Body Odor in the Workplace

With a lot of people who work together inside a minute environment such as an office or perhaps an outdoor working site, odors might become a concern. According to statistics, 74%of professionals on human resources need to with issues on body odor. Furthermore, business owners might need to cope with issues regarding product scents, cigarette smoke and food odor. These could be a bit sensitive topic that should be worked with tactfully. It is important to treat the employees respectfully, yet directly address the issue in order for the problem to be resolved.

Identifying the Problem

What is that smell? This is the same question most employees in the workplace ask whenever they smell something awkward as they enter in the work environment. That is the employee who comes to work having a bad smelling cloud due to dirty clothes, poor hygiene or certain lifestyle activities. For an employer, addressing such sensitive issue about employees might be intimidating, rough task to do.

However, you need to address the issue as soon as possible in order to avoid affecting others. To deal with this really sensitive issue, it is extremely essential to tackle it with tact and delicately. Irrespective of the situation or the employee, tackling this concern will surely be embarrassing not only for the employee but also for you. It is advisable for you to stay to the facts. Remind your employee that while he/she is at work, he/she is representing the name of the company to your customers, other departments and most importantly to the general public.

Therefore, it is not in the best interest of the company for any employee to deal with work with dirty clothing as well as poor personal hygiene. Clarify to the employee about the policy of the company regarding business apparel, uniforms, and more. A policy’s component must be to get wrinkle-free and clean clothing, etc. You may also refer to the policy as well as the requirement for all the employees to stick to it.

Moreover, it is expected that any employee will be prepared for work each time they arrive on mornings. Being prepared to work simply mean that they take a shower, wash their hair, properly clothed and overall clean. You may inform your employee that you are taking note of their poor appearance, and you require prompt attention to the concern. Let you employee know that the situation should be rectified and you’re there if ever they come with any queries with respect to your expectations. This vital discussion has to be tackled in a quiet, private place so as to keep confidentiality to the issue. However, to do so, an employee must display some respect to their individual appearance as well as their company’s representation immediately.

Since nobody wishes to cope with issues on body odor in the workplace, employees should know their responsibilities and duties as a worker who can affect other workers once they don’t address their body odor issues. Employees must have an open mind with regards to these issues in order to have a mutual benefit inside the workplace.

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