Reverse Racism in the Workplace

Reverse racism in the workplace mainly refers on the discrimination regarding sex or color not in favor of individuals that are perceived to belong on dominant group. This is threatening inside the workplace and hampers overall growth among deserving candidates.

Racism Classified

Racism on sex, ethnicity, color and the like is always a focus of great debates and contention. Traditionally, Black people and women suffer due to the bias in the society and in the government. The discrimination often prevents individuals in gaining their most deserved place and leads to discrimination.

Racism becomes dominant among women and minority groups. Nevertheless, it does not often mean that another side of the coin is overlooked. In the previous years, those groups who are believed to be strong and dominant are treated and subjugated unfairly.

For instance, white males have complained that employers promote someone or woman in the minority group to send positive messages and show the organization is an institution where people, irrespective of sex or color can progress to the next level. Due to this phenomenon, it is mainly the result of affirmative action introduced to uplift the minorities.

The Rise of Reverse Racism

In the past few years, there is a significant increase in reverse racism. White groups believed that the racial discrimination trembles the whole structure through which a modern society may be built. Although reverse racism may not be rampant, it is estimated that ten percent of the people complain of being treated unfairly. They also had lost the chance or opportunity because of affirmative action before qualification and skills.

One of the ways through which reverse racism is achieved is by making it a lot easier for the minority members to qualify for the position. This further includes setting easy targets among groups of minority people. They also reserve some quotas just for themselves. Thus, if an individual belongs to a non-minority group that performs a little better as compared to the minority counterpart, it may be possible for the promotion to be in favor of the minority counterpart.

Reverse Racism in the Workplace

Most of the researchers have felt that reverse racism exists within the workplace because of the issue regarding race. For minority groups, they are being received and are provided with better opportunities and facilities that result for them to level up in the field.

A lot of employers believed that Black applicants come from the most difficult way of his life than the white male. This further creates a deep feeling of compassion and empathy that results to biases throughout promotion, appraisals and hiring around the workplace. Thus, it is necessary for employers to consider the issue objectively. They must choose for merit other than race for deserving candidates to be rewarded of hard work.

Another reason which further contributes on reverse racism is known as defensive approach. Other organizations may be extra-cautious as a minority member or woman complains about discrimination or harassment. This issue can get strong media coverage that can ruin the reputation of the whole organization. In the prevention of racism allegations, organizations go for overdrive and sometimes end up white employees being discriminated.

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