40 Amazing 80th Birthday Messages to Write in a Birthday Card

Here are the 40 amazing and original 80th birthday messages, which also includes image cards to share via email or through Facebook.

What to Write in 80th Birthday Card

#1 Happy 80th birthday! So many years, so many experiences, so many memories. May your birthday be special and treasured as you’ve reached this momentous age, making this a momentous occasion


#2 Would it make you feel any better if we were to acknowledge you as the family’s brand new 80-year-old? I thought so! Happy birthday, and may it be a joy to you!

#3 Happy birthday my friend! Don’t think of it as turning 80, but think of it as 30 years of practice being 50.

#4 They say that you’re only as old as you feel. Well, at least you’re only turning 80! Happy Birthday & may it be a great one!


#5 To my Grandmother. You have been a staple of my life since my earliest memories, and you’re constantly in my heart. Happy 80th Birthday!

#6 To my Grandfather, Happy 80th Birthday, and I hope that it is every bit as wonderful as you deserve, and you certainly do deserve a whopper of a great one!

#7 Happy 80th birthday to someone who’s been there all of my life. When I was young, your advice and wisdom were annoying. Now that I’m older, I know just how right on and wise those words were. You are certainly someone special, and I lend to you my best birthday wishes!


#8 From one old fogey to another- Happy 80th birthday! Though neither of us can move as well as we once did, nor do all of the things we used to do, that doesn’t mean that we can’t find some trouble to get into. We’d just need a whole lot more time to make our getaway.

#9 Dear Gramps, you’ve been there, you’ve done that, and you’ve always been a blessing to me by sharing what you’ve learned over the years. Happy 80th Birthday!

#10 Dear Grams, you’ve always done well, meant well, and have accomplished things throughout the expanse of your life that I could only dream of. Thank you for being a wonderful Grandmother, and Happy 80th Birthday!


#11 Well, dad, you’re 80 now. You’re in a weird place where joking around about your age doesn’t feel as much fun as it used to. So, for your 80th, please accept my gratitude, my love, and my respect, for all of the time you’ve been the anchor to my adulthood. Happy Birthday!

#12 We’ve been together through thick and thin. Thin was better. Now that we’re both thick, it’s a good thing that we’re too old to care! Happy 80th Birthday!

#13 To my brother on his 80th birthday. Now that you’re 80, I’m going to take you up on all the times you told me that you could still beat me, even when you’re 80. Time to put your money where your mouth is! Either that or have the best birthdays ever- your choice! Happy Birthday!


#14 Remember back when you turned 18, and how excited you were to spring ahead into life? Well, I don’t; that was way before my time. But I’m glad you remember! Happy 80th Birthday!

#15 You’ve been alive for so long and seen so much, I am truly blessed to have a person like you in my life! Happy 80th Birthday, and may there be many more to come!

#16 You’re old enough to have been around to see all the greats. Elvis, Sinatra, Dean Martin, the Beatles, Kennedy, John Wayne, Tiny Tim…okay, most of the greats. Have yourself a Happy 80th birthday!


#17 I understand that you’re only 80 years old now. That doesn’t mean that you need to put up with all of the bullying that comes from the 90-year old’s. Stand your ground, and have a Happy Birthday!

#18 They say that the older you get, the more you revert back into your childhood. I’ll bet a young guy said that. What do they know anyway? Happy 80th birthday!

#19 Through the laughs and the tears, through the moments of every year, I’m glad to have spent them all with you! Happy 80th birthday!


#20 They say that 80 is the new 70. I don’t think that bodes too well for all of the 70-year old’s out there, do you? Good thing you’re 80! Happy Birthday!

#21 I know that I’m a lot younger than you, but now that you’re 80, I can only hope that when I reach your age, that I’m as spry and youthful as you are. Happy Birthday!

#22 All these years you thought nobody was noticing, nobody was watching. But I was, and you’ve been a nonstop inspiration to me, just by watching how you live life. Happy 80th birthday, may it be a special one!


