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When considering the question of who makes money in sports, most people think of the star players. Taking center stage in the sports that we love to watch, some of the best bring home salaries of millions of dollars per year. However, there are other incredibly well paying jobs for those who work in sports that do not involve being an active player. In particular, coaches have been known to make a great deal of money leading teams to victory.

While not always the most stable of professions, some coaches have made careers bringing college and professional teams to victory and getting paid handsomely as a result. With that in mind, lets take a moment to examine the head coach of the University of Texas for College Baseball, Augie Garrido. Along with looking at his earning potential, we will also look at the amount of money he is currently making in this role.

August “Augie” Garrido Jr.

Augie Garrido was born on February 6, 1939. With an innate love of baseball, Augie Garrido represents a classic tale of knowing a sport and gradually rising through the ranks to become one of the most recognizable college coaches in the world. Beginning as a coach for Sierra High School in 1966, Augie Garrido soon became the coach at San Francisco State, followed by Cal Poly. From 1973 to 1987, Augie Garrido was coach at CSUF, followed by a short stint at the University of Illinois. All of this was then followed by CSUF again for 5 years, before beginning in 1997 at the University of Texas. With 18 years worth of experience since then at the University of Texas, Augie Garrido has built up quite a following.

The Salary of Augie Garrido

Augie Garrido’s exact salary is known. Augie Garrido earns $1,072,500 per season as a college baseball coach for the NCAA Division 1 College Baseball team. With more the n15 college world series beneath his belt, Augie Garrido is considered one of the best college baseball coaches in the world.

Future Earning Potential for Augie Garrido

Currently, Augie Garrido is at the top of his game. At 76, Augie Garrido has settled into the remainder of his career, coaching well past retirement and going strong into old age. At just over 1 million dollars a year in salary, the exact net worth of Augie Garrido is not precisely known.

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