25 Best Answers to ‘Why Should We Hire You’ Interview Question

In a job interview, this question allows you to showcase your abilities and experience. If you want to make a good impression on the hiring manager, you need to focus your answer on the company.

Think about it this way: why are you the best choice for the company? What is it getting if it decides to hire you instead of the other (also qualified) candidates? It’s your chance to highlight your strengths and show that you’re a great fit for that job. In this post, you’ll find great answers to the “Why should we hire you?” interview question.

5 Tips for Your Answer

• Be objective and answer with confidence.
• If you have real-life examples, use them.
• Highlight how your skills and experience fit the job requirements.
• Show what makes you unique and valuable.
• Be specific.

5 Mistakes to Avoid

• Don’t try to memorize your answer. Make it as natural as possible.
• Don’t just repeat what’s already in your resume.
• Avoid too short and generic answers.
• Avoid talking too much.
• Avoid sounding arrogant.

Best Example Answers to “Why Should We Hire You” Interview Question

1. Example Answer:
You mentioned that your organization needs someone familiar with managing complex projects which involve many employees and contractors. I’ve been managing large-scale projects for the last seven years at ABCD Corporation and I thoroughly enjoy it. My projects have an average of a 91% customer satisfaction rate. My latest four projects were among the top 10 most profitable projects delivered by the company in the last two years. And they were all completed on schedule.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate is a good match for the job requirements and is passionate about it. It conveys their achievements and ability to deliver results for the company and its customers.

2. Example Answer:
I know this is a fast-growing company with many young talented people. You mentioned that you need someone with good communication skills and leadership experience. When I worked at ABCD Corporation, I managed teams of eight to 12 people, most of them with no more than two years of professional experience. I have motivated them to meet or surpass all quarterly sales goals for the last four years and found tremendous satisfaction in seeing them thrive.

Key Takeaways: It shows that the candidate researched the company beforehand. The candidate also shows they’ve gotten excellent results working with similar teams before.

3. Example Answer:
My skills and experience are a great match for the job requirements, as you can see from my resume. I worked for five years as an executive assistant to Mr. John Doe, the Financial Manager of ABCD Corporation. During this time, I learned all about the finance department, which I understand will be relevant for this job. Also, I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, which allow me to communicate with the company’s offices and customers in Latin America.

Key Takeaways: It makes it clear that the candidate is a good fit for the job. It also shows confidence. It uses a former experience to give the candidate an edge. It adds a bonus (speaking Spanish and Portuguese) and shows why this can be significant.

4. Example Answer:
I studied your company’s blog, and I noticed that its style and voice are similar to mine, as you can see from my sample articles. I have written extensively about technology and cloud solutions, so I have the technical background to produce quality posts and get more traffic to your company’s website. All my content is SEO-friendly.

At my previous job, my articles helped increase the company’s organic website traffic by 150% in the first six months. I get really excited about helping grow websites, and I would love to do that here.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate took the time to do his/her homework and thinks that they are a match with the corporate culture. It also shows that their experience is relevant to the company and that they can add value right from the beginning.

5. Example Answer:
I have extensive experience designing and developing websites. As a freelancer, I have built more than 30 websites for small and mid-sized companies. Last year, I was hired by a major IT company, as you can see from my resume. I was the lead developer responsible for revamping its website. The new user-friendly and mobile-friendly interface almost doubled user clicks and page views. Consequently, customer purchases also increased by 22%. That’s why I know I can increase the traffic and prospects to your company’s website as well.

Key Takeaways: The candidate highlights some of their experience, skills, and notable achievements that show they are the best candidate for the job.

6. Example Answer:
You mentioned earlier that your company’s focus is to invest in its younger workers. I am so glad because this is something that I am passionate about too. My work is not only about recruiting but also about helping the company grow and keep its talent. In my previous job as an HR Coordinator, I developed training courses to get new hires acquainted and involved in the company faster. I also created a mentoring program that encouraged them to plan their careers with the guidance of their more experienced colleagues.

Key Takeaways: It shows that the candidate paid attention to what the interviewer said and shows enthusiasm. The candidate mentions strategies they have used before and the positive results they achieved.

7. Example Answer:
The job description says that your company is expanding its business to China. That’s why I was so excited to apply for this job. My family is originally from China. After I graduated, I decided to move to Beijing. I lived there for three years, working as a junior engineer. Then I returned to the US and continued my career here. I would love this opportunity to be part of a team that will work with your Chinese customers. I believe my work experience in China and my deep understanding of the culture will be valuable for this new endeavor.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s enthusiasm for this job and that they have directly related cultural experience that would be helpful to the role. Because they chose to move to China and work there, they have demonstrated their commitment to working in an environment related to China.

