75 Useful Quality of Work Performance Review Phrases

You want employees that turn in quality work and that work well with others. Employees that follow the rules and go above and beyond what is expected help your company thrive. Use these top 75 quality of work performance review phrases to help your employees understand where they excel and where they may need to change.

Employees that Provide Superior Quality

  • Joe always goes above and beyond what is needed to provide superior work every time.
  • Jan always double checks her work and fixes mistakes before turning work in to management.
  • Evan always asks questions before starting a project to ensure that he does it right the first time.
  • Samantha works hard and always as long as it takes to finish a project, even if she has to work longer hours.
  • Beth always exceeds the expected sales numbers, providing the company with an amazing bottom line every month.
  • Jason adapts quickly to any new tasks given to him, no questions asked even if it’s outside of his workload.
  • Bella always accepts any work given to her even if it goes beyond her normal workload.
  • Anthony communicates with everyone involved in the work to ensure that the job is done right every time.
  • We never have to go back and correct any of Gianna’s mistakes.
  • Anna always asks questions of her peers before making decisions she is unsure about on any project.
  • Mike always asks how else he can help the company when he finishes his tasks ahead of time, even helping others deliver quality work.
  • Bryan always has something to do, even if he finished his own tasks, he’ll help others provide top quality work.
  • Pam goes above and beyond what is expected of her in all aspects of her job from start to finish.
  • Mary works well with everyone, which makes it much easier to turn in quality work every time.
  • Pat never turns in work that isn’t 100% – he asks questions, makes corrections, and then turns it in with pride.

Employees that go Beyond What’s Expected, Providing Excellent Quality

  • Jeremy always works hard, ensuring his work is accurate every time and asking questions if he’s unsure.
  • Julie double checks her work to avoid errors and always asks questions from superiors.
  • Teammates always turn to Rebecca for her advice as she always turns in quality work and they know it.
  • Ivy works well with others and takes constructive criticism well, correcting any mistakes that are found.
  • John works well with any team members, ensuring they turn in quality projects every time.
  • Vince always asks where he can improve himself to provide higher quality work in all areas.
  • Boden never misses work and stays late if necessary to provide quality work every time.
  • Alison has great attention to detail that results in quality work whether she’s working alone or with a team.
  • Angela always completes her work on time and it needs little revision.
  • Archie always asks his employees if they need help completing quality work to get things done right.
  • Emmie always asks questions before starting a project to ensure it’s done right the first time.
  • Harrold is willing to switch gears and make changes when necessary even if in the middle of a job so that he turns in quality work.
  • Jim is always productive, even when his own work is completed; he helps others get quality work done too.
  • Barry always asks if there’s a way he can improve his work, and will go back and make changes when necessary.
  • Lisa holds herself to the highest work standards, delivering quality work each time.

Employees that do What’s Expected

  • Janice respects all of her teammates and works well with everyone when working on a project together.
  • Carrie is cordial and ensures her work is done correctly and on time and if she can’t get it done, she asks for help.
  • Matt checks his errors and asks for help when needed without embarrassment.
  • George works well with others, which makes it easier to get answers to questions and turn in quality work.
  • Tammy stays focused and gets her work done on time each time.
  • Jennifer turns in error-free work 99% of the time.
  • Michael always corrects errors when a superior finds them and doesn’t complain about it.
  • George asks for suggestions when he is unsure about a project. He’ll talk to team members or superiors.
  • Pamela takes criticism well and implements it in her work to make up for the mistakes.
  • Sean always follows the company’s instructions to ensure a job well done.
  • Sara has great attention to detail and avoids mistakes.
  • Julia always asks how she can improve her work and implements the suggestions provided.
  • Jackson’s work meets the company’s expectations.
  • Steve always asks questions before starting new work to make sure he understands it.
  • Justine works hard to ensure she provides top quality work.

Employees that Need Some Help and/or Improvement

  • Maddie doesn’t correct her work after it’s been reviewed.
  • Emily often gets behind on her workload, which results in lower quality work.
  • Ava can’t multi-task when handed several projects at once.
  • Jen doesn’t offer the quality of work the company requires.
  • Dan has a hard time making decisions which results in lower quality of work.
  • Mary needs to trust herself more when completing her work.
  • Rob doesn’t check with the company standards before turning work in.
  • Gary doesn’t work beyond his normal hours, which means turning in less than quality work just to get it done.
  • Ana is not detail-oriented, which results in mistakes in her work.
  • Christine often forgets her responsibilities which leads to poor work.
  • Evan doesn’t take criticism from co-workers well and it often delays his work.
  • Christa needs to double-check her work before turning it in.
  • Jordan doesn’t listen to instructions before starting her work which often leads to mistakes.
  • Christian needs to ask more questions before turning in work that he didn’t understand.
  • Tom needs to be more flexible when it comes to doing work beyond his normal duties.

Employees that Don’t Meet Company Standards

  • We can barely rely on accurate work coming from Joy.
  • Adam rarely takes the time to understand the scope of the work before starting it, which leads to errors.
  • Management always has to correct Paul’s work.
  • John can’t handle taking more than one task at a time and if he does, it always has errors.
  • Ella lacks focus, which often leads to numerous errors.
  • Noah gets angry if management points out his errors.
  • Co-workers notice Jenn’s mistakes and it brings down their own morale.
  • Hailey can’t handle difficult tasks; this always results in a poor quality of work.
  • Brittany doesn’t understand the quality of work requirements here, as she never meets them.
  • Joy gets through her work as fast as possible, resulting in many errors.
  • Bree doesn’t take the time to understand the project – she just jumps in to get it done, resulting in errors.
  • Justin never turns his work in on time, which puts everyone else behind.
  • Carol doesn’t care about her work and it shows in the number of errors.
  • Jonathon needs to improve his quality of work in order to stay in this position.
  • Manny must ask questions before starting a project to avoid mistakes.

Use these phrases to start your employees’ reviews. The phrases can start a helpful conversation to elicit the changes you need in your employees while praising them for the work they do right. When you all work together and get on the same page, you’ll have a company that thrives in any environment.

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