4 Careers to Avoid for INTJ Personality Types

We like to say that we just don’t have a choice when it comes to picking jobs. After all, when you need money, you grab any opportunity you find. But a good indicator of happiness at your job is making sure it’s a good fit for your personality. For instance, if you’re the quiet type, a job where you have to face a lot of people in a single day can be a bit overwhelming for you.

INTJs work best when they are able to create and implement innovative solutions to analytical problems. They are able to see improvements to be made within complex systems and they are organized and determined enough to see make these changes come true.

A lot of INTJs are self-employed while others are stay-at-home parents. INTJs are mostly accountants, market research analysts, mathematicians, computer hardware engineers and historians – just to name a few. As you can see, most of the jobs require a lot of time being alone with your work. Given this, what are the jobs that would ill suit an INTJ?

1. Receptionist

Receptionists don’t only answer phone calls, take messages and forward calls, they also face people each and every day. They are the first person visitors see, be it at a doctor’s clinic or at a rehabilitation center. As such, it wouldn’t be the perfect fit for an INTJ given that they don’t really count outgoing as one of their best traits. Yes, an INTJ can be friendly and actually have friends, they mostly prefer at environment where they can be intellectually stimulated.

2. Recreation Worker

Leading groups and designing leisure activities at volunteer or recreation facilities form the core of what recreation workers do. Once again, communication skills is key in this kind of career. Patience works as well, particularly when dealing with young children. Although designing activities may attract an INTJ to the job, working with a large group of people might not be too interesting for them. INTJs love solitude and putting them in an environment where they have to interact and communicate with a big audience might overwhelm them.

3. Teacher Assistant

As a teacher assistant, reviewing material discussed by a teacher to individual students or small groups is the everyday duty. While an INTJ might like the idea of keeping records, calculating grades and helping teachers prepare for lessons through research and such, their solitary nature might not make them the perfect fit for a job that requires frequent student interaction.

4. Licensed Practical Nurse

The duties and responsibilities of a licensed practical nurse depends on which state they are working in. For instance, some states allow nurses to do more than just checking blood pressure and keeping records. There are some states that allow LPNs to give medication and start IV drips. There’s also the communication factor involved with being a nurse: you have to talk to patients or their family. AN LPN is limited to what they can do according to the law and as such, that might not sit well with INTJs who don’t like rules and traditions as much.

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