8. Example Answer:
I am thrilled to be considered for this job teaching Spanish in such a respected school. I would love to work with such a diverse group of students. I am passionate about helping them learn a second language and understand different cultures.

In my previous job, I used to plan annual day trips, taking the students to places where they could experience Latin culture. I also invited native Spanish speakers as guests to be interviewed by the students. If you give me this opportunity, I will bring my ideas and my enthusiasm and do my very best to give the students a remarkable experience learning Spanish.

Key Takeaways: The candidate shows their admiration for the employer and their excitement about working there. They also show their creativity, which is something that might set them apart from the others.

9. Example Answer:
My resume shows that I have the experience and skills that make me a great fit for this job. I also value relationships with customers, so I do my best to sell them the right products that will solve their problems. I am proficient in negotiating deals and closing sales. That’s why, in my previous job, I was the top sales representative for three consecutive years.

If I am fortunate enough to receive a job offer from you, it would be such a pleasure to bring my determination and experience to help your company increase sales and get more clients.

Key Takeaways: This answer shows confidence. The candidate highlights their strong experience. This answer also mentions their accomplishments and what they bring to the company.

10. Example Answer:
As an IT Specialist, I have a diverse background. I’ve worked with operating systems, networking, system security, and application servers. Technology is a passion of mine, so I am always studying the latest trends in my free time. Having such a diverse experience allowed me to be one of the most requested specialists for critical problem-solving assignments in my previous job. I would be really excited about bringing my technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and interpersonal skills to this job.

Key Takeaways: It shows that this candidate is a generalist. This might give them an advantage, depending on the job position. It also mentions a relevant accomplishment.

11. Example Answer:
I have four years of experience working with social media management and content marketing. I am also an expert copywriter. I intensely enjoy communicating with people, and I bring this passion to every campaign I write. In my previous job, I created several social media and e-mail marketing campaigns. Those campaigns increased the traffic to the company’s website by 42%. Those campaigns also brought 8K more followers to the company’s Instagram account and 7K more followers to its Facebook account.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s relevant skills, experience, and passion for the job. It also mentions relevant achievements.

12. Example Answer:
I am a determined and driven professional. Throughout my career, I received several awards for exceeding my individual sales goals. I’ve been working as a Sales Manager for the last three years. I manage a team of five sales representatives who work with medium-sized companies in our territory. We’ve exceeded all our quarterly sales goals to date. I am ready to embrace a new challenge, and think your company’s Sales Manager position is a great fit with my background.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s experience and impressive achievements. It also shows confidence.

13. Example Answer:
I am passionate about French literature. I was very excited when I saw the job opening for a translator. It said your publishing company intends to translate contemporary French novels into English. That was the focus of my dissertation. I have dual citizenship, French and American. When it comes to translations, I specialized in maintaining meaning and being faithful to the flow and rhythm of the original texts. I am also fluent in German and Spanish.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s enthusiasm about the opportunity and their expertise. It has an extra – the two other languages they speak.

14. Example Answer:
Thank you for asking that question. I am a detail-oriented professional who lives to embrace new challenges. I’ve worked as a financial analyst for the last 15 years. When I worked for XYZ Corporation, I was responsible for financial planning, reporting, analysis, and forecasting. I collaborated closely with the company’s CEO and other C-level executives in analyzing the organization’s finances. I also implemented an investment strategy that increased revenue by 8% on average annually. I am confident that I am the best candidate for this position.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s confidence, skills, and experience. It also shows the high level of responsibility that his/her previous job demanded and their achievement, which could set them apart from the other candidates.

15. Example Answer:
My resume shows that I have the skills and the experience that the job requires, but I want you to know that I am an extremely dedicated and devoted professional. I am hungry to learn and excel at work and thrive on figuring out how to overcome challenges. If you give me this opportunity, I will certainly do my best to exceed all my goals. I will also focus on making the customers completely satisfied with the services they get from me.

Key Takeaways: It shows confidence. The candidate talks about some of their characteristics to emphasize that he/she can handle this job.

16. Example Answer:
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to be interviewed for this job. Working for ABCD Corporation has always been a dream for me. Even though I am fresh out of college, I am very motivated, and I am a fast learner. During my internship at XYZ, I worked with some of your company’s software applications. One of my duties was to install and set them up for the assistants. I loved helping them and solving their problems. That’s why I look forward to having a chance to work in your company’s customer support team.

Key Takeaways: The candidate admits they don’t have much experience. But they show enthusiasm for working there. They also highlight a previous experience that is relevant for this job.

17. Example Answer:
This is such a fantastic opportunity that you probably have many good candidates for this job. What sets me apart from them is my work ethic and integrity. I am transparent in all that I do. I try my utmost to get the best deal for my customers and the company.

