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Some of the greatest people are those who shy away from the spotlight. Instead, by providing a series of unique skills and abilities specifically tailored towards people making all the money, these individuals can do what they love and make a fortune in the process. A popular example of this is JD Harmeyer.

Coming into his own on The Howard Stern Show, JD Harmeyer is as much a personality as a contributing part of the Howard Stern team. Along with providing his own unique talents, JD Harmeyer has a personality that also makes him beloved to the fans. With that in mind, lets take a closer look at JD Harmeyer. In particular, we will look at what his salary is as well as his net worth and future earning potentials.


JD Harmeyer was born December 29, 1979. Attending Full Sail University, JD Harmeyer would go onto become a production assistant for MTV in 2003. Moving on a little later in his career, JD Harmeyer began working on The Howard Stern Show as a media producer, where he finds clips, records aspects of the show, and generally helps with the administrative necessities required.

Expressing a deep and continued interest in movie and screen writing, JD Harmeyer is often mocked for his inability to express himself articulately when on air. This has made him both a laughing stock as well as a beloved part of The Howard Stern Show.

The Salary of JD Harmeyer

It is believed that JD Harmeyer has a net worth of around $300,000. Based on his relatively young age of 36, it can be assumed that JD Harmeyer is making around what managers would typically be making for radio at around $100,000 a year. However, given that this is an estimate based on net worth, the true amount of money made by JD Harmeyer may be far more. Until an independent source can confirm however, $100,000 is an acting best guess.

Future Earning Potential for JD Harmeyer

The future earning potential for JD Harmeyer comes less from his personality and radio personality, and more from his vast knowledge regarding movie and TV trivia. With a future goal of one day becoming a film director, JD Harmeyer has the potential to earn far more switching to this profession then what he is currently doing. Only time will tell if JD Harmeyer is successfully able to make the transition.

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