25 Great Icelandic Sayings

Icelandic is one of the oldest languages in the world that is still used to this day. Created in the 9th century, many Icelandic people can still read their old texts. With many creative sayings with multiple meanings, here are some great Icelandic sayings to remember.

“A bad rower blames his oars.”

“A good child sings good songs.”

“Blind is a man without a book.”

“He doesn’t walk whole to the forest.”

“He who has thrown fish overboard, may well fast.”

“He’s on the wrong shelf in life.”

“I come completely from the mountains.”

“I took him to the bakery.”

“I will find you at a beach.”

“I will show you the two worlds.”

“I won’t sell it more expensive than I bought it.”

“Isn’t everything OK at home?”

“It is late to fence in the well when the child has fallen into it.”

“No one becomes a bishop without a beating.”

“On with the butter.”

“Similar children play best together.”

“That is the raisin at the end of the hot dog.”

“The burnt child fears the fire.”

“The more renowned woman often has fewer rings.”

“They splash the Skyr around that own it.”

“Those who are considered good, resemble each other in much.”

“Those who get praised most loudly, disappoint me the most.”

“To lay your head in water.”

“You are completely out driving.”

“You are such a Latte-drinking wool scarf.”

Here is one example of what it sounds like to hear Americans try to speak Icelandic.