Careers for Left Brained People

Left brained individuals are characterized sequential and logical thought and are often very knowledgeable. These individuals often display high level and impressive problem solving skills. The right-brained counterparts however are intuitive, creative and usually excel in art. Unlike left-brained individuals, right-brained excel more in art and demonstrate higher level of social and emotional intelligence.

Careers for left brained people are typically rigid and analytical requiring higher level of structure and processing. There are several jobs that are most suitable for left-brained people and some of them are outlined below:


Left brained individuals can pursue a career as lawyers who represent clients in court, interpret regulations and law, analyze cases and prepare legal requirements and documents. This career requires them to be ethical, honest and be analytical thinkers. Lawyers are in charge of investigating facts and are considered as highly capable individuals in terms of working and solving legal problems.

Civil Engineer

Being civil engineers is one of the possible careers for left brained people. They are the ones task of supervising the construction and development of project sites, evaluating projects, providing technical advice, computing and testing materials, inspecting and monitoring progress and lastly following standards. Since left brained people are very knowledgeable, this career is ideal for them.


Left brained individuals are qualified to established career in biology or health. They can also be scientists who often work in conducting research and analyzing data. They work on developing theories and discovering solutions for given problems. Scientists can comply with strict procedures and regulations. They excel in this field because they got excellent analytical skills and have the capacity of paying close attention to every detail. These individuals are dependable and can practice ideal self control. They are ethical and are also willing to take challenges. Scientists are realistic and they enjoy investigating problems and facts.

Computer Programmer

The skills of left brained individual are suitable for this field. Computer programmers have the capability of writing software programs that are designed by a software developer through the use of languages and computer code. This job requires individuals who are great analytical thinker and can pay interest and close attention to details.


Analyzing financial taxes and records as well as checking the accuracy of financial documents and preparing essential papers are the main role of accountants. Since left brained individuals are said to be excellent problem solvers, establishing a career in the field of accounting is a suitable option to take.

Left brained people are those who develop dominance in one side of their brain and they have these certain areas of interest and characteristics. The brain’s left side is considered as the thinking or logical side so careers in accounting, engineering, science, health, law and computer programming is ideal for them. Individuals with dominance on the left brain tend to choose these similar occupations. Most of them works and excel in the field or career mentioned and it is apparent that they display exquisite performance because all the careers or jobs mentioned suit their skills best.

Working Characteritics for Right and Left Brained People

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