5 Careers to Avoid for ENTJ Personality Types

Not all occupations can fit well to the liking of every person with special personality types. Some people can’t last long even with top-paying positions in a popular company, so you ask yourself – what is wrong with this person, anyway? Well, there is nothing wrong with this guy, it’s just that he has a particular personality type that only a few can understand.

ENTJ personality types have a good tendency to lead as they have the ability to identify problems and eventually come up with sensible solutions for the organization. So in other words, this person shouldn’t be happy when placed as a follower of a particular firm. Hence, he or she must be tasked to take charge to capitalize on his or her full potential.

Anyway, there are essential things to know before applying for a job. If you have an ENTJ personality, you should know these things prior to creating your own resume or to let someone do so for your personal advantage.

1. Data Entry Jobs

ENTJs have the potential to use their creative talent to complete any task at hand. However, if they get a data entry position, they can lose their patience so quickly considering they have to follow a particular instruction to complete by the end of the day. As much as possible, stay away from this type of job to avoid frustration.

2. Clerk

Take note that a clerk is given tons of paperwork to complete as soon as possible. Likewise, they must be able to conform to some rules and be under the control of a person with authority. These types of jobs are very sedentary in nature that requires no challenge or creativity. In order words, this can be a stifling experience for people with ENTJ personality types.

3. Creative Arts

Sometimes, being an artist can be very soothing for ENTJs because it brings out the creativity within them. In contrast, this type of career need to be avoided as it can be out of the control of the individual. The repetitive nature of using the same skills to make money can strangle them to boredom.

4. Fashion Designer

Being rational and logically dominating in nature, ENTJs can’t be happy with a career in fashion designing, particularly the male subjects. This is because they aren’t the type to care about how you look or how graceful you don that dress or which bags should match the color of your attire. Although women can be an exception as there are few who choose to be fashion designers due to the innovation behind it all, most will prefer to avoid this kind of work.

5. Social Service

Careers in sociology, as being in healthcare, are a bad choice for ENTJs. This is because it is not their nature to care about others, but they care to properly use other people to gain their objectives. So instead of volunteering for humanitarian causes, they would rather prefer to calculate income or think about new strategies.

Understanding the positive and negative traits of ENTJs should greatly help in securing a job or business in the future. It’s just a matter of how well they choose the type of career they deserve.

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