#23 You’ve had decades to practice, prepare, and get it down right. Now that you’re 80, you’ve officially become the family’s elder. Time to start pumping out some smart and wise stuff cause we’re all listening! Happy 80th Birthday!

#24 You’ve just turned 80, and how lucky are you to be in this here and now? Remember back when old people used to be people in their 50’s? Thank goodness that we’re not way back then! Happy 80th Birthday!

#25 You’re a nice, cool, even, number- 80. Being twice as old as a 40-year-old means that you’re twice as smart, twice as clever, and twice as likely to know how to have a good time! So have a good time today on your birthday!


#26 Crank it up for your 80th birthday party and pay no attention to the neighbors complaining about all the noise. If they ask you to turn it down, tell’em that if it’s too loud, they’re too old! Have a great 80th birthday!

#27 You’re loved, you’re cherished, you’re respected, and you’re appreciated. Have a wonderful 80th birthday!

#28 The bad part about being 80 are all of those pesky 65-year old’s that are always buzzing around thinking that they own the place…darn kids! Have a great 80th Birthday!


#29 You’ve had 80 years to develop charm, wit, and a stunning personality. Doesn’t seem like you’re quite there yet. We’ll take another assessment in 20 years. Happy 80th Birthday, and may it be a fun and rewarding one!

#30 From the family – have a happy 80th birthday! You’ve earned it!

#31 Do you remember when you turned 21? At your age, I wouldn’t either. Who cares, have a great 80th birthday!

#32 I know that being 80 makes you feel old. Would it make you feel better to know that you’ve lived 29,220 days, or 960 months? I’d stick to 80, it’s a much smaller number. Have a great 80th birthday!

#33 Congratulations on reaching this major milestone! Happy 80th Birthday!

#34 At your age, most people have forgotten most of what they’ve ever known; but not you! You’re as sharp as a tack, and if I age half as gracefully as you have, I’d consider it a great achievement. Happy 80th Birthday!

#35 You’re 80 years old now. That’s eight decades of being alive- what an achievement! Congratulations on the celebration of your 80th birthday!

#36 I’m not trying to make you feel old or anything, but you can stop trying to figure out how to program your VCR. Those days are over, and there’s different stuff to figure out. Just trying to help, and have yourself a great 80th birthday!

#37 So you’re old, be proud of it! You’re evidence that older things were built to last, built better, and out of better materials! Happy 80th Birthday!

#38 I know that you’re only 80, but before you know it, you’ll be 90, and that’s when the real fun starts to kick in! But until then, have a Happy 80th Birthday!

#39 You were around when today’s fine wines were still just grapes. No matter, that just shows us that you’re all the finer! Happy 80th Birthday!

#40 Remember when we could look at the kids and see a bunch of young people? Now we look at the kids and can count all of their white hairs. Wow, did they get old or what? Poor kids. Have a happy 80th birthday!

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80th Birthday Messages

Don’t worry if you can’t find the energy to blow the candles on your cake. That is how it is supposed to be at eighty so that your grandchildren can do it for you. Happy birthday.

Eighty in your life stands for Energetic Inexhaustible Grounded Humble Terrific Youthful. Happy birthday.

Even though I am 50 years old myself, I want you to know that I will always be daddy’s little girl. Happy 80th birthday dad.

Everyone can turn eighty but very few people can turn eighty with grace and a legacy like yours. Happy 80th birthday to our loving grandma.

From your lovely recipes to your cute life stories, your time tested advice to your delicious brownies – having a someone so sweet as our loving grandmother, is a beautiful pleasure of life like no other. Happy 80th birthday.

Give me the diet plan that you have been following all these years. Even I want to be as healthy and hearty as you when I am eighty. Happy birthday.

Happy 80th birthday! You seem so young that I can honestly believe you’re turning 20 for the fourth time.

