33 Strong Business Analyst Resume Objective Statement Examples

Do you want a job as a business analyst? Employers are going to read the top half of your resume first, starting with your objective statement. This means your objective statement is really important. Before you start writing yours, look at the examples below to get a sense of what to include and the overall style of the objective statement.

The next step to crafting the perfect objective statement is to pull out the job listing for the job you want. Identify keywords from the job description that the employer needs, and that you have. Make sure to include those keywords as you draft. Next, identify soft skills from the job posting or from the examples below that you have, and include those as well. Communicate that you have both the hard and soft skills that the employer needs, and that you are the right person for the job.

Below is a selection of objectives statements for business analysts with a range of experience to guide you in writing a powerful objective statement for your resume:

Experienced Business Analyst Objective Statements

  • Success-driven and focused business analyst looking for a new role, bringing extensive expertise of automating manual processes, diagnosing existing inefficiencies and proposing innovative solutions based on specified needs.
  • Highly organized and driven team player with six years of experience in the pharmaceuticals and medical equipment industries, seeking a Business Analyst position with BH Pharma, bringing demonstrated achievement of increasing revenue by 15% after conducting analyses of competitor HB Pharma.
  • Versatile and solutions-oriented business analyst with demonstrated ability to use data analytics to enhance operational efficiency resulting in 10% increase in revenue for a leading automotive manufacturer, coming with relentless hustle and willingness to do whatever it takes to drive a successful outcome.
  • Detail-oriented quantitative business analyst with two years’ experience in analyzing national consumer trends and interpreting big data to inform marketing strategies of leading supermarkets, coming with exceptional proficiency in data visualization tools and B.S. in Computer Science (GPA 3.9), seeking to support ABC Grocery Co.’s growth from a regional food retailer to a national market player.
  • To obtain a Business Analyst position at LuxuryMark Online App, leveraging demonstrated expertise in KPI reporting and marketing research, expert knowledge of SQL and MS Excel, and hands-on experience with Tableau. Bringing excellent written and verbal communication skills and a passion for delivering actionable insights to key stakeholders.
  • Innovative problem-solver with three years of experience in using multi-method approaches to analyze organizational processes, coming with demonstrated ability to identify challenges and develop solutions using root cause and workflow analyses. Offering exceptional business judgment, analytical and social skills to aid successful meeting of company goals.
  • Seeking a Business Analyst position at ABC Data Discovery Inc. to collaborate with project managers to develop business solutions, bringing Salesforce and Excel skills; personable project management skills; demonstrated capabilities in data mining, statistical analyses and predictive modeling, and B.S. in Mathematics (GPA 3.8).
  • Highly seasoned and driven business analyst with over 25 years’ experience analyzing business processes in the automotive industry, aiming to work with company directors to develop informed approaches to research and development to achieve company goals.
  • Results-oriented and dynamic business analyst experienced in developing and refining algorithms to ensure efficient stock management, seeking to apply proven approaches to increasing efficiency throughout business process at Gen Pharmaceuticals.
  • To obtain a Senior Business Analyst position at Marine Partners, bringing over 15 years’ experience analyzing and automating process within the shipping industry, and proven skills to equip company directors with tools to ensure they are prepared to respond to existing and future challenges while ensuring value for money.
  • Dynamic problem-solver with four years’ experience of applying software to help organizations automate manual processes, coming with excellent interpersonal skills and a superb ability to gain buy-in to new processes across teams.
  • To support Global Ltd. in improving gross revenue by maximizing performance of the MENA sales teams through analysis of client relationships, drawing on previous success of increasing gross revenue of competitor Worldwide Ltd. by 15%.
  • Flexible and reliable business analyst with eight years’ experience seeking a position with a healthcare company, leveraging demonstrated achievement in guiding leading healthcare companies to improve their business functions, in managing medical supply chains, and in more effectively implementing telehealth solutions.
  • Outcome-oriented business analyst with experience guiding cross-functional teams in the efficient collaboration, delivery and documentation of processes to collectively achieve organizational goals, seeking opportunities to innovate existing business processes and achieve maximal results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • Highly analytical business analyst with the ability to easily handle large datasets, draw out insights and validate them, looking to apply my experience at Data Compute Inc., bringing a deep understanding of data analytics and commercial awareness gained over 12 years working with computing and data management organizations ranging from start-ups to industry leaders.

