8 INFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

There are many descriptions for INFJ personality types. Generally, they have the ability to focus on possibilities, think regarding values, and can easily make decisions. However, there are also other traits that are sometimes misunderstood by many, such as getting hurt easily, finding constant conflict, and being overly perfectionist.

This personality type has a lot of potential though when it comes to being concerned with the feelings of others because they want and need harmony. Nevertheless, it takes more than that to learn about how they deal with other people. Hence, learning about their strengths and weaknesses should help a lot rather than judging them about their personality type. Here are some of their traits that you need to know.

List of Strengths of INFJ

1. Creativeness
They are able to combine their vivid imagination together with a sense of compassion. Thus, they are able to resolve human challenges rather than technical ones. They are also the ones who enjoy finding a perfect solution to people they care about which makes them excellent advisors and counselors.

2. Insightfulness
Their ability to sense dishonesty and untruthful motives help them get through manipulations or sales tricks. Instead they seem to influence into more honest discussions. They also have the ability to connect people and events quite intuitively.

3. Convincing and Inspiring
In terms of human skills, they have the ability to write inspirational verses that seem to have an appeal to the idealist nature of their audience. In fact, INFJs can be good orators, as they speak with passion and warmth.

4. Self-Sacrificing
These individuals use their strength for good. They believe that doing something for the good of everybody will actually make the world better rather than trying to take advantage of the situation.

List of Weaknesses of INFJ

1. Sensitiveness
The negative traits of INFJs include being overly sensitive when somebody challenges or criticizes their values or principles. For this reason, a person with INFJ personality are often vulnerable to conflict and criticism. Once someone questions their motives, they end up showing how bad they are.

2. Perfectionist
INFJs are known for their will to pursuit of ideals. Although this can be a good quality, it is never applicable to all situations. This is particularly true in terms of business, politics or romance. Oftentimes, they ignore productive situations or relationships, thinking they have a better alternative.

3. Easily Burns Out
They often have few alternatives to let off some steam. This is due to their tendency to have intolerance for routine maintenance or tendency to present themselves as the ideal. In other words, they will likely exhaust themselves quickly if they are unable to look for ways to balance ideals with realities of everyday living.

4. Extreme Privacy
An INFJ personality type tend to offer themselves as the result of an idea. This is because of their extreme privacy regarding their personal lives. Hence, they utilize this image to hide themselves even to their close friends. In fact, they find it very hard to trust a new friend.

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