12 ESTJ Personality Strengths, Weaknesses and Traits

The ESTJ personality is an extroverted, sensing, thinking, and judging personality. It is one of the 16 personality types that is indicated by the Myers-Briggs test. People with this personality type are often valued for their advice. Even strangers may seek out guidance from them if they sense ESTJ traits.

As for the ESTJ individual, they often derive joy from being able to help others. They love it when they are able to bring people together in a meaningful way. That’s why you’ll often see ESTJs working in the local PTA, being community organizers, and coaching youth sports.

List of the ESTJ Strengths

1. ESTJs are dedicated people.
This personality type creates a desire to see projects through to their natural completion. They feel like it is an ethical obligation to produce an outcome, whether or not they’ve actually promised to do so. People with this personality type do not abandon tasks that are boring, repetitive, or difficult. They work hard, finish strong, and fulfill their promises – assuming that they continue to feel that such a promise is the ethical conclusion that is needed.

2. They are strong-willed individuals.
You can present an opinion to an ESTJ and you’ll get an honest evaluation of what you think or believe. What you won’t get is the bandwagon effect. ESTJs take a lot of time to form their own opinions. They defend their principles. They provide evidence for their ideas. The only way that you’re going to prove yourself to the ESTJ is if you can show that they are conclusively wrong with their thinking patterns.

3. ESTJs are honest and direct people.
The ESTJ personality type focuses on facts over opinions. They don’t mind the presentation of an abstract idea, but it isn’t going to be something that they feel is meaningful or important. If you ask ESTJs a question, you are guaranteed to receive an honest answer. They don’t try to beat around the bush, engage in small talk, or offer long-winded solutions. You’ll get a direct answer, whether you wanted it or not.

4. They are reliable and patient.
ESTJs have a reputation for reliability because they have a reputation for telling the truth. They work very hard to create a positive individualized reputation because they like to be viewed as being responsible. They make excellent leaders because you can rest assured that this personality type will do whatever is in their power to fulfill their obligations to you, even if such a task seems to be impossible.

5. ESTJs like to create order out of chaos.
What gives the ESTJ personality a lot of energy is their ability to organize. They can see patterns in the decision-making of others, which allows them to begin creating predictability out of unpredictable circumstances. If you need structures, rules, or clear expectations at work or at home, then call upon someone with the ESTJ personality. You’ll get what you need in no time at all.

6. They are excellent organizers.
ESTJs create one clear standard, and then they stick to it. They will delegate tasks based on who they believe will create the best possible results. Each situation is evaluated objectively and fairly, which is why they often find success in administrative roles. Add in their honest and straightforward approach to life and you’ll find that people who are ESTJs tend to be very confident in most life situations.

List of the ESTJ Weaknesses

1. ESTJs can be extremely stubborn people.
Because people who are ESTJs base their thoughts and opinions off of facts, they can be very stubborn about changing their ways. Their focus tends to be on what is working well right now. That causes them to sometimes miss ideas that could help them work even better. Because the ESTJ believes that everything is an opinion until proven otherwise, there is a certain reluctance to trust others. That makes them very inflexible in many situations.

2. They are not comfortable with unique situations.
The ESTJ personality prefers to stay within its comfort zone. They appreciate traditions because they are formed by an evaluation of best practices. If a new idea is suggested to someone with this personality type, it is treated as a sign of disrespect. It is a suggestion that someone believes their personal methods were not good enough for everyone. An ESTJ hates the idea of abandoning their routines unless there is incontrovertible proof that the new way is more effective.

3. ESTJs tend to be a judgmental group.
If you want a good, thought-out opinion on any subject, then you should ask an ESTJ before anyone else. This personality type develops strong convictions. They know what is right, what is wrong, and what should be socially acceptable. The problem with these judgments is that there tends to be an urge to extend those ideas onto everyone else. They don’t believe that there are multiple “correct” paths. There is only one right way, and it just so happens to be the way that the ESTJ proposes.

4. They tend to focus on their personal social status.
ESTJs will form an opinion about themselves readily enough. What drives their existence, however, is the pride that is derived from how their family and friends perceive them. This desire to please others can become a destructive pattern where they ignore their own personal needs to help others. If this issue stays prevalent over a long time period, the ESTJ can even develop some rescuer personality disorder traits.

5. ESTJs find it difficult to be expressive.
The biggest weakness of the ESTJ personality type is the ability to express healthy emotions. They struggle to feel or show empathy to others. They’ll get caught up in the facts of each situation, trying to find the most effective solution available to them, that they forget about basic concepts of happiness or peace. ESTJs prefer to stick with a specific schedule, remain stoic, and avoid situations where someone might be able to criticize their thoughts or behaviors.

6. They struggle to find time to relax.
ESTJs prefer to be busy most of the time. They see this trait as a way to be dignified in what they do. The only problem is that they struggle to unwind from a tough day, so stress can become a major influence in their lives. To counter this issue, ESTJs need a trusted network of family and friends where there is confidence with the group that their social status will not be affected by a decision that could be seen as foolish.

The ESTJ personality is one that is always loyal. They are strong-willed because they have taken time to evaluate numerous situations to develop informed opinions which they believe are accurate. If you need someone whose foot will not be moved, this is the personality type you’ll want to have by your side. Just remember – they’re not going to move their foot for you either, so keep that in mind before you try.

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