Happy 80th birthday! You’re the best example of 80 being the new 60.

Happy 80th birthday. You don’t look a day over your 70th birthday, let alone a decade.

Happy birthday! Time definitely flies when you’re having the time of your life. I bet you can’t believe you’re already 80. I definitely can’t — you look and act so young for your age.

Hope your 80th birthday is a wonderful celebration of the amazing you.

I don’t need books and teachers to tell me how to live my life when I grow up as long as I have a wise grandma to give me the best life lessons that anyone could ever get. Happy 80th birthday granny.

I will congratulate you for turning eighty years old if you can raise your glass and keep it steady while we have a toast. Happy 80th.

If you were to get a price tag, you would be very expensive because you are nothing less than an antique. Happy 80th birthday old man.

It doesn’t matter if your age shows on your face or your body as long as it doesn’t show in your spirit. Happy 80th birthday.

It is amazing to see that the backbone of the family is a man who is beginning to have a fragile backbone soon. Happy 80th birthday granddad.

It only took you 80 years to look so good, so happy and so young. Happy 80th birthday!

Just like a book becomes dearer when its pages begin to turn yellow, you have become the most precious person in my life. Happy 80th birthday granddad.

Let’s make it this grand milestone a grand celebration of a grand life of a grand person like you. Happy 80th birthday granddad.

My teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I told her that I don’t care as long as I become as wise and as fun as my grandpa. Happy 80th birthday gramps.

Now that you really look old and fragile, I don’t have any choice but to listen to your boring advice. Happy eightieth birthday grandma.

Our granddad’s birthday is going to be a big celebration because his lifelong hard work is the only reason why all the celebrations in our lives have been possible. Happy 80th birthday.

People look up to celebrities and famous people for inspiration. All I need to do is look up to an inspirational 80 year old like you. Happy birthday.

The boxed gift that we give you on your birthday will have a price. But the gift of wisdom which you give us on a daily basis is truly priceless. Happy 80th birthday grandpa.

The ingredients in your life’s delicious recipe are the people you love, memories you cherish and the dreams you have seen for your children. Hope it has all be worthwhile. Happy 80th birthday.

The secret to living a happy life at eighty is to forget that your bones are turning weaker and remember that your grandkids’ love for you is getting stronger. Happy birthday grandpa.

The wrinkles on your face speak of all the dreams you turned into reality and your frail smile speaks of the beautiful journey you have taken to reach your destiny. Happy 80th birthday.

There are very few things in life on which you can’t put a price tag – one of which is a lifetime full of happy memories and beautiful moments, just like yours. Happy 80th birthday to our grandpa.

Turning eighty doesn’t mean that you will be excused for forgetting to reply to my birthday message. Happy 80th birthday.

Turning eighty is a funny feeling. It is a beginning for sure, but a beginning of the sunset years of your life. It is a moment to celebrate, but also a moment to look back at the eight long decades of beautiful memories that you have stacked up in your heart. Happy 80th birthday.

Wishing you an absolutely amazing 80th birthday (amazing just like you).

You are a living inspiration, walking-talking treasure of experiences and a live example of perseverance. You are an awesome eighty year old. Happy birthday.

You are still feisty and bubbly. Don’t stop being lively, just because you are turning eighty. Happy 80th birthday.

You have always been forgetful, lethargic and fragile all your life. So turning 80 won’t feel like something new. Happy birthday.

You have gone from being an energetic quinquagenarian to a lively sexagenarian to a tough septuagenarian to an awesome octogenarian. Happy 80th birthday.

You may be old, but for an eighty year old you are pretty bold. You may have aged, but you are not the one to be caged. As you turn eighty today, keep living life just like you have in your own free way. Happy 80th birthday.

You may not be able to win a marathon at this age, but you have already won the marathon of life. Happy eightieth birthday.

Your wisdom is the reason that everyone in the family knows the value of life. Happy 80th birthday to our wise grandma.

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