Entry-Level Business Analyst Objective Statements

  • Motivated technology professional applying for the Business Systems Analyst position at Advantage Corporation, bringing knowledge of the ETL process, experience with various tools (such as SQL databases, JAVA, and HTML), incredible work ethic, and B.S. in Computer Science.
  • Business-minded self-starter seeking business analyst position, demonstrating emotional intelligence, ability to make professional connections with clients, aptitude for challenge, proficiency in Microsoft Office products, and familiarity with Salesforce. Offering a can-do attitude, sense of urgency and unbeatable work ethic.
  • Applying for Global Web Analyst position at Online Fashion Retailer, Inc., bringing knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript; strong organizational skills, and ability to learn quickly in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment. Ready to give 110% of myself to build excellent relationships and perform at the highest levels for the benefit of the company.
  • Recent graduate with B.S. in Management Information Systems seeking a business analyst position, offering great customer facing skills, proficient technical writing skills, superior verbal communication and presentation skills, and flexibility to travel as needed. Eager to work hard to begin learning and developing professionally for the benefit of the company.
  • Hardworking, responsible and organized team player with B.S. in Computer Science (GPA 3.5), looking to secure business analyst position, leveraging working knowledge of SQL, Python and Excel, ability to read code, and having the highest integrity.
  • Independent and proactive graduate with a strong sense of urgency, seeking position as a Business Analyst at Garrison Retail Stores, aiming to combine exceptional interpersonal skills, strong working knowledge of MS Office, working knowledge of database management systems, and superior communication and presentation skills for the benefit of the company.
  • Flexible and personable individual with attention-to-detail, seeking role as a business analyst to help maximize human resource management, reduce staff turnover, and attract top talent, coming with a recent B.S. in Business Management.
  • Senior-year student working towards B.S. in Finance (GPA 3.7), applying for Business Analyst position at Smith Health Group to start after graduation, coming with proficiency in PC-based software programs and automated database management systems as well as MS Office, and the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Exceptionally analytical self-starter with a high level of energy, seeking business analyst position in a fast-paced team environment to demonstrate ability to solve complex problems, to work effectively with people across all levels of the organization, and to continuously learn and improve. Bringing B.S. in Business Administration, flexibility to work when and where needed, and ability to travel.
  • Recent graduate with B.S. in Accounting (GPA 3.6) applying for Business and Operations Analyst position at XYZ Metal Manufacturing, seeking to utilize strong computer skills, detail-oriented approach to problem-solving, and aptitude to build strong and positive relationships.
  • Responsible, dependable and quickly adaptable graduate with B.S. in Computer Science (GPA 3.4), seeking a business analyst role to utilize expertise in data analytics and software development to help rationalize business processes, understand workflows, and more quickly and efficiently achieve corporate goals.
  • Detail-oriented graduate of the highest level of personal integrity and ethical standards, a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, seeking Hedge Fund Business Development Analyst position at ABC Investors, LP, leveraging coursework from B.S. in Finance and a desire to work collaboratively across the organization.
  • Customer-focused team player, seeking a Business Analyst position with Web and Mobile, Inc., leveraging B.S. in Computer Science, strong communication and technical skills, and an excitement to begin a career where analyses of complex problems and derived solutions benefit stakeholders at multiple levels.
  • Innovative and self-motivated graduate with B.S. in Computer Science (GPA 3.8), looking to work with clients to define and implement their artificial intelligence strategies, coming with knowledge of several coding languages, ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, excitement to learn, and ability to travel as needed.
  • Professional team player with unrelenting integrity, strong communication skills and the ability to work independently on multiple projects simultaneously, seeking a Business Systems Process Improvement Analyst position with ABC Gas, bringing B.S. in Business Administration, great time management skills, and a deep desire to learn.

Career Change Business Analyst Objective Statements

  • Early career business analyst looking to support companies to innovate and apply new technologies to minimize waste, enhance efficiency and maximize profits, holding a Ph.D. in Data Analytics and bringing two years’ experience in consulting.
  • Hardworking and focused customer service representative with high emotional intelligence, seeking to transition career and secure Business Analyst position with Smith Credit Union, leveraging clear and concise verbal and written communication skills, ability to effectively collaborate with business and technical teams, strong analytical skills, and unrelenting can-do attitude.
  • Adaptable and high-energy team player looking for a job as a business analyst position, coming with four years of experience in the hospitality industry. Ready to provide proficiency with spreadsheets, flow charts, sequence diagrams, and a passion for software and technology in career transition for benefit of the company.

After you have prepared your objective statement, go through your resume and determine if there is any tailoring in your resume that you can do for the particular job you want. Make sure that your resume is 100% error-free by asking a friend or two to review it for you, or putting it away for at least a day so that you can read it through again with “fresh eyes” to try to catch any mistakes. Best of luck!


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