28 Breast Cancer T-Shirt Sayings

Breast cancer is a type of cancer that forms in the cells of your breasts. Treatable in most cases, common symptoms are lumps in your breasts. Many treatment options are available from chemotherapy to radiation, and surgery. To celebrate the trials and tribulations these cancer survivors go through, here are some great breast cancer t-shirt sayings that are perfect for celebrating.

Boobs, Sweat And Tears
Boobs: They Need Your Support!
Breast In Show
Breast Power
Cancer Can Kiss My Ass
Early Detection Saves Lives
Fasten Your Pink Ribbon
Fight Strong
Get Your Pink On
Green Saves Trees. Pink Saves Thess
Hope, Strength, Love
I Am A Breast Man
I Hope, I Fight, I Will Win
I Pink I Can!
I Stare Because I Care
In the Pink
Never Give Up Hope
Pink Power
Positively Pink
Put Your Breast Foot Forward
Save Second Base
Save the Hooters
Screw Cancer
Shouting Out Pink!
Support the Girls
Think Pink
Together We Can Make A Difference
Turn Up the Pink

Here is a look at one woman’s story as she shared her story of survival for Stage IV breast cancer.