23 Good Elvish Sayings

From folklore to ‘Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth and an entire race in ‘Dungeons and Dragons,’ elves have been a type of supernatural mythical creature that goes back to Norse mythology. How would they look and what type of power would they possess. For their language, the likes of Tolkien created the first primitive form of Elvish. Here are some of the most remarkable elvish sayings to remember.

A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting – Elen sila lumenn omentilmo

Do I know you? - Amin sinta lle?

Don’t worry – Uuma dela

Ever is thy sight a joy – Oio naa elealla alasse’

Fair winds – Vanya sulie

Farewell – Namaarie

Good (day/morning/afternoon/evening) – ‘Quel (re/amrun/andune/undome)

Good hunting – Quel fara

Greetings (everyone) – Vedui’ (il’er)

Hail – Aaye

It has been too long – Nae saian luume’

May the leaves of your life tree never turn brown – Aa’ lasser en lle coia orn n’ omenta gurtha

My heart sings to see thee – Cormamin lindua ele lle

Pleasure meeting you – Saesa omentien lle

Rest well – Quel esta

Until then – Tenna’ san’

Well met – Mae govannen

What have you been doing? – Mani nae lle umien?

What is that (thing)? – Mani naa tanya (nat’)?

Why do you want to know? – Mankoi lle irma sint?

You go first – Lle auta yeste’

You look good – Lle maa quel

Your head is empty – Dolle naa lost

Here is a great video on how to speak Elvish.