Average Underwater Welding Salary

A commercial diver, an underwater welder is the one who executes certain works under the water. The task might include underwater construction, inspection, welding and more.

Defining Underwater Welding Job

An underwater welding job could be an extremely risky occupation. This job requires knowledge and understanding both of diving and welding. The primarily task of the underwater welder is to work with maintenance on huge underwater structures like bridge structures, pipelines and platforms. They might need to take a photo of the structures and get the supplies ready that are required to conduct the maintenance.

Underwater welding may involve welding and cutting steel through the use of the necessary underwater welding equipment. People who deal with this job also need to understand the proper ways to dive. He should have the needed diving skills. This should include knowledge regarding the dive conditions before going under the water. Underwater welders get in touch with other welders on the water through the utilization of certain signal lines. Such workers should take welding and diving precautions all the time. They should maintain and monitor all the pieces of diving equipment before they decide to descend down to the water. They might utilize rigs for lifting and removing objects which are underwater.

They might install certain piling for piers and bridges. They might be required to create the necessary repairs to the large ships and boats’ underside. Based on the form of welding that is performed, duties might differ.

Underwater Welders and Their Salary

The present average underwater welding salary is more or less $59,000 every year. The amount of underwater welding salary that a certain welder produces will greatly depend on the form of welding and diving that they perform along with the total experience they hold, the state and city they work on, their education and several other factors. Similar with most other forms of employments, the location in which you are working in is very essential to the amount of salary from underwater welding which could gain. This is essentially important in terms of executing the underwater welding. The places that offer high paying salary of underwater welding include New Jersey, New York, California, Michigan and Washington. As you may observe, living close to the ocean is very important for such career.

As of 2010 month of May, underwater welding workers along with any other marketable divers gained the average rate of $27.12 every hour. The mid 50% of such workers are producing $18.24 up to $32.29 every hour or around $37,940 up to $67,160 every year. The base 10% of the paying scale was ranging $15.33 every hour or less. The leading 10% obtained salaries of around $43.06 every hour and above.

As mentioned earlier, the average underwater welding salary greatly depends on the form of job. Underwater welders who work in support for activities on water transportation like harbor and port operations acquired the average net worth of $21.03 every hour during 2010. Hence, every factor that is involved in the performance of job always affects the range of salary a welder may gain.

The State of the Welding Industry

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