25 Best ‘Why Do You Want to Work Here’ Sample Interview Answers

The reason behind the common interview question, why do you want to work here, helps the hiring manager determine a few aspects. A good answer should emulate your career goals, if your core values match that of the company, and if you will be a good fit with the current team. At the end of the day, when you craft the perfect answer to this trick question, you can increase the chances of getting hired.

Knowing why a potential employer asks this can help you prepare for the best answer possible, using these tips and sample answers for basic interview questions like this.

5 Tips for Preparing Your Great Answer

  • Research the company website for information about its tone of voice, culture, the company’s mission, and core values.
  • Read recent news articles on the company for any positive stories about community involvement, market advancements, or other subjects that may pertain to the job offer.
  • Study the job description carefully so you use the same language in the posting and can repeat key points as duties you find attractive about the position or where you have extensive experience.
  • Identify what you can offer that aligns with what the company does in the industry or what it needs in an employee for the vacant position.
  • Use details in your interview answer to show you are prepared and confident with a genuine interest in this particular company.

5 Mistakes to Avoid Giving Bad Answers

  • Making it all about you by mentioning you need the new role, money, or how working there will benefit you.
  • Being blunt or vague by providing a generic answer that sounds rehearsed.
  • Not remembering critical information from your resume that can be useful in the position.
  • Being too honest in your own answers can come across as egotistical.
  • Do not mention this particular job is a stepping stone on your career path.

25 Best Answers for the Job Interview Question Why Do You Want to Work Here

Example #1: That is an important question. I keep up to date on all your company’s community pursuits and was intrigued by the great things I read about with your recent involvement in the local low-income taxation program. My background work experience with bookkeeping can be a terrific addition to help during the next tax season. I can work flexible hours, which is a great asset during those times where deadlines are tight, and an increase of work is required on time.

Example #2: I have been an avid member of the local Chamber of Commerce since 20XX and have been in touch with one of your representatives on several occasions during the annual fundraisers. I believe that your organizational goals with expanding the industry here in (city/town) can benefit a lot of people. I have several great ideas on how to roll out next year’s recruitment fair and would love to talk to you about it later.

Example #3: I have an acquaintance who works in your marketing department, and he talks about the company’s culture and teamwork your organization promotes right from day one. I believe a company that values all its employees, no matter what their seniority is, helps to create a supportive learning environment. Being on a team where I can contribute my background experience and learn from others in the industry is my ideal position.

Example #4: After looking online on your company’s website, the continuing education program for your employees shows me how you are willing to invest in your team members. Employees who can grow their knowledge and experience during employment give back to the organization better than before. I have the right skill set you are looking for in a floor associate from my previous work with the ABC Organization and look forward to advancing my knowledge of manufacturing strategies under your direction.

Example #5: I did a lot of research regarding your employee turnaround rate and found it to be one of the lowest in the industry. With so many competing organizations in the foodservice industry, having a low turnaround rate is outstanding. It shows me you value your staff and ensure they have the proper training programs and a positive work environment to avoid high turnover. When employees are happy at their jobs, they do not leave, and I prefer a place where my team is consistent and can support one another.

Example #6: Although there are many vacant positions in the industry for a Corporate Secretary, I want to work here because I am not just looking for a new job. Rather, I want a career where my skills and my background experience will help advance the organization. After exploring your company’s corporate culture of community responsibility, I found it aligns with my own and would be honored to work for an organization that helps high-risk youth in the community.

Example #7: Unfortunately, I have outgrown my current role at XYZ Company, where there is no further room to expand. I did some research and found that your Chief Executive Officer started out working on the production floor many years ago, moving through the ranks. After exploring your corporate structure and your track record for success in the industry, I see how I can build my skills working here to act as part of a team to reach success each quarter and continue my career path.

Example #8: I have followed your organization for some time now and was fortunate enough to attend school with some of your current employees. These common acquaintances always speak very highly of the company culture and the positive work environment that you have here. I would love the chance to use my degree and be part of a company with some of the best people in the industry.

Example #9: After examining your company’s goals and strategies for manufacturing in the market, I found that your return on investment is one of the highest in the industry. I read about your upcoming goals to start offering products overseas in a recent article with the Business Weekly. I would love to be part of the innovative team to expand your product line internationally. My previous role as a director provided me with some critical tools that can benefit multiple areas.

Example #10: With my background user experience in volunteer work at the library, I know that my aptitude for cataloging and organization can benefit your administrative team. Working with an accounting firm in the past has enabled me to prepare for year-end auditing duties, which is exactly what you need in this open position. Not everyone can say that they enjoy working with third-party auditors, but in my previous positions, I was the one to step up and collaborate with these contractors, so they had all the information possible to make the process go smoothly.

Example #11: When researching the industry options after graduating, your company was the first one willing to accept apprentices and invest in new employees. This interest in new talent gave me the confidence to pursue a career in media where I would put my recent schooling to work as part of your junior team. I would love to show you my recent project that touches on advancement with sound technology and how it can be beneficial for your company now and in the future.

