6 Careers to Avoid for ENTP Personality Types

The gifted few are often the ones being misunderstood by those around them. Perhaps not all, but individuals with ENTP personality types are pioneering and creative as identified in the type indicator of Myers-Briggs. Accordingly, E-N-T-P accounts for the personality of individuals being extravert, intuitive, thinker, and perceiving qualities. However, it is but hard to generalize a particular population even if they are supposed to be unique and creative on their own. Hence, it is still a challenge to piece them together as a huge group. Here is what Myers-Briggs can tell about the people who have ENTP personalities:

They enjoy engaging in conversations at a high level. This is because they often find it interesting to talk to people of high regard.

They often prefer to see the future instead of drowning themselves in a current task. For this reason, they are able to see things entirely.

Thinking refers to the logical mind of the ENTP personalities because knowledge is a treasure for them. While subjective attitudes get knocked, emotional decisions are uncommon for them, whether it is a bad or good thing.

They don’t judge because it is against what they are. They are more likely to look at how things will play out. They are open-minded about circumstances and decisions.

People with ENTP personality types are intelligent and versatile having a wide range of interests. Despite the fact that they are quite capable of handling any type of work, they seem to be confused on which one to focus on. For these people, they look to utilize their abilities and creative gifts through personal fulfilment that should benefit the majority. However, not all of them are inspired to just about any type of job they come in contact with. For this reason, they end up being dissatisfied and restless. In fact, even people with degrees in college find it hard to acquire satisfying career choices.

Work-Related Challenges for ENTP Personality Types

Although ENTP personalities are intelligent and versatile individuals, they sometimes fall into a hole that they aren’t comfortable to work with. They felt that being in that bad situation can suffocate or stifle them so as they may feel unproductive or unsuccessful. For this reason, getting into these conditions should be avoided because such challenges can be a threat for their success in life.

These gifted few can be very argumentative in nature.
They like to get into a situation where conversation requires leveling up into a discussion of some sort. For this matter, they should get into trouble if they encounter people who have difficulty understanding them.

Sometimes they can get insensitive.
A very rational at that, ENTP personalities can often misjudge the feelings of others. Thus, they can sometimes push the debate way past the tolerance levels of others. For this reason, they often don’t really have time to consider emotional point of views.

It is difficult for them to focus at some point.
It is their nature to become too flexible to devise original ideas and plans that make them sometimes too perfect. On the other hand, they can also drop these ideas whenever the excitement slowly fades or whenever new thoughts are at hand.

They dislike practical things.
They often are interested in plans and ideas that can easily be debated and adapted. They are not satisfied about hard details or daily executions that involve creative flairs. They thought that it is basically counter-productive and unnecessary.

Having said that, it can be very challenging for ENTP individuals to adapt to certain conditions under work-related pressure especially those that involve adverse ideals, particularly when dealing with people.

Careers to Avoid for ENTP Personality Types

The type of jobs that must be avoided by ENTP personality types are those that will centers on personality traits. This is due to the fact that it is not only good to focus on the careers alone but on the attributes that go them too. This may be unsuitable for their standards which can affect their efficiency and productivity. Some notable careers to avoid are the following:

  • Accounting or Bookkeeping Jobs
  • Jobs Related to Customer Service
  • Career as Clerk
  • Assistant Positions
  • Job as an Administrator
  • Career in Teaching

In order to understand more about them, it is important to know what jobs don’t mix with ENTP personalities. Take note that they are so sensitive to work that requires repetition and stagnant in nature. Aside from keeping them bored and lifeless, it can go against their personality.

Monotonous careers can be tolerable for ENTP personality types, but it’s just unfair for them to engage in clerical or mundane jobs. For this reason, they must engage in new projects and not the one that should kill them of boredom.

If jobs are not so challenging intellectually, then it isn’t the one well-suited for ENTP personality types. More so, tasks that will engage them in doing similar routines over and over again will surely be a very disappointing job for them.

Finding the Right Career for ENTP Personality Types

There are many careers that are well-suited for the ENTP individuals, which include the following:

  • Creating something through the use of things or objects can help them to work well. Such will include being an artist, director, or cook.
  • Some are most favorable in jobs that require leadership skills. Others can also work well when inventing new opportunities or projects for their own or for an organization. These may include careers in education, media, sports, and the like.
  • Jobs as a psychologist can also suit them well because of their skills to see what the person is capable of doing. Other careers that can fit them just right are those that can benefit from their skills of looking into what could happen in advance, such as cost estimation.
  • Other careers that can benefit ENTP personalities are ones that involve the film industry, analytics, consultation, and engineering, among other related jobs.
  • They can also work progressively with jobs such as marketers, photographers, and scientists because it can harness their talent and skills that are smart and flexible in nature.
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