6 Best Jobs for ENTP Women and Men

There are many types of personalities that are often misunderstood by the community. However, there is one group that has the rare combination of being animated, ingenious, inspired, and visionary. They are the ENTP personality type men and women, who enjoy the rush from constructive discussions. These gifted individuals are given the acronym E-N-T-P because they have strong qualities that focus on extraversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving nature. Basically, it is their nature to have the passion and talent that gains their interests. Such will include their love of life, making them favorable teammates, employees, or coworkers.

Basic Characteristics of ENTP Type Men and Women

  • They always look around for prospects and potentials to improve their ambitions and goals.
  • They are often so well in recognition of less obvious or hidden association and arrangement, whether in relationships or data.
  • They are so aligned with what is happening around them that often associated to their ability to become predictive.
  • They never get tired of dreaming up ideas and chase them critically to become successful.
  • They have a talent for understanding or seeing the people’s businesses and workings and utilizes this talent to achieve their aspirations.

Work Stressors of ENTP Personality Types

1. Overwhelming Eagerness
People with ENTP personality types can occasionally also allow their eagerness to overwhelm them. Because of this, they have the tendency to fail to accomplish their projects prior to getting excited and started on another project.

2. Over-Dependent on Their Own Decision
They also have the possibility to get too excited or spontaneous that often leads them to affect their decisions without considering current facts or concrete ideas. They tend to listen only to their own advice, disallowing other advice or information to be heard.

3. They Tend to Be Too Argumentative
Despite the fact that there is no need to argue on a particular issue, they are often inclined to be in that mood. Consequently, others may think that they are brazen, brusque, deprecating, or presumptuous.

Careers to Avoid for ENTP Women and Men

Careers that require focusing on personality traits should be avoided by ENTP type women and men. Hence, it is also important to look for the attributes of careers that may be deemed unsuitable for them. Here are some of the notable careers to avoid if you have an ENTP personality type:

  • Accounting or Bookkeeping
  • Customer Services
  • Clerk Positions
  • Assistants in Firms
  • Administrative Positions
  • Teaching Careers

Remember that ENTP personality people are very sensitive to jobs that are stagnant or repetitive in nature. This will surely keep them bored because it contradicts their eagerness to excel. Although they don’t mind about monotonous jobs, it mustn’t be mundane or clerical in nature. They should work on new projects, otherwise, they surely won’t be an effective worker.

Stagnant type of careers is not suitable for ENTP people because these individuals are leaders. They need careers with promising results or with potential for growth. They are smart and they also have faith in constant learning, as well as being competent. Because they are excellent in highly skilled work, anything that doesn’t require technical or intellectual challenges will not inspire these personalities.

ENTP people should be avoiding jobs that don’t require intellectual challenges. If they get into the task that require them to do the same old routines throughout the year, then they will surely get disinterested and will surely quit eventually.

Companies operating in structured manner are also not suitable for ENTP personality people. This is because their nature is to be more inclined to debates. Moreover, if a particular organization 1) will not allow discussions openly, 2) has autocratic leadership, 3) management with top-down approach, or 4) state or federal agencies which prioritizes order, then ENTP personalities will surely feel suffocated or stifled, to say the least.

Career Options for ENTP Women and Men

Career options are abundant for the ENTP personality types. Such will include the following options:

  • These individuals can find work well in jobs that involve things or objects to make something that is tangible or concrete in nature. Examples may include being an architect, director, or drafter, to name a few.
  • Others will find it favorable to work with others, such as being in leadership positions or being someone who can invent opportunities or new projects for a particular company. Mostly, titles for these individuals can be named as “executive.” Likewise, they can manage various fields such as the arts, education, media, sales, sports, and transportation.
  • Some of them can work well being a psychologist due to their innate skills and talents to perceive a person’s doings. Perhaps those who have the affinity to look into the future can help them to become cost estimators.
  • People with this type of skill can capitalize on creating long-term goals with obvious direction. They can also make these goals definite but flexible.
  • Their talkative nature and people skills can be positive traits they can use when working in a company. Obviously, they can be fun to be with. So, they can seek jobs that fit to their ability to talk or skills in public relations.
  • The best jobs for ENTP personalities may include career as actors, analysts, consultants, engineers, marketers, photographers, programmers and scientists, aside from being good entrepreneurs.

There were numerous thinkers and inventors that became successful being ENTPs. Examples include John Adams and Alexander the Great. They became successful when there is a possibility for them to venture out alone. For this reason, they can also be effective when dealing with careers as entrepreneurs. Although this is a risky business, they have the ability to go with their own ideas and not minding what others think. Likewise, they will be able to succeed by building work environments all over them.

Of course, the different types of personalities can have a variety of negative and positive attributes. In fact, these personalities can clash or bond with others. However, the course of working and living with adverse personality types will help individuals to better understand those who are around them.

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