40 Ways to Say Thank You for Coming to Our Wedding

Here is a list of 40 ways to say thank you for coming to our wedding to let them know how special their attendance was.

#1 Thank you for taking the time to play a part in the most important day for the rest of our lives. Your presence made our wedding so very memorable and unique. We could not have celebrated our first day as husband and wife so successfully without you.

#2 We did not want to miss the opportunity to thank you for attending our wedding. As we reflect on the day, we both agree that your presence made it even more special. We wanted to tell you how grateful we are that you were there.

#3 We celebrated our first moments as husband and wife in front of the most important individuals in our lives. “Thank you” is simply not enough when it comes to expressing how much your attendance at our wedding meant to us both. It would not have been the same without you.

#4 As we embark on our new life together, we have been discussing how lucky we are to have people like you to walk with us on our journey. Your presence at our wedding honored us, and we wanted to thank you for coming. We are hopeful for many more opportunities to share with you in the future.

#5 I have attended other weddings and have always enjoyed them immensely. Now, I have had the privilege of standing at the center of all the eyes in the room. How overwhelming it was! Thank you for being there, your presence was a comfort to me, and I will always be grateful.

#6 When I close my eyes and think back upon my wedding day, I remember how I wanted to soak up every minute detail of the day. Now, I not only have photos, but I have memories that I will keep forever. I wanted to thank you because you took the time to come to my wedding. Now you will always be a part of my memories, and I am grateful. Thank you!

#7 We feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of love that you showed to us on our wedding day. You showered us with warm wishes and affection, and it is not something that we took lightly. Thank you for agreeing to join us in the celebration of our marriage.

#8 A marriage between two people is a special bond, a bond that is held together by love. The love that binds us is not just our own, but also the love of those that we care for and love. Thank you for being a part of the love that binds us together and for showing us this love by coming to our wedding.

#9 Grace is the word that floods my mind as I think about all the people who came to my wedding. There was so much unmerited grace extended to me through the love and attention of people like you, and you all made my day so very precious. Thank you for coming and for being the kind person you are.

#10 We all have those watershed moments in our life where things or events bring about a turning point. I can say that without a doubt my wedding has been one of those for me. I am not talking just about the sharing of new love and a new life with someone. My wedding allowed me to see something that was a defining moment. I was able to see how many people genuinely care about me and my spouse. I feel unbelievably fortunate, and I wanted to thank you for being there and for caring.

#11 It meant the world to us to have you there when we said, “I do.” Our wedding day was truly unforgettable, and we are so appreciative that you were there to celebrate it alongside us. We are both looking forward to creating, celebrating, and sharing even more remarkable memories with you in the future.

#12 There is so much that goes into the planning of a perfect wedding. The couple chooses flowers, cakes, clothing, and so many more accessories to make the day unique to them. The most beautiful accessory of any wedding is the people who fill the seats and bear witness to a new life for the couple. Thank you for coming and adding to the beauty of our day.

#13 We would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us on the first day of our marriage. We are still so grateful for your presence and warm wishes. Having you there meant the world to us both. We really cannot thank you enough for the sincere nature of your love that you showed to us on that day, both as individuals and now, as a couple.

#14 Thank you is so overused and seems almost superficial, nothing at all like we are feeling. You came and took part in the start of the rest of our lives together, and thank you, feels just a bit weak. Hopefully, through these few words, you can sense our gratitude and know our loving thoughts for you. Thank you for the time and kindness you have shown us.

#15 If we think of how poetic the joining of two lives into one is, we are easily mesmerized. When you are one of the two lives that are joining together, it is almost too much to grasp. We are grateful that you were at our wedding to experience the incredible moment we shared that day. As we start our time together as husband and wife, we count ourselves lucky to know you.

#16 Our wedding day was the very first chapter of our new life together. On that important day, we were so very lucky to have you there beside us in a celebration of love, friendship, and utmost happiness. Thank you for all of your continued help and support throughout our journey.

#17 Our happily ever after would have been simply incomplete if you had not been there to share it with us. We thoroughly hope that you enjoyed the celebrations as much as we did, and we feel extraordinarily fortunate to have you as a continuous source of support and encouragement in our lives.

#18 Love is such a wonderful gift to receive. Our wedding was a day to seal our love for one another, and it was also a day to mark the love we share with friends and family. Thank you for coming and being a part of everything that was so wonderful. Your kindness will always be a piece of our lives, and for that, we are grateful.

#19 Your love, caring words, and thoughtfulness meant that our celebrations will always hold a very special place in our hearts. It was extremely kind and generous of you to spend your day with us, and we will always fondly remember your warm wishes. We want to thank you sincerely for taking the time and effort to be a fundamental part of our new lives together.

