19 Funny Dory Sayings

Dory is a wide eye blue tang fish known for only have a 10 second memory. Originally appearing in the movie Nemo, Dory later went on to achieve her own epic adventure in the movie Finding Dory.

“Bailey, you gotta use your echo location.”

“Darn it..no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t forget you.”

“Do you know how it feels to be looking for someone.”

“Hi I am Dory, I suffer from short term memory loss.”

“Hi I lost my family.”

“I forgot.”

“I know how we can get to the locomotion.”

“I suffer from short term memory loss, it runs in my family. At least I think it does.”

“Just keep swimming.”

“Just wait over there and forget. That is what you do best!”

“Like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing.”

“More than just friends… they are destiny. ”

“No memory, no problems.”

“The best things happen by chance.”

“We will never forget you, Dory. And we know you will never forget us.”

“When something is too hard, you should just give up…..There is always another way.”

“When something is too hard…There is always another way.”

“WOW look at all the exhibits, how an I do this park in one day?”

“Wow. I wish I could speak whale.”