25 Best ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Sample Answers

“Tell me about yourself” is one of the first questions most hiring managers ask during the interview process. It is one of the common interview questions, but it may still catch you off-guard. So, working on your answer beforehand will give you a great opportunity to make a strong first impression on your potential employer.

Use the sample answers in this article to find the best way for you to answer this behavioral interview question.

5 Tips for Your Answer

  • Talk very briefly about your career path.
  • Highlight your relevant past experiences and accomplishments.
  • Emphasize your greatest strengths that match the job description.
  • Show that this job you’re interviewing for matches your career goals.
  • Give real examples and metrics that can confirm your success stories.

5 Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t tell your whole life or work story.
  • Avoid talking about your personal life or personal details (keep it work-related).
  • Avoid mentioning salary expectations at this point.
  • Avoid just repeating the information from your resume.
  • Avoid mentioning problems, especially with your current or past employers.

5 Best Examples for Recent College Grads or No Experience

1. Example Answer:
I graduated last month from XYZ University with a degree in Marketing. I decided to pursue a digital marketing career after I volunteered for ABC non-profit organization. They did very relevant work for many communities but had almost no online presence.

I developed several campaigns on social media, including Facebook ads, that gave them more exposure and raised their online donations by $80,000 in less than one year. I am hard-working, and I thrive in challenging environments where I can learn and grow.

2. Example Answer:
I graduated from ABC University with a BA in English Literature last year. I made the Dean’s list for three consecutive years. In my last job, I worked at XYZ Co. as an editorial intern for the past two years. I managed a pool of freelance writers, most of them working remotely. I also assisted in proofreading and fact-checking their articles. I am excited to have an opportunity to grow my career and skills as an editorial assistant at this respected organization.

3. Example Answer:
I’ve just gotten my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from ABC College. I am currently a programming intern at XYZ Co., where I work with Java. I am responsible for testing and debugging code. Last year, I won the TopCoder programming challenge in Java. I have also been studying Python on my own time. I am excited for a chance to use my skills, grow my career and contribute to this organization.

4. Example Answer:
My name is John, and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration degree from ABC College. In my free time, I volunteer at the XYZ animal shelter, where I am responsible for organizing its documents, greeting visitors, and providing visitors with information. I also provide care and assistance to the animals. I am a creative and driven person, and I would appreciate an opportunity to make a difference here in your organization.

5. Example Answer:
I recently graduated with a degree in architecture. I’ve always had a passion for modern architecture. A few years ago, I created an Instagram account where I’ve been sharing photos and information about buildings from all over the world. Its popularity helped me get an internship at XYZ Co., where I prepared drawings of planned buildings using computer-aided design software. I’ve just finished that internship, so now I am looking for a full-time position.

Key Takeaways: When you’re a recent college graduate, it is important to talk about your degree, your academic accomplishments, any leadership positions, and the relevant soft skills so you can demonstrate that you fit into the company culture and work environment.

Where you can, it’s a good idea to include success stories from internships and volunteering opportunities. If you had a job that cannot be directly related to the job you’re interviewing for, try to choose specific experiences that you can associate with the new job’s requirements.

5 Best Examples for Some Experience (1-5 years)

1. Example Answer:
I am a digital marketing specialist with a Bachelor of Mass Communication degree from XYZ University. After college, I went to work for a small fashion retailer. I was assigned to develop strategies to reach younger audiences. I decided to experiment with TikTok, which was becoming popular back then. I created videos that appealed to our target audience, and we got over 40K followers in about six months.

My campaigns doubled the number of online purchases. I believe I can bring my experience to help your company reach a younger audience, and I look forward to the opportunity to further developing my skills.

2. Example Answer:
Three years ago, I finished my BA in Liberal Arts from XYZ University. Since then, I’ve been working as a freelance content writer. I’ve written over 500 high-traffic articles about business, technology, and self-help for my customers.

I have also published more than 50 articles on Medium.com with a 40 to 55% read ratio. I produce easy-to-read and original content that engages readers. I am a creative, determined, and self-motivated professional, and I look forward to working with your editorial team.

3. Example Answer:
I’ve worked as a web developer at ABC Co. for the past two years. I develop front-end web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. My previous job was as a programming intern at XYZ Co., where I worked with testing and debugging code for two years. Last year, my team leader assigned me to redesign one of our websites that had the lowest number of page views.

After I completely rewrote the code from scratch, it became the second website with the most page views. I am a quick learner, a detailed-oriented professional, a dedicated team player, and I believe I am a great fit for this job position.

4. Example Answer:
I currently work as a hostess at ABC Restaurant. I started working there two years ago. I am responsible for greeting customers, taking them to their seats, managing reservations, and helping the staff. I am also responsible for ensuring that our guests have a pleasant experience. This job helped me develop my people and problem-solving skills. I love working directly with customers and assisting them. That’s why I am pursuing this job position as a receptionist at your organization.

