Benjy Bronk Salary

Some of the most successful and affluent people are those who shy away from the spotlight. Instead, by providing incredibly useful skills and talent for people making all the money, these individuals can do what they love and make a fortune in the process. A popular example of this is Benjy Bronk. Having made a successful career as a joke writer on The Howard Stern Show, Bronk has managed to make quite a lot of money writing for a person we are all more familiar with. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at Benjy Bronk and see how much Bronk really makes.

Benjy Bronk

Born in 1967, Bronk didn’t make it big until the beginning of his 30’s when he signed on with The Howard Stern Show as an intern in 1998. Working hard, he eventually earned a paid position on The Howard Stern Show, sticking with it as other people gradually dropped off. Along with conducting pre-show screenings and gathering articles for Robin Quivers’ news, Bronk eventually moved on to joke writing full time, being given an in-studio seat beside Fred Norris and Jackie Martling. After The Howard Stern Show moved to Sirius, Bronk continued in his role as an in-studio joke writer.

The Salary of Benjy Bronk

Having become famous through The Howard Stern Show, Benjy Bronk does a number of things that generate wealth. He previously worked for the Big Bang show, but that show ended in May 2019. It is estimated that he makes around $100,000 a year from The Howard Stern Show. He has additional income from standup work and music sales which can add about $70,000, depending on the number of shows he gives and the amount of music that finds an audience.

Future Earning Potential for Benjy Bronk

Currently, Benjy Bronk is 53 years old. With a range of income sources and a great deal of recognition through The Howard Stern Show, Benjy Bronk has a great deal of future earning potential. Even if he were to stop in his role on the show, he could still fall back on the name recognition, comedy, and writing skills that he has developed over the years. With a current estimated worth of around 500 thousand dollars, Benjy Bronk has a great deal of room to grow and expand in the coming years.


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