75 Helpful Customer Service Performance Review Phrases

Help your employees know how to operate at their best by teaching them in reviews rather than criticizing them. Check out these helpful customer service performance reviews to start the conversation and help your company improve.

Customer Service Representatives with Superior Qualities

  • John goes above and beyond what customers need, helping to ensure our customers are happy and find value in our products/services.
  • Jan can handle X% more customer service requests than we expect of our customer service agents, which enhances our company’s productivity.
  • Joe always finds ways to creatively help customers, even if the request is out of the ordinary and something he wasn’t trained to handle.
  • Jennifer always reaches out and helps other customer service agents when her work is complete and others need help.
  • Jack always finds ways to help customers even if he’s not active on a call. He always pays attention and finds ways to go above and beyond.
  • Steve is highly approachable and open to criticism when his performance requires a bit of tweaking. He always implements the changes right away.
  • Michael can work with even the most difficult customer; he always finds resolutions and if he can’t, he reaches out for help.
  • Greg always meets deadlines and helps customers in the fastest way possible. Many customers request him because of his efficiency.
  • Susie has great verbal communication skills. She can communicate with even the most difficult customer, helping him or her to feel at ease right away.
  • Anthony has amazing written communication skills. He can make any customer feel at ease with his words.
  • Harry is very empathetic, which allows him to connect with customers on a whole new level, making them feel cared about, rather than just looking at them as a number.
  • Heather takes her job very seriously. She treats every customer with the utmost respect and does whatever is necessary to ensure their happiness.
  • Carrie always exhibits the utmost professionalism when dealing with clients, even when they are difficult with her.
  • Paul has the patience of a saint and can work with the most difficult customer. He always has the answers they need and if he doesn’t, he works fast to find it.
  • Alex is a team player. He cares about the company and its bottom line, and it shows in his level of customer service.

Customer Service Representatives that Exceed Expectations

  • Adam always works hard to meet the expectations of each client.
  • Ben works hard to make sure each customer has what they need. If he doesn’t know how to provide it, he asks for help.
  • Sue always reaches out to her teammates to see if she can help lighten their load in any way.
  • Gary always has a great attitude when dealing with customers. He never shows his frustration or that he is struggling when he gets a difficult call.
  • Scott always provides customers with the utmost detail so they feel well cared for and understood which helps the company’s bottom line.
  • Keith always sticks to his promises with customers. If he can’t fulfill a promise or doesn’t understand something, he always asks before turning the customer down.
  • Abby can always tell what a customer needs, sometimes before they even verbalize it.
  • Ashley talks well with customers, helping them get their thoughts across even when they’re having a tough time explaining what they need.
  • Benji always has a great attitude and it shows in his conversations with his customers.
  • Jason always connects with customers on a level beyond what anyone else can do. He can read customers and their needs easily.
  • Pat is always calm, even under pressure. He doesn’t let customers know he’s stressing out.
  • Rick always goes above and beyond what customers need. He has a knack for knowing what will make the customer feel great.
  • Randy always asks what else he can do for a customer. He doesn’t just do his job – he goes beyond.
  • Jake always ensures a customer’s 100% satisfaction, even when it’s a difficult client that seems hard to please.
  • Maddie always looks at customers as individuals rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Satisfactory Customer Service Representative Phrases

  • Evie always listens to her clients’ needs before interjecting. She evaluates what they need before she proceeds.
  • Kim always considers the customers’ needs before creating a solution.
  • Sara always helps the customer understand his/her options before creating a solution.
  • Kari always asks the customers the right questions before choosing a solution.
  • Ken gets to know the customer and his/her needs before going over the options
  • Steve always asks for help when he doesn’t know how to deal with a specific customer, especially when the problems are big.
  • Ann knows how to handle upset customers with ease, getting them back to a point where they are satisfied.
  • Mandy always treats customers with respect and dignity.
  • Mark always asks customers what they would like to see from the issue rather than forcing a solution on them.
  • Josh doesn’t like to leave any customer unhappy. He works hard to ensure that every customer is happy with his service.
  • Wanda communicates well with customers both in writing and verbally.
  • Teresa takes the time to understand the customer’s problem before coming up with a solution.
  • Amanda always shows up to work on time and ready to serve customers, even when there are a lot of complaints.
  • Larry really cares about the company’s bottom line and it shows in his customer service.
  • Lance always shows up ready to work and ready to help customers with their issues.

Customer Service Phrases When They Need Improvement

  • Ron needs to work on his delivery with customers. He sometimes sounds a little condescending.
  • Rick doesn’t show up to work on time, and when he does show up, he seems frustrated or hurried with his customers.
  • Cathy only focuses on the big picture, almost a one-size-fits-all approach instead of an individual basis.
  • Carmen needs to focus on the customer at hand. She tends to bring other customers into the solution when no two customers have the same needs.
  • Julie tends to get off topic with customers, which slows down her productivity.
  • Jim doesn’t reach out to see if other team members need help when he’s done with his work.
  • Harry isn’t formal enough with his clients. It almost sounds like he’s talking to a friend rather than customers.
  • Hank doesn’t consider each customer’s needs. He would rather have a blanket response to every customer, which doesn’t work.
  • Mike doesn’t seem flexible enough to help most customers.
  • Pat doesn’t sound very friendly when he talks to customers, especially difficult customers.
  • Jan doesn’t ever seem like she wants to be at work and it shows in the tone of her voice.
  • Dave is very impatient when he talks to the customer. It’s almost as if he’s rushing them off the phone.
  • Callie doesn’t know how to deal with difficult customers. She gets frustrated and doesn’t know what to do.
  • Jack doesn’t know the company’s products and services well enough to provide good customer service.
  • Aiden often argues with customers, which isn’t good for customer loyalty.

Customer Service Review Phrases for Unsatisfactory Work

  • Vickie brings her personal problems to work and it shows in her communication with her clients. It is less than satisfactory.
  • Victor can’t figure out how to leave his home life at home. He comes into work late and argues with customers.
  • Rob doesn’t know what the company offers and has been caught referring clients to other companies.
  • Don only cares about his customers; he doesn’t see who he can help in his downtime.
  • Jack only does the bare minimum to help clients – he never goes above and beyond.
  • Janie always has to ask for help – she never knows how to manage a customer on her own.
  • Jim doesn’t seem like he likes his job and it shows in his level of customer support.
  • We have had more than five complaints about Julia’s performance from customers.
  • Gary doesn’t work fast enough. He is pleasant with customers but moves too slowly.
  • Lauren tends to criticize customers which isn’t good for the company image.
  • Luke refuses to listen to a customer’s problem. He wants a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Dan always misses the deadlines he promises his customers, which hurts the company.
  • Alexa doesn’t take the time to figure out what a client needs – she rushes into a solution.
  • Laurie is disorganized and it shows in her conversations with her clients.
  • Justin can’t get organized. He misses phone calls and deadlines and doesn’t know how to keep his priorities straight.

Use these phrases to help your employees see where they stand. The phrases not only help employees understand how they operate, but it helps you realize where your company needs improvement too. When employees and companies work together, it provides a better bottom line.

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