I believe that a happy customer will bring more customers because people recommend businesses that they trust. So, I work hard to gain my customers’ trust without compromising the company’s sales goals. That’s what I consider a job well done: when both my customer and my employer are happy.

Key Takeaways: In a scenario where the candidate may have skills and experiences similar to the others, this answer highlighted aspects that can set them apart from the rest.

18. Example Answer:
I am a Certified Marketing Management Professional with proven experience and results, as you can see from my resume. Before this interview, I checked your company’s current social media and web presence, and I am confident I can help you get to the next level. I can develop campaigns to increase the overall number of followers and their engagement on social media. That includes platforms that your company has no presence in yet.

Well-planned and well-executed campaigns will increase your brand awareness and the number of online prospects considerably. I would love to make that happen for you.

Key Takeaways: The candidate doesn’t describe experience or skills, but they show that they can be helpful for the company. It also shows that they researched the company’s social media before the interview.

19. Example Answer:
In the job description, you mentioned that you’re looking for a WordPress expert with experience in site optimization. I checked your company’s main website, and its load time needs to be reduced. You can see from my resume that this is one of my specialties. In my previous job, I wrote a customized responsive theme for the company’s WordPress website. I also optimized images and content. I was able to get the average page load time to less than 5 seconds. Such work would bring a considerable benefit to your website’s performance.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate took the initiative to research the company’s website beforehand. It also shows that the candidate has achieved great results in the past and can do it again for the new company.

20. Example Answer:
I love working as an Event Manager. It is a job where I can use my strengths. I have excellent people and organization skills. I am also a planner by nature. I thrive at coordinating people, and I excel at crisis management. I am both independent and a team player. I have experience managing volunteers, thanks to the time I worked at the ABCD non-profit organization. I intend to bring my experience and talent to take your company’s events to the next level.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s enthusiasm about the job. It also shows their skills and experience. It finishes with what they expect to do for the company.

21. Example Answer:
I understand that you need a social worker with experience in counseling children, teenagers and also handling family conflicts. When I worked at the ABCD non-profit organization, I was the team leader responsible for mediating between family members to resolve conflicts and establish healthy relationships.

I also trained and assisted my team in handling suspected cases of child neglect and abuse. We were responsible for counseling the families and helping them get the assistance they needed. I find immense satisfaction in helping to improve people’s lives and hope you’ll give me the chance.

Key Takeaways: It shows that the candidate has a previous experience that is similar to what the company is looking for.

22. Example Answer:
I’ve worked as a personal trainer for the last eight years. I was working at ABCD Fitness when a destructive hurricane struck and they had to close for repairs. Then I decided to start a YouTube channel to give lessons for people that work from home or are in a different town. It was a success and currently has more than 20K followers. Even though I enjoy doing that, I miss in-person contact with people. I am very energetic and optimistic. I love connecting with every client. I believe that many of my local YouTube followers will come to your gym for classes with me.

Key Takeaways: It shows the candidate’s diverse experience and how they handled a setback well. It also shows their enthusiasm for this job and how they can be beneficial to the company.

23. Example Answer:
I have strong oral and written communication skills. I can work independently as well as in a team. I am organized and self-motivated. You mentioned that the new receptionist should have familiarity with legal documents and litigation.

If you look at my resume, you will see that I worked for five years at AB & CD Associates. There I developed my ability to deal with stressful situations and also to multitask well. I also learned a lot about the specifics of working in a law firm. It is an environment I thoroughly enjoy and hope to continue to work in.

Key Takeaways: It emphasizes the candidate’s relevant strengths and previous experience.

24. Example Answer:
You can see from my resume that I have all the academic requirements for this internship. I am a creative and motivated marketing student. I have experience with several popular software programs, including Photoshop, Hootsuite, ActiveCampaign, and of course the Microsoft Office Suite. I have created content and managed accounts on the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and YouTube. I am a fast learner, and I will do my absolute best if you give me this chance. I will come to work every day ready to work hard and will be very grateful for the opportunity.

Key Takeaways: The candidate is a student and doesn’t have much experience, so they emphasize the skills that can help them get the internship.

25. Example Answer:
Based on the job description and what we’ve talked about, I know that I am the right candidate for this job. I have worked as a training manager for more than ten years. I have focused on identifying skill gaps and developing training courses according to the company’s needs and strategy.

I understand that your company has an urgent need for online courses. I’ve been working on that for the last four years. I know I can plan, develop, and deliver the high-quality online training courses that your company needs to help your employees thrive.

Key Takeaways: It shows confidence. The candidate shows how they can be helpful to the company because of their previous experience.


It is not that hard to answer the “Why should we hire you” interview question. Keep in mind that your answer needs to set you apart from the other candidates and show that you’re the best fit for that job. If you don’t have much experience, highlight the strengths you have that are relevant. If you do have the experience, don’t be shy about it. And go get that job!

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