5. Example Answer:
I joined ABC Co. five years ago. I started as the administrative assistant to the IT department, and after two years, I had the opportunity to be assigned to the role of assistant project manager. I helped the lead project manager solve many issues, and I was responsible for scheduling activities and keeping track of the team’s reported hours. I was promoted to project manager six months ago. Now, I want to continue pursuing a project manager role in a reputable company, so I decided to apply for this new role.

Key Takeaways: These example answers show how the candidate can choose specific accomplishments that can make them stand out, even if they don’t have extensive work experience. Think back and choose specific real-life situations that show your skills in action. Finish strong by mentioning your future goals and why this new job is a good fit for you.

5 Best Examples for Mid-levels (5-8 years)

1. Example Answer:
I’ve worked at XYZ Media as a digital marketing specialist for the last four years. I am responsible for producing multi-platform advertising campaigns for our clients. I also develop strategies for growing and engaging our social media follower base. Since I joined the company, our clients’ social media following has grown 40% per quarter, on average.

Before working at XYZ Media, I worked as a freelancer for about two years, where I learned to pursue my goals in a self-directed setting. I look forward to joining your agency for the opportunity to bring my experience to benefit your clients and to advance my career.

2. Example Answer:
After graduating from college, I worked as a writer at ABC Co. For the past six years, I have focused on technical writing. I write all content for our in-app help screens, online help pages on our website, and instruction manuals. I am responsible for testing all our apps against our help content and assist colleagues by proofreading their marketing materials. I am passionate about writing content that helps users get what they need from our apps. I am a very hard worker and am excited to potentially become part of your organization.

3. Example Answer:
I’ve worked as a web developer for the past seven years. I started working at ABC Co., where I developed a new version of its website that increased page views by 30%. Then, three years later, I joined XYZ Co., where I currently focus on optimizing code for faster page load times.

I am also responsible for managing interns. I train them when they start with us, give them their assignments, and support them. After I started working with them, the number of lines of code they test and debug daily increased by 40%. I believe my experience and team management style make me a perfect fit for this team leader position at your organization.

4. Example Answer:
My current job is at ABC Co., where I’ve been working for the last five years. I started at the front desk, answering the phone, greeting and assisting visitors. This job helped me develop my people and communication skills, as well as my multi-tasking capabilities.

After one year, I got assigned to the sales team as its administrative assistant, which is my current role. I manage the team’s schedule and I am responsible for travel arrangements, expense reports, and other general administrative tasks. It is a very fast-paced environment, much like what you have in your organization.

5. Example Answer:
I’ve worked for ABC Co. as a sales representative for the past eight years. I’ve assisted customers with purchases, product information, and concerns. For the last five years, I consistently met or exceeded my quarterly quotas in sales. I was also the only sales representative that met the quarterly quota with the new accounts during that period. I am now looking for greater challenges where I can leverage my negotiation, communication, and other relevant skills to go even further in my career.

Key Takeaways: Even though these candidates are more experienced, note that the example answers are still brief. They are still able to emphasize key assignments and accomplishments that stand out in the candidates’ careers. Be careful. You don’t want to tell your entire life and work history. Also, make sure to show the results you got and to emphasize the benefits you can bring to your potential employer.

5 Best Examples for Senior Candidates (8-14 years)

1. Example Answer:
I have worked at ABC Co. for ten years. Currently, I am a Senior Marketing Specialist, and I am responsible for coordinating our digital marketing strategies. I have extensive experience with Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing campaigns for improving brand awareness. I have met my marketing goals for the last four years in a row, increasing our brand awareness consistently and bringing an increase in annual revenue by 36%.

The next step in my career is to work for a marketing agency like yours, where I can apply my experience in more complex scenarios and bring excellent results for the company and its customers.

2. Example Answer:
I’ve been working as a writer for ten years. Currently, I am the Senior Content Writer at XYZ Co., where I am the team leader responsible for planning, developing, and producing content. I also train and mentor the other members of my team. I specialized in SEO and content marketing. Eight years ago, when I joined XYZ, I was the first writer they hired. My articles helped triple their website’s organic traffic during my first year, and it has grown consistently ever since. Now, I am looking forward to this opportunity to join your company and step up my game as a writer.

3. Example Answer:
I began my career 13 years ago as a staff accountant at ABC Co. After five years, I went to work for XYZ Co., where I was promoted to Senior Accountant. I am now responsible for preparing our quarterly and annual financial statements. I am also responsible for compliance with state and federal regulations. I’ve been known for my attention to detail and accuracy. We’ve never had any audit failures since I assumed this position. With my experience and skills, I believe I can be an asset to your organization.

