5 Best Jobs for ENFP Women and Men

Individuals of the ENFP (Extroversion, iNtuition, Feeling, Perception) personality type are known to be relaxed, imaginative, artistic, friendly, and excellent communicators. They pursue careers that allow them to be creative, expressive, and helpful to other people. ENFPs tend to desire jobs that allow them to develop solutions that are beneficial to other people, follow their inspiration, and satisfy their curiosity. They avoid work that requires them to follow rigid rules and do mundane, routine tasks.

General Characteristics of ENFP Men and Women

– They love to socialize because interacting with people helps to energize them.
– They are inventive and are good at abstract thinking.
– They see a world of possibilities.
– They are empathetic and tend to use their feelings when making decisions.
– They are flexible, spontaneous and highly adaptable to change.
– They can be disorganized, dislike routine, and are prone to procrastinating.

1. Freelancer

Being self-employed allows them to manage their own time, pursue their own interests, and push boundaries. And since they don’t have to report to anyone but themselves, this is suitable for their personality type because they aren’t too good in following orders and structure.

2. Anything related to the Arts

ENFPs are very creative and imaginative so it only seems natural that most of them are involved in the arts. They enjoy crafting something from scratch, developing new ideas, and finding different means of expression. They are also known to have excellent command of language and know how to use wit, humor, and the right words to get through to people. Many famous actors and writers belong to this personality type, such as Robin Williams and Dr. Seuss.

3. Teacher

Being warm, caring, and nurturing are some of the top qualities of ENFP men and women, so teaching can be a great career option for them. The will be deeply involved in the development of another person and they can be creative in their instruction methods. Aside from being a teacher, they can also be great as counselors, consultants, and psychologists.

4. Promotions, Marketing, or Advertising

These jobs need someone who can come up with original ideas and has the skills to express and bring these ideas to life. With the communication skills, creativity, and imagination of ENFPs, they can thrive in the world of advertising and marketing.

5. Political Office

Men and women with ENFP personalities can work well in political office because they have the mindset of being able to accomplish anything or solve a problem if you put your mind to it. They also have great interpersonal and communication skills, so they can easily bring together a number of people to work together towards a common goal.

Other careers that seem to be popular among ENFPs are journalist, video game or system developer, computer programmer, animal trainer, wait staff, and healthcare professional.

If you want to know what type of career is most suitable for you, it would be extremely helpful to know your personality type. This can help you identify which kinds of work help you to thrive and give you a better sense of fulfillment.

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