23 Great Kung Fu Young Grasshopper Sayings

The series that airs from 1972 to 1975 captures the character oftentimes referred to as ‘Grasshopper.’ This young character is taught by an old blind master. Here is a look at some of the most memorable Kung Fu young grasshopper sayings to know.

“Battles are waged on the earth and in the heavens. Within the mind and within the soul. This battle has been won.”

“By a strength outside, greater than himself. Or a weakness inside, which he cannot understand.”

“Death has had no victory, Grasshopper.”

“He said you could teach me a great knowledge.”

“He seeks to satisfy a stronger hunger.”

“Humility may lead to meanness, But vanity may lead to violence. Therefore it is better to be humble.”

“I have found two pieces of rare beauty. I am most grateful.”

“I now see the great clarity that instructs his efforts.”

“I will show you that your lie was indeed the truth. Trust me.”

“It shines, somewhere, you do not see it”

“Not to understand a man’s purpose does not make him confused.”

“Nothing more, my son. But if you choose to think there may be more, you are welcome to follow.”

“The bridge which I speak of is your love for him.”

“To you, to me, perhaps. Not worthless to him.”

“We are grateful to you, for rewarding our carelessness.”

“We have a good collection this month.”

“We taught you young man, because you already knew.”

“What is your view?”

“Will you walk with me, Grasshopper?”

“Yes, Grasshopper. But can any man afford such arrogance?”

“Yet the crow did appear.”

“You are not paid. The work is hard. Why do you continue?”

“You have begun to learn.”

Here is a look at Kung Fu and the beginning of wisdom as it was aired in 1973.

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