Vai Sikahema Salary

Vai Sikahema was born on August 29th, 1962 in Nuku’aluta, Tonga. As a child, Vai spent a brief stint in New Zealand, which was followed by another brief stint with his parents in Hawaii. After, Vai moved with his parents to the small suburban town of Mesa, Arizona, where they eventually gained legal citizenship status. Here Vai attended Mesa High School, where he participated in football.


Vai played college football at the Brigham Young University for the Cougars. After the obligatory four years in college, Vai moved on to participate in the National Football League (NFL) draft, where he was a tenth round pick for the Arizona Cardinals. It was at this moment that Vai Sikahema broke records as being the very first Tonga to play for the NFL. Later, his younger cousins joined the ranks of Tongan NFL players. This includes Deuce Lutui (of the Arizona Cardinals), and Reno Mahe (of the Philadelphia Eagles).

Vai played the dual positions of running back and punt returner for the Cardinals between the years of 1986 and 1990. In 1991, Vai played briefly for the Green Bay Packers, which was followed in 1992 and 1993 with a two year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles.

After eight seasons playing in the National Football League, Vai retired. During his retirement, Vai began work as a weekend sports news broadcaster for the Philadelphia-based television station, WCAU. WCAU was, at the time, owned by CBS. Vai survived the station’s sale to NBC, where he first worked as weekday sports newscaster. After some time, he received a promotion to sports director, which is the position he currently works in.

Vai is also a regular contributor to a column called the Desert News. Instead of being sports related, this news column generally revolves to issues and topics revolving around the topic of religion.

Salary & Estimated Net Worth

Various sources report that Vai Sikahema currently makes around $325,000 a year as a sports director and broadcaster. Taking into consideration his earnings in this position, along with those earnings estimated to have been made during his football playing career, his net worth falls somewhere between two and six million dollars currently.

This net worth estimate, however, does not take into account any personal assets, investments, or hidden money makers Sikahema may have. If such things do exist, this could minimally to drastically raise Sikahema’s net worth.


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