35 Impressive College Student Resume Objective Examples

The objective statement is the first place you get to pitch yourself to a potential employer. It’s the hook to draw a reader into looking at your resume in full. In your objective statement, you need to concisely convince the hiring manager that you understand what the job entails and that you are the best candidate for the job. Whether you are looking for a part-time job while studying, or for your first job out of college, you will want to make your very best first impression.

Examples of College Student Objective Statements

Below are some examples of objectives statements for college students and college graduates to guide you in writing a powerful opening to your resume:

  • Computer science student seeking part-time work with ABC University in IT support, eager to gain first-hand experience while contributing to troubleshooting problems experienced by members of the university community.
  • Courteous and responsible student with a stellar driving record and well-maintained 4-door vehicle seeking a position as a part-time rideshare driver.
  • Recent graduate with B.S. in Accounting looking for a data entry and bookkeeping position at Fin Corporation, bringing excellent attention-to-detail, enthusiasm to learn and adaptability to take on new tasks.
  • Flexible and joyful student pursuing a degree in early childhood education, seeking a role as a teaching assistant and coming with fluency in online tools and the capability to learn quickly.
  • Dependable and flexible animal-lover seeking a position as a pet sitter with Creature Comforts LLC, coming with the ability to work independently and an excellent attention-to-detail.
  • Reliable book enthusiast and current English major looking to work as a library assistant, bringing an understanding of the library system and an eagerness to learn library management processes.
  • Self-motivated, focused and friendly student with a reliable car, insurance and a clean driving record seeking an on-demand runner or delivery driver position, coming with ability to provide a great experience to customers.
  • Forward-thinking and dedicated team player seeking part-time work as a graphic designer with XYZ College, leveraging extensive knowledge of a wide variety of design software and tools, and superior command of layout principals and aesthetic design concepts.
  • Responsible and outgoing student seeking a part-time host or waiting position at a restaurant, coming with two years of barista experience and an excitement for learning new skills.
  • Highly motivated software engineering graduate with strong customer service and communication skills seeking to join Great North Casualty Company, leveraging ability to write code in JAVA, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Personable student looking for a part-time job as a sales clerk at a retail clothing store, coming with two summers of experience working at a café and gift shop.
  • Punctual, responsible and hardworking student looking for a job as a barista at Café Coffee, leveraging a love of coffee, a team-oriented attitude, and an enthusiasm for making people smile.
  • Emotionally mature and adaptable recent college graduate with a passion for bringing smiles to children, looking for a nanny position, coming with reliable transportation, CPR and First Aid certification, and references.
  • Looking for a part-time job as a social media assistant at ABC Staffing, leveraging deep knowledge of various social media platforms, strong organizational skills and attention-to-detail to develop and maintain a professional and welcoming online presence for the benefit of the company.
  • Chemistry student with an excellent academic track record, seeking a summer job as a lab assistant at First Labs to support research scientists and explore the possibility of pursuing a research career.
  • Friendly and professional team player seeking a part-time job as a customer service associate, leveraging flexibility, great phone presence, and highly organized ability to work quickly and accurately.
  • Accomplished student with an aptitude for programming, seeking part-time work with Big Time Realty in support of its IT requirements, bringing superior customer service skills, strong knowledge of various computer hardware and software, and an unbeatable work ethic.
  • Outstanding mathematics student seeking part-time work as a math tutor, leveraging exemplary academic track record and ability to communicate complex mathematical concepts to children from primary to secondary levels.
  • Detail-oriented accounting college senior (GPA 3.8) seeking a part-time job with Alton Accountants to gain practical experience in accounting, coming with knowledge from coursework and excitement about starting a career in accounting.
  • Dependable student seeking weekend job as a lifeguard at Community Pool, leveraging Red Cross First Aid and CPR certifications, and three summers of experience in lifeguarding.
  • Punctual and organized art student with a passion for oil painting seeks part-time job in an art supply shop, coming with two years of customer service experience gained through work in cafes and restaurants.
  • To obtain a part-time dental office assistant position at Henley Clinic to utilize administrative experience while increasing knowledge of dentistry as a pre-med student.
  • Reliable finance student looking to gain work experience as a part-time bank teller, coming with excellent customer service skills and an interest in banking.
  • Political science student hoping to pursue a career in law, seeking a summer job as an office assistant at Gray Law Firm to gain first-hand insight into legal practice.
  • To secure part-time work as an office assistant, experienced in providing administrative support as a receptionist and coming with fast typing ability (45+ wpm), superior organizational skills, and a desire to work hard.
  • Mechanically inclined and reliable student seeking a part-time job at Cycle Store, bringing a passion for cycling and an understanding of cycle maintenance and repair.
  • Self-starter and current culinary student seeking a part-time position as a kitchen assistant, confident in fast-paced kitchens and bringing skills in various cuisines.
  • Statistics student planning on pursuing a career in business analytics, looking for a part-time job to gain understanding of practical applications of analyses and to contribute to fulfilling the analytical needs of a corporate team.
  • Innovative and solutions-oriented student seeking a part-time position within a marketing agency to leverage creativity to gain practical experience for the benefit of the company.
  • Art student seeking a part-time job as a receptionist at Art Museum, bringing excellent reception skills gained as a restaurant hostess and a passion for art, particularly oil painting.
  • Hardworking and punctual student seeking warehouse packing work, bringing endless energy, optimism, and excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Biology student seeking to obtain a position as part-time receptionist at Medical Office, drawing on over two years of office support and reception experience.
  • Enthusiastic sophomore seeking a part-time position as a tour guide at State University, looking to apply excellent communication and hosting skills gained as a waitress to show prospective students and their families around campus and give them insight into student life.
  • Responsible and driven student eager to gain work experience through part-time work, willing to learn new skills and perform ad hoc duties as required.
  • To obtain a part-time analyst position with Econo Analytics, bringing skills gained through mathematics and statistics studies, able to contribute insights into both macro and microeconomic trends.


Getting a good job that is in line with your career goals while you are still in college is a great way to roadtest your career choice and gain experience. If jobs within your future profession aren’t available, getting a different job with transferable skills is another good idea. Think about talking to people you know who might be able to put your resume in front of decision-makers. Whether you have a warm lead from someone in your network or are applying cold to an online job posting, make sure your objective statement is compelling and free from error. This is will get your resume noticed and make a strong first impression.


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