19 Great Buzz Lightyear Sayings

Buzz Lightyear is a fictional character from the animated film Toy Story. As the toy space ranger and action figure in the film, Tim Allen was the voice of this entertaining character. Here is a collection to some of the most memorable Buzz Lightyear sayings from the film.

And there seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.
Do you know these life forms?
Don’t worry, Woody. In just a few hours you’ll be sitting around a campfire with Andy making delicious hot Schmoes.
Don’t you get it? You see the hat? I am Mrs. Nesbitt!
How dare you open a space man’s helmet on an uncharted planet? My eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets!
I don’t believe that man’s ever been to medical school!
I tell you, I could fly around this room with my eyes closed.
I’m proud of you cowboy.
I’ve set my laser from stun to kill.
My eyeballs could have been sucked from their sockets.
My ship has crash landed here by mistake.
One minute you’re defending the whole galaxy, and, suddenly, you find yourself sucking down darjeeling with Marie Antoinette… and her little sister.
Spare me your lies, temptress! Your emperor’s defeated, and I’m immune to your bewitching good looks.
There seems to be no sign of intelligence life anywhere…
This is an intergalactic emergency.
This isn’t flying, this is falling with style!
To infinity, and beyond!
Years of academy training wasted.
You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity.

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