s women’s basketball program since 1985. Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and they have a high profiled women’s basketball program that she has built over the years. During her tenure as the head basketball coach of the women’s program, she led Stanford to 2 NCAA Division I Championships. Due to her success, she is one of the highest paid women’s college basketball coaches. Her salary has increased substantially as she has achieved more success within this field.


Beyond winning tow national championships during her tenure as the coach of Stanford University’s women’s basketball team, Vanderveer has also been named the Naismith National Coach of the year and has been the Pac-12 coach of the year 10 times. Tara is one of only six women’s basketball coaches that has had the honor of amassing over 900 wins during their career. !in 1990, she actually served as the head coach for the US national team in the Olympics.


She began her career at Ohio State and built that program up to some notoriety before being offered the head coaching job at Stanford. After making Ohio State a nationally ranked program, she had gotten enough buzz to get on the radar of Stanford. When she was offered this coaching position, she understood the pressure that came along with it. It was her job to build the program quickly and begin recruiting players. She did not have immediate success at Stanford and actually took a step back in her first season as head coach of the program. However, after two years not receiving a bid to the tournament she built the program into a perennial sweet sixteen team.


As the head coach for one of the biggest women’s basketball programs in the country, she was offered a new contract recently by Stanford University. Her current contract is long term and should keep her with Stanford for the duration of her career. With her new long-term contract comes a salary increase that is very substantial. The actual terms of the contract are not completely known including the salary increase and the amount of years that were added to her contract. However, it is known that she is one of the highest paid women’s basketball coaches and did receive a pay increase in order to resign as head coach of the Stanford program.

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