14 Most Famous People with ESFJ Personality

With the ESFJ personality, an extroverted individual features sensing, feeling, and judging within their makeup. Described by the Myers-Briggs personality test, the foundation of this personality is to be a caregiver. They prefer to have a life which engages with other people, gathering personal information to create interesting conversations.

This personality does like to be in control. They love trying to read the minds of other people, but it is because they are seeking to be generous and kind.

There are several famous people who exhibit the traits of the ESFJ personality.

Celebrities with an ESFJ Personality

1. Danny Glover
Glover is a long-time actor, director, and also works as a political activist. His most famous role is that of Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon movies. He has also had lead roles or supporting roles in a number of hits, including The Color Purple, Silverado, and Operation Dumbo Drop. Before getting into acting, however, Glover originally worked on community development projects and as a cab driver in San Francisco.

Glover has a long history of political and union activism, which has led to him being arrested several times. One of the most notable incidents was when he was arrested outside of the Sudanese embassy while protesting the humanitarian crisis that was happen in Darfur.

2. Steve Spurrier
Spurrier has been involved with gridiron football for most of his entire life. He has served as the head coach of two professional teams and three college teams. Born in Miami Beach, Spurrier was also the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during their first season. He retired as a player in 1978 and joined the coaching ranks as an offensive assistant at Florida. He would eventually become Florida’s head coach and lead the university to 12 years of enormous success.

While coaching the Washington Redskins, he let the team to a 12-20 record, never finishing better than 3rd in the East. When he coached the Tampa Bay Bandits, the team was 35-19 during his tenure, but it was 0-2 in the postseason.

3. Mary Tyler Moore
An iconic TV actress, Moore is known for two specific roles: Mary Richards on her self-titled sitcom and Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show. She has also appeared in a handful of movies. What drove her success was her willingness to play female characters on TV that went against what society often thought of as “normal.”

After rising to fame, she and her husband founded MTM Enterprises in 1969. This would be the company behind the production of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. It would also create several famous TV series, including The Bob Newhart Show, Hill Street Blues, and St. Elsewhere.

4. Nancy Kerrigan
A world-class figure skater in her own right, Kerrigan was thrust into the world’s spotlight when fellow competitor Tonya Harding’s ex-husband assaulted her with a police baton. The goal was to prevent Kerrigan from competing in the 1994 Winter Olympics, but the plan didn’t work. Harding was permanently banned from competitive figure skating and Kerrigan would go on to win the silver medal. After retiring, she has appeared in several ice shows, including a reproduction of Footloose.

5. Sally Field
Both an actress and a director, Field has earned two Academy awards, two Golden Globes, and three Emmy awards for her work. One of her most famous roles on TV was also one of her shortest, appearing in Gidget in 1965 and The Flying Nun in 1967. Born in Pasadena, she is a direct descendant of a Mayflower passenger, Governor William Bradford.

In 2005, Field was diagnosed with osteoporosis. This led her to begin promoting early diagnosis of the condition through the use of bone density scans. She has also strongly advocated for women’s rights, serving on the board of NGOs that promote international leadership for women. Field also won the Ally for Equality Award in 2012 for her advocation of equal rights for the LGBTQIA+ community.

6. Terry Bradshaw
Bradshaw currently serves as a football analyst and commentator for Fox Sports. Born in 1948, he also played professional football for the Pittsburgh Steelers, leading them to 4 Super Bowl championships in 6 years. He was the first quarterback in NFL history to win 3 and 4 Super Bowls. The Steelers would also win 8 AFC champions under is tenure. Since retiring, he has also appeared in films, owned a NASCAR team, and has appeared on the NBC comedy Better Late Than Never.

7. Elvis Stojko
Stojko is a competitive figure skater who represented Canada. Over the course of his career, he won 3 World Championships, 2 Olympic silver medals, and was the Canadian champion in his sport 7 times, including 5 consecutive championships from 1996 to 2000. He was the first person to land a quadruple-double jump combination in competition. Upon retirement from competitive skating, he has performed in several ice shows and races karts.

8. Dixie Carter
Carter played the iconic role of Julia Sugarbaker in the long-running sitcom Designing Women in the late 1980s and early 90s. She got her start in theater, however, working in a Memphis production of Carousel in 1960 for her first job. By 1974, she had made her way to Broadway, performing in Sextet. What made her unique from a political standpoint is the fact that she often viewed herself as having conservative, Republican views while still being a strong supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Carter once joked with TV producers that every time her characters had a liberal speech, they would need to let her perform a song on-the-air at some point during the season.

9. Jack Benny
Before comedy made it to the small screen, it found a home on radio. In those days, there was arguably no one better or funnier than Jack Benny. He often played characters that were misers and would often play a fiddle poorly. One of his running jokes, that he was 39 years old, is still used frequently today – though many who use it may not realize that Benny is the one who started it all. His talent for comedic timing also helped to form the foundation of how modern sitcoms are structured today.

10. Sally Struthers
Struthers is an activist, actress, and spokesperson. Although she rose to fame playing the role of Gloria Stivic, the daughter of Archie Bunker, she also had famous roles on Gilmore Girls and All in the Family. Her voice was also used in the sitcom Dinosaurs and the cartoon TaleSpin. She also serves as a spokesperson for the Christian Children’s Fund, which is now ChildFund, and advocates for children who live in severe poverty in the developing world.

11. Desi Arnaz
Arnaz might be most famous because of the fact that he was married to Lucille Ball. His role as her husband in I Love Lucy is the role for which he is best remembered. Under Desilu Productions, he helped to set the stage for iconic shows, such as Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, and The Dick Van Dyke Show, even though Lucille Ball bought him out after their divorce. By the 1970s, he was living in a state of semi-retirement, focusing on his music and his horse farm.

12. Don Knotts
Older Millennials, Gen Xers, and younger Baby Boomers all grew up with the comedy of Don Knotts on the big and small screen. As an actor and comedian, his most famous role was that of Deputy Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show. He also appeared in many children’s movies, including The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Incredible Mr. Limpet. Later in his career, he lent his voice to movies like Chicken Little and Air Buddies.

13. John Connally
Connally served as the 61st U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and was also elected to serve as the Governor of Texas over the course of his political career. He presided over the process of removing the U.S. Dollar away from the gold standard under the Nixon Administration. He sought the Republican nomination for President in 1980, but then withdrew after the first primaries when the results didn’t go his way. Connally also served as the Secretary of the Navy during the Kennedy administration.

14. William McKinley
McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. His second term was cut short due to a successful assassination attempt that occurred 6 months after being sworn into office. He rejected free silver to keep the country on the gold standard and was the last president to have served in the U.S. Civil War. He is also the only President to have served as an enlisted soldier, though he ended his service at the rank of major.

Although the work that he did while in office is historically seen as positive, his Vice President was Teddy Roosevelt, who is often seen as being one of the most influential presidents of all time.

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