#20 Making memories is truly important to us, and we are so grateful that we got to share some of our most prized moments with you on our wedding day. The celebration of our marriage would have been simply incomplete without you there. You graciously shared your loving smile and laughter with us, and we will always cherish those fond memories.

#21 Thank you for being present at the most important occasion of our lives thus far. The unconditional love that you showed to us was apparent to everyone present. It was the most exciting day, and we are happy that we got to share those breathtaking moments with you and all of our loved ones.

#22 A wedding is one of life’s beautiful milestones for a couple in love. We were indeed fortunate to have had you with us on such a memorable day. We are hopeful that there will be many more milestones that we can share. Thank you for being a part of this one.

#23 With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for playing an integral role in such a joyous moment in our lives. So many people made our wedding day a dream come true for us, and you were definitely among them. You have tremendously added to our happiness by celebrating our marriage and witnessing the vows we made to one another on that sacred day.

#24 As we settle into our new norm as husband and wife, we are taking the time to write and thank the cherished people who were there to set us off on our new life. Thank you for coming and helping us to make something incredible a reality. We feel that such an amazing start can only lead to a wondrous life together. Thank you for taking part in our glorious start.

#25 Our wedding day was a beautiful occasion for us both, and it was made even more beautiful because we were able to share it with you. We appreciate you sharing your valuable time with us. It made us both exceedingly happy to see your face among the crowd of friendly faces.

#26 There is so much more that goes into the nourishment of trees than just water: there is soil, sunlight, temperature, and more. A marriage is like a newly planted tree. It needs tending and nourishing. Thank you for coming to our wedding and for helping us to plant this new tree called our life together. I am hopeful that in the days ahead that we will have your help in the nourishing process of our new life together.

#27 It made us so unbelievably happy to be able to have you at our wedding. Words cannot express how grateful we are that we got to share such priceless and loving moments with you. It is not something that we will ever be able to forget.

#28 We were excited that you were able to be a part of our sacred day. As we looked at all those who came to witness the exchanging of our vows, it gave us great joy to see how many people care about us. We count you as one of those and wanted to thank you for being there to help us start this new chapter in our lives.

#29 At weddings, friends and loved ones fill the seats to bid you well upon your new journey as husband and wife. Thank you for coming to our special day and helping to make the start of our new journey brighter by your love and concern.

#30 As we set out on this new and unknown path together, we are overjoyed with the love and kindness shown to us by our friends and family. It is our wish to express our gratitude to you for coming to our wedding. Your caring presence was a welcome sight. Thank you.

#31 Weddings are such a normal part of life, so it is easy just to go and enjoy the experience. Having been a part of a wedding now, we both realize the importance of every detail. One of the things that stood out on our special day was having you there. Thank you for coming and for just being you.

#32 You will never fully understand how your presence at our wedding was so helpful. When nerves are frazzled, and wedding to-do lists dominate your mind, you can forget to breathe. How reassuring it was to look out and see your face among those in attendance. Thank you for coming and shining your love on our day.

#33 Our wedding was a day we will never forget. Not because of the things but because of the love that was there. Not just our love as husband and wife but the love of so many precious people. Love is such a powerful thing when wielded by skillful hands. You are a walking example of a loving and caring spirit. Thank you for coming and sharing that love with us on our cherished day.

#34 We are exceedingly thankful for the love and laughter you graciously provided us with on our wedding day. It is a time that we, as a couple, will always reminisce on fondly and treasure in our hearts. We feel extremely lucky to have been able to experience it with you.

#35 We will forever revere the love and happiness that we shared with you on our wedding day. We want to thank you for always being there for us as a couple. Sharing your company on the big day solidified the experience as one that we will never forget.

#36 Having you celebrating with us at our wedding was instrumental in making it the greatest day of our lives. Beginning our life as a couple is something that we feel privileged to have been able to share with you, and we cannot wait to find out where this journey takes us next.

#37 We are eternally grateful for the invaluable kindness and support that you showed to us on our wedding day. Your unconditional love is a shining example to us both and will undoubtedly help us as we begin our new life together as one.

#38 Our wedding was a great success, and this was partly because we had you by our sides. Thank you for your kind wishes and words, and for toasting to our eternal happiness as a bride and groom.

#39 Our wedding day was complete because we were able to enjoy it with you. We are deeply grateful for your warm congratulations, unending love, and your guidance. Thank you for being so generous in adding to the happiness in our hearts.

#40 As one of our favorite people in the world, having you at our wedding was of the utmost importance to us. Thank you for ensuring that this occasion was a glorious one that we will always remember and hold dear in our hearts.

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Ways to Say Thank You for Coming to Our Wedding

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