Example #12: After talking with your recruitment manager at the job fair last week, I was impressed with the stringent and thorough hiring process that your company employs. This regimented procedure shows me that you want only the best people possible on your team, and I would love to put my experience to good use with your department. As you can see from my past employment, I have a focus on exceptional customer service and drive the results necessary to meet quarterly projections.

Example #13: Coming from a management background, I know the benefits of having like-minded individuals work towards a common goal. Once I saw your team in action at the yearly conference talking about their recent marketing campaign, I knew that this was a company that matches my own strategic and personal values. My ability to collaborate with individuals of different departments to finish a project on time makes me an ideal candidate for this Team Lead position.

Example #14: I have been a loyal customer of your organization for the past four years and am continuously impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of your products. When your company posted an open position, I jumped at the chance to work behind the scenes where my favorite products are made every day. My previous role in a warehouse helped give me the tools necessary to be your Shipping and Receiving Manager here at ABC Organization.

Example #15: During my job search, I saw your posting for a Marketing Analyst, I knew I had to apply. I recently graduated from ABC School with honors and have some of the best ideas for helping to expand your client base beyond the 20- to 30-year-old niche that identifies as your current customer purchase majority. I would love to talk later about how to develop a new strategy for the 40-something market that can break open your sales records next quarter.

Example #16: After recently moving here to XYZ Town, I have visited your establishment on several occasions. Each time I am here, your employees provide me with exceptional customer service, and it is apparent that your staff enjoys working here together. My last job as a barista is an ideal match to fit with your current team’s energy and positivity and shows me that it is a great place to work.

Example #17: After the recent accolades that your organization received at the yearly banquet last month for innovation, I was intrigued by how your company manages to stay on top of current market trends. This curiosity led me to do much research into your organization, from your current services to company practices. From what I found through social media and talking to your recruitment team, your company values mirror those that I hold in high regard.

Example #18: I have been lucky enough to perform occasional ongoing projects with your team on a contract basis for the past two years. I know how hard your team works and the accountability that each staff member holds. As soon as there was a full-time job opening in your head office, I knew I had to apply to be a permanent part of the successful team here at ABC Company. I am already familiar with your work practices and what you expect from your employees on a daily basis and would love to transition from a contract worker to a full-time employee here.

Example #19: I have been following your recent product launch through the industry and was impressed with how quickly your marketing strategy gained momentum. As a Marketing and Advertising graduate from XYZ School, I would be honored to use my current education to help your team build the next campaign that launches your product overseas next quarter. Working with the Dean on the upcoming curriculum for next year, I can help you streamline your current advertising processes with your new products.

Example #20: I grew up knowing about your company and brand and what your organization stands for in the industry and the local community. As an adult, I made the choice to get an education in the fashion industry so that I could use that knowledge and work with a company that I have respected and admired for years. My recent training can be an asset to your development team as you begin next quarter’s product line.

Example #21: I have always wanted to work in the music industry, and for decades, your organization has hired many of the talented individuals in the country. I could not imagine working anywhere else after seeing how your team manages their contracts. Being a part of the team for the top production company has been a dream of mine ever since I graduated from school last year.

Example #22: Working in the trades over the past five years has opened my eyes to technology challenges in the labor industry. After examining everything your company does, it is apparent that your organization takes technology seriously to increase productivity and efficiency. I had the chance to use some cutting-edge technology as an apprentice in my schooling program. I would love to share how this machinery can improve your processes and deliver materials to the job site quicker and easier than before.

Example #23: As a licensed insurance agent for the past three years, I have seen many mistakes in the industry that can cause financial complications. However, during my job search, I found your company to have one of the lowest rates of inconsistencies during third-party audits. This result shows that your employees take their jobs seriously and are responsible for all their tasks. I have always taken pride in ensuring that my records remain in the top percentile of accuracy and would love to be on a team with the same accountability.

Example #24: I have worked as a dog groomer for the past ten years, and when my previous employer closed its shop, I began my job search that ended with your company. I found many of your employees hold certifications that other facilities do not require, giving your organization an edge over your competition in the industry. I would love to work with a team that grooms some of the best dogs for competitions around the country and learn how to fine-tune my current grooming skills.

Example #25: My work as a line cook at a busy diner helped prepare me for a kitchen like yours that consistently creates terrific dishes. Last month, I saw a feature on your restaurant in a magazine, which intrigued me to apply for this position. I want to use my education and training for making various menu items that I perfected at my last job as part of your new menu offerings.


Job seekers can struggle with the interview process and determine the best response to a difficult job interview question. You want to wow a potential employer in the short time you have and let them know how you are the right candidate for this job.

A job interview can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more, depending on the position and how much detail the hiring managers get into. You need to use this short amount of time to make a solid impression on the company that will stand out as they see other job seekers.

If you have an important interview coming up, these 25 responses can be the best way to show how you are a great fit as the best job candidate possible. You may find more than one of these choices can work for your situation, or try combining several aspects from multiple answers to craft the perfect response. Preparing and having an example answer ready for next time can be a great way to show a hiring manager you have knowledge about the company and are the best fit for the role.

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