4. Example Answer:
I work for ABC Co. as Senior Project Manager. I currently work with complex projects that involve teams with technical, financial, and business experts. I began my career as a financial analyst, but soon I found myself drawn to project management. So, I took time off to study, and I got a PMP certification. After that, I got this job at ABC Co. about six years ago.

My financial background has proven valuable for my projects’ success. For the past five years, all my projects have finished within schedule and budget. I also have kept a customer satisfaction rate at 98%. As you can see, I can bring relevant experience and skills to this new position.

5. Example Answer:
I am a Senior Sales Representative at ABC Co. I currently manage over 100 customer accounts, and I mentor three colleagues. I began my career ten years ago at XYZ Co. as a junior sales representative. I’ve been working with sales ever since. I joined ABC Co. five years ago, and I’ve been among the top three sales performers since then. I have strong leadership skills, so I do my best to help train and guide the younger members of the sales team. I love my current work, but I think I am ready for a new challenge in my career. That’s why I am looking forward to working at this organization.

Key Takeaways: These example answers show how these senior candidates chose key experiences to emphasize. Ideally, they would have done that to match those experiences to the job requirements. Also, note how they mention specific results they brought to the company. That’s how you can show the hiring manager that you have what they are looking for.

5 Best Examples for Very Senior Candidates (15+ years)

1. Example Answer:
I am the Senior Marketing Manager at XYZ Media. I joined this company sixteen years ago. I am specialized in digital marketing and paid ads campaigns. I currently collaborate with the VP of Marketing, and I manage our VIP accounts. Also, I’ve been leading teams of marketing professionals for the past six years. I have worked with our VIP customers to increase their brand awareness and bring more leads using digital marketing.

We’ve had excellent results, with an average of 250% growth in email subscribers, 60% growth in online sales, and 80% in engagement rate. I am a focused, driven, and dedicated professional, and I believe I am ready to embrace a new challenge in my career.

2. Example Answer:
I am the Editor-in-Chief at the XYZ Herald. I am responsible for planning, proofreading, and approving our monthly print publication and the contents for our website. Last year, I implemented new strategies to monetize our website, which lead to a 28% increase in our revenue.

I also hired two new writers to produce more articles for our website, which doubled its traffic within six months. I have excellent communication skills and a passion for bringing accurate news to people. My experience and determination make me a suitable candidate for this position at your organization.

3. Example Answer:
I am the IT Director of ABC Co. Eighteen years ago, I started my career there as a programmer, and after only two years, I was promoted to team leader. That’s when I found my passion: leading people and helping them thrive. And that’s what I’ve been doing my whole career. I was able to boost the morale and increase the results of all teams I’ve managed so far.

As IT Director, I led my team to raise our customer satisfaction rate from 58% to 92% in three years. I also lowered maintenance and software application fees by renegotiating contracts with our partners. I’m currently looking for an opportunity at a top organization like yours to take my career to the next level.

4. Example Answer:
I am the Human Resources Director at ABC Co. I started my career twenty years ago at XYZ Co. as the administrative assistant to the HR department. After one year, I became a recruiter, and I’ve been working with HR ever since.

Five years ago, I was hired by ABC Co. to restructure the HR department. I developed training courses for new employees, created one global retention program, facilitated the relocation between different departments, and redesigned our hiring process. After two years, our employee satisfaction boosted. As a result, the company’s revenue grew 32%. Now, I am ready to take on new challenges. That’s why I decided to apply for this job.

5. Example Answer:
I am the Senior Manager of the Customer Support Center at XYZ Co. I started working at XYZ eighteen years ago as a customer support specialist. I went from a junior to a senior specialist, then to team leader. Six years ago, I got promoted to manager. So, I know all about the customer support environment.

After I got the management position, I decided to invest in my team. I negotiated periodic training courses for the team members, established clear goals and compensation rules, and created a mentoring program in a joint effort with our HR department. Within two years, our customer satisfaction rate increased from 64% to 95%, and our employee retention rate increased to 95%. Now, I look forward to working with the Customer Support Center of your organization.

Key Takeaways: Even though these candidates have long and successful careers, they still need to make their answers brief and objective. These examples show a balance between the career highlights (job positions) and concrete results.

It is important to show the hiring manager the benefits that the candidate can bring to the company and its customers. You don’t need to be exhaustive when answering this question because more questions will come in the interview, and then you will be able to talk more about your experience and skills.


“Tell me about yourself” is a common interview question often used to start a job interview, get the conversation going, and, sometimes it can help the interviewer figure out what they will ask next. Your answer will probably set the tone for the rest of the interview. So, make sure to have a great answer ready that will highlight your greatest accomplishments and skills and show them you’re the best candidate for that dream job. Practice your answer as well as answers to other interview questions, maintain eye contact, have a positive attitude, and smile. You can do this!

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