Welcoming New Employee Message

It is always an exciting time to bring a new employee on board. From training to socially acclimating to a new environment, here are some great examples of welcoming new employee messages that will help you to bring out the great hospitality of your organization and fellow colleagues.

“Congratulations for being a part of our team. Our whole team welcomes a new employee like you. We are looking forward for the company’s success with you. Welcome aboard.”

“Congratulations for getting the job thus we would like you to know that we are all happy and excited to work with you. We believe that your abilities will help our company to grow more and become bigger. Welcome aboard (name).”

“Having you in our company is really a great honour. Indeed, all of us here are very excited to work with you. Welcome aboard new buddy.”

“Hello (name). We heard that our company just hired you to be a part of our growing team. Congratulations and in behalf of our members and supervisors, we would like to welcome you. We are all happy and excited for the upbringing of our company.”

“Hi (name). Our team would like to welcome you here in our office. Thank you accepting the job and we are looking forward to work with you. Welcome.”

“Hi (name). Welcome to our company. We are looking forward to work with you soon.”

“In behalf of (company’s name) staffs and workers, we would like to welcome you. We are sending you are warmest welcome. All of us here in the office are truly amazed with your talents, abilities and knowledge. Welcome (name) to our team.”

“It is a great honour to have you in our team. Congratulations and welcome.”

“On behalf of all the members of (company name) I welcome you. Hope you will have an excellent time working with us. Welcome aboard.”

“Our company is continuously growing in achieving its highest level. We need competitive people in our company. In this case, our whole team is very happy to have you. We are very proud of what we have today thus we are looking forward for best and brightest future of our company with you. Welcome aboard.”

“Our company is truly happy that you have finally decided to join our team. We believe that you can be one of the best assets here. We can’t wait to know your plans for our team. Welcome (name).”

“Our company never stops of finding great person like you. Having you in our office is truly an honour. You are a blessing to our team hence we would like you welcome you. Welcome aboard (name).”

“Our office celebrates because of you. We welcome you to our team. It is amazing to know that we will bring the company’s name to its highest level with you. Welcome aboard (name).”

“Our office is really happy of having you. We expect a lot from you and we are looking forward of working with you. Welcome aboard (name).”

“Our office welcomes you today as you start working with us. May we have great time together, simply enjoy our team and work hard. I wish you all the luck. Welcome aboard.”

“We are really happy to have you in our team as our new (designation of the new employee). Welcome aboard (name).”

“We truly celebrate for having you in our team. We believe in your skills, talents and knowledge that you can use for our company’s improvement. We welcome you (name).”

“We welcome you in this organization as you begin working with us. I hope you will find joy and love in this kind of business. I wish we can be a perfect mate too. Welcome aboard.”

“We welcome you to (company name) we are very glad to have you with us and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.”

“Welcome aboard (name). I’m so excited to work with you. I promise that you will receive full support from our team hence we are also looking forward to having best relations with you.”

“Welcome aboard (name). Our office is very happy to have you. We hope you will have an amazing time working with us.”

“Welcome aboard. Everyone here is happy to have you. Today, we will start working as one team. Have fun and enjoy our company.”

“Welcome to our company. On behalf of our team and management, we would like you to know that we are so grateful of having you. We believe that you can contribute a lot for our company’s success and improvement. Welcome aboard new buddy.”

“Welcome to our team. It is exciting to know working with you in the following days to come. We would love to hear your new ideas and insights that will contribute a lot for our growing company.”

“Welcome to our team. We are very glad to have you. I hope we both enjoy our company so that we can both contribute a lot to this office. Let us be a part of this growing team. Welcome aboard.”

“We’re very pleased that you’ve joined our team. Welcome aboard (name).”

“You are young, fresh yet so talented and smart. Our team really need your help for us to grow wider and bigger. We would like to give you a warm welcome and congratulations as well.”

Here is one example of a great new employee welcome message as provided by Brad Smith of Intuit.