What is Steven Furtick’s Salary

Born on February 19th in year 1980, Steven Furtick is known as the Elevation Church’s Lead Pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also the author of the 3 books, which are entitled Sun Stand Still, and “Crash the Chatterbox” and Greater, two bestselling releases of New York Times.

Who Is Steven Furtick?

Steven Furtick was born and lived within Moncks Corner, South Carolina. He has attended school in Berkeley High School. After he finished reading the book that is entitled “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire authored by Jim Cymbala, at the early age of 16, Furtick felt like called in order to pastor within the major city. He has obtained BA within communication from the popular North Greenville University as well as the Masters of Divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

After he has served as a music director in the local church within Shelby, North Carolina, Steven has moved to the place of Charlotte and established the Elevation Church. It was on the 5th of February in year 2006 when the church performed its very first service.

Furtick has observed the church to develop to more than 18,000 in its daily attendance, presently meeting within ten varied locations. It most recent is within Cornelius, North Carolina. The Elevation Church was the mentioned by the Outreach Magazine as being one of the Top 100 quickest growing churches inside the country each year ever since the year 2007.

In addition to the local ministry of Furtick, he has also become the guest speaker within the United States. Furthermore, he also become an international guest speaker that include speaking at popular events like the Global Leadership Summit in 2011 of the Willow Creek Association that was hosted by Bill Hybels. He also become a speaker of the 2012’s C3 Conference, which is hosted by Young, Ed Jr., 2012’s Hillsong Conference, which is hosted by Houston, Brian, as well as the 2012’s and 2013’s Presence Conference that is hosted by Pringle Phil. With all the conferences and events that are attended in by Steven Furtick, it is no longer surprising if his salary has increased to some extent.

Furtick’s Success

Furtick’s wife is known as Holly from whom he has three children, namely Abbey, Graham and Elijah. During the year 2013, Furtick along with his wife has established a huge house measuring 8,400 ft2 heated and 16,000 ft2 total on 19acres of land within Waxhaw, NC, a Charlotte’s suburb. The land and house are worth at just more than $3M. Furtick stated that the home has been paid for using the money he earned from his publisher advances and book sales, instead of his salary obtained from the Elevation Church. Elevation has neglected to answer queries regarding the salary of Furtick, his tax free housing allowance, the amount he gains from his books as well as his personal speaking fees. However, the Church only states how generous Furtick is with the money he gained from publishing books.

This then gives people an answered idea, what is Steven Furtick’s salary. Only Furtick can answer this since he is the one receiving the profit and the Church or anybody else.

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