75 Helpful Quantity of Work Performance Review Phrases

Helping your employees understand the level of the quantity of work needed helps your company’s bottom line. Check out these top phrases to help start the conversation and to help your employees become more productive.

Employees Providing a Superior Quantity of Work

  • Maddie always goes above and beyond the amount of work we assign. We can always count on her.
  • Janie always asks how she can help when she’s done with her work. She works closely with co-workers to help them meet their goals.
  • Matt knows how to prioritize his time so that he gets the allotted work done, plus he always asks for more.
  • Megan works hard to put her personal life aside and ensure that she gets her work done.
  • Max never lets distractions stop him from getting his work done. He always does more than we require.
  • Lexie knows how to isolate herself from everyone else so she can focus on her work and turn it in on time.
  • Elizabeth always turns her work in long before it’s due, and always asks how else she can help.
  • Dan never balks at the amount of work we provide him. He goes above and beyond every day.
  • Daniel sets his own high productivity goals that exceed what the company requires – it shows that he is an amazing go-getter.
  • Jackie never says ‘no’ when we ask if we can assign her more work. She is always more than willing to accept it.
  • Emily never expects a reward for the work she does even though she always goes above and beyond.
  • Ava always encourages her co-workers to be productive and offers help if she’s finished her work, which she always does.
  • Jodi loves to have a lot of work. The more work in her pipeline, the more productive she gets.
  • Jack never asks for deadline extensions – he always gets the work done.
  • Jeff never refuses work, even when we give him more than we originally hired him to do.

Going Beyond What’s Expected, Providing Excellent Quantity of Work

  • Jan always produces more than the company expectations, no matter how high we set the goals.
  • Jack always streamlines his workload, prioritizing what’s necessary in order to produce plenty of work.
  • Jen is very goal-focused, setting short-term and long-term goals to make sure she meets and exceeds company standards.
  • Jake doesn’t let anything distract him from his work. He shuts his phone off and even his email alerts on his computer to complete his allotted work.
  • Jennifer always accepts criticism about performance so that she can better herself and improve the amount of work she completes.
  • Steve always sets goals for himself and tracks them to see how well he is performing compared to the company expectations.
  • Amy knows when to take breaks to improve her productivity and quantity of work provided.
  • Ainslie knows which people she can work around and which she must steer clear of because they would distract her, taking her away from her work.
  • Tom always works well in a team and uses his team members to help him stay on task when he needs help.
  • Tammy always asks for more work once she completes her tasks. She always does more work than we ask.
  • Jack has a great process in place that allows him to get his work done while still help other team members.
  • Dave knows how much work he can handle and does it with ease, always seeing how he can help others when he’s done.
  • Brian sets high goals for himself, always pushing beyond his limits so that he can help the company’s bottom line.
  • Jack pays close attention to detail, ensuring that he not only completes a high quantity of work but that it’s always high quality.
  • Joan pays close attention to her work to ensure that she completes it with speed, but also precision.

Meeting the Company’s Quantity Expectations

  • Amanda always meets our productivity requirements and even asks if she can help elsewhere.
  • It’s not unusual for John to work extra hours to make sure he completes all of his work on time.
  • Paul takes great pride in the amount of work he does – he always asks how he can do more.
  • Mandy always assesses her workload before getting started so she can prioritize her work.
  • Katrina never misses a deadline. Even if she has to work overtime, she does it.
  • Anne always schedules her week so that she completes her work on time, and always before the deadline.
  • Mike asks for help when he can’t get his work done so that he doesn’t miss a deadline.
  • Bryan does a great job of estimating how much time he needs to get his work done on time.
  • Pam is very reliable. She always completes the work we ask her to complete.
  • Mary does the work we ask, even if she has to work a few extra hours.
  • Kathy always asks for more tasks to complete when she finishes her work.
  • Jeff finds ways to get the work done even when he feels stressed.
  • Sean works long hours to make sure he completes the work and if he can’t, he asks for help.
  • Sara always asks for clarification before she starts a job that she doesn’t understand so she can stick to her deadlines.
  • Ella does much more work than we ever ask of her.

Employees with a Quantity of Work that Needs Some Help and/or Improvement

  • Mary doesn’t complete her work on time because she jumps from task to task too quickly.
  • Joe needs more focus. He doesn’t complete the right amount of work because he can’t sit still.
  • Jan doesn’t know how to prioritize, so sometimes her work gets turned in late.
  • Amanda sometimes has too many balls in the air and she can’t figure out what to do first which leads to low productivity.
  • Tara doesn’t put enough energy into her work, which leads to a low level of productivity.
  • Tim gives up at quitting time; never going above and beyond to make sure his work is done.
  • Tammy doesn’t put in enough effort and it shows in her missing deadlines.
  • Trent lacks consistency in his work, which leads to missed deadlines.
  • Cole is more interested in goofing around and distracting others rather than completing his work.
  • Caden doesn’t get enough work done during the day and he doesn’t take it home or work extra hours to meet his deadlines.
  • Victor takes unnecessary short cuts to get his work done, but the lack of quality works against him, causing him to redo his work.
  • Vance works too slow – he never meets the productivity goals.
  • Jason doesn’t know how to focus on one task, so he often has little tasks done everywhere, but never any work to turn in.
  • Fran needs to learn how to better manage her time to get more work done.
  • Felix never meets deadlines and always asks for extensions.

Employees Not Meeting Company Standards

  • Sara never meets the company’s expectations. We’re always chasing her to get her work.
  • We had to lower George’s required output because he could never reach his goals.
  • Sue always has questions but then doesn’t implement the suggestions in her work, which puts her behind.
  • Brad doesn’t know how to problem-solve, coming up with fast solutions to get the job done on time.
  • Brian needs constant reminders to turn his work in.
  • Pam never completes her work on time – sometimes she doesn’t even complete it at all.
  • Co-workers always have to pick up Gianna’s workload because she is never on track.
  • We can’t give Joan the workload we give everyone else because she never completes it.
  • Annie doesn’t do half of the work she is supposed to do.
  • Dan never acknowledges the amount of work he has to do and then forgets about it.
  • Carrie always needs reminders to do her work and turn it in.
  • Jane cannot multi-task, which leads to less company productivity.
  • Eric needs help with all of his tasks, which slows down his productivity and he never meets deadlines.
  • Matt never reaches the company goals.
  • Ava needs help understanding the company procedures every time we assign something new.

Use these quantity of work performance reviews to help your employees better themselves. With constructive criticism, they can see where they need to change and how. When they implement the changes, you should see a difference in the quantity of work completed.

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