31 Best Clerical Resume Objective Statement Examples

A carefully crafted objective statement can help your resume stand out from the others when applying for a clerical job. Recruiters and employers sift through large volumes of resumes searching for the right applicants. By drafting an outstanding objective statement, you can increase your chance of recruiters and employers offering you an interview.

Here are some examples of powerful objective statements for clerical jobs:

Experienced Clerical Objective Statements

  • Highly experienced individual with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, interested in the position of administrative clerk. Bringing exceptional organizational and typing skills (50+ wpm), proficiency in Microsoft Office and Excel and experience in data entry, preparation of technical reports and invoices to assist and support company personnel.
  • Customer-focused and detail-orientated individual with excellent written and verbal communication skills seeks administrative assistant position to utilize four years of prior administrative experience, excellent typing skills (55+ wpm), superior time management skills, and strong organizational skills to deliver outstanding administrative support.
  • Highly organized individual with bookkeeping experience and excellent interpersonal and customer service skills seeking Senior Clerical position with BPZ Company, coming with experience in handling accounts payable, collections and billing, together with outstanding time management skills to provide clerical support and ensure customer and colleague satisfaction.
  • Self-starting, organized individual with GED and five years’ experience in office administration. Desires administrative assistant position to utilize excellent analytical, communication and supervisory skills; exceptional computing skills and professional and friendly demeanor.
  • Proactive, detail-orientated individual with strong communication and organizational skills. Interested in the position of Receptionist/Front Office Coordinator at ABC Industries, offering ability to maintain office supplies and inventory, handle high-volume calls and visitors, and utilize excellent customer service skills to provide oustanding office support.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated team player seeking sales administrative assistant position, coming with five years’ experience, ability to communicate and interact positively and professionally with customers and colleagues, and highly proficient in preparing sales reports.
  • Seeking position as Office Administrator at XYZ Consulting to utilize exceptional customer service and organizational skills, strong telephony skills, and experience in documentation maintenance to provide strong administrative support to colleagues and management.
  • Enthusiastic problem-solver with GED, significant data entry experience and excellent organizational skills. Seeking data entry position to provide operational support by utilizing typing speed of 55+ wpm to ensure accurate data entry and verification of data.
  • Highly motivated individual with GED and two years’ experience in administration, looking to obtain the position of Administrative Specialist at ASB University to provide excellent support to academic departments. Bringing strong research skills and ability to analyze and compile data in an organized manner, experience in performing office duties and filing, ability to work well under pressure, and exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
  • Motivated, detail-orientated self-starter with excellent research and administrative skills carried out to a high level of accuracy seeking position as administrative assistant. Highly experienced in PowerPoint, assisting with planning and preparing course materials, data management and processing financial documentation to improve data collection and presentations.
  • Highly organized individual with advanced Microsoft Office skills and customer service focus seeking administrative assistant position, bringing three years of detail-orientated administrative and database experience, an ability to work collaboratively, and accurate data entry skills.
  • Bilingual (Spanish/English) self-starter with excellent clerical skills and GED. Interested in the position of Administrative Associate with TRX Company, bringing a high level of proficiency with SAP, ability to multitask and maintain accuracy under pressure, ability to manage office supply inventory, and experienced in dealing with payroll and associated inquiries.
  • Organized individual with business management degree and excellent ability to multitask, seeking senior administrative assistant position to utilize eight years’ experience of office management, supervision and support to senior-level staff; excellent coordination and communication skills; expert-level Microsoft Office skills; and ability to create clear, concise presentations and reports.
  • Energetic team player with GED and BCLS certification seeking the position of clerical specialist to utilize one years’ clerical experience in the medical field. Bringing computer skills, good knowledge of medical terminology, strong communication and interpersonal skills, and accurate completion of documentation to provide exceptional clerical support in a professional manner.

Entry-Level Clerical Objective Statements

  • Customer-focused individual with excellent teamwork skills, looking to obtain clerical position to utilize exceptional communication skills and strong computer skills to assist a sales team in processing information and delivering customer satisfaction.
  • Driven and highly organized individual with strong time management skills interested in starting a career as a Office Assistant at Smith Law Firm to leverage interest in the legal system, hone communication and computer skills, and assist individuals dealing with the legal system in a compassionate and professional manner.
  • To obtain the position of clerical assistant in a fast-paced doctor’s office, bringing friendly personality, data entry and computer skills, ability to deal with a diverse range of personalities, and ability to learn quickly.
  • Applying to work at ABC University as an Office Worker to leverage optimistic and organized personality,  excellent communication skills, ability to multitask to provide superior clerical and filing support, and ability to manage multi-phone lines to forge a rewarding career in the education sector.
  • Hardworking and positive team player who thrives in busy environments, looking to provide excellent clerical support to sales and management teams in a clerical position, bringing excellent verbal and written communication skills and advanced ability to use all Microsoft Office programs.
  • Seeking a Title Transfer Clerk position at ABC Mortgage Company to exploit interest in property and to apply superior clerical, data input and research skills, bringing detail-oriented and customer-focused attitude to deliver exceptional customer service in an upbeat and outgoing manner.
  • Looking to obtain a clerical position in a fast-paced environment to utilize research, data entry and analytical skills alongside strong verbal and written communication skills to gain experience.
  • Efficient and hardworking individual with strong interpersonal skills, seeking position as an Administration Clerk at Taylor Manufacturing to provide clerical, data entry and filing duties in a professional manner.
  • Seeking full-time front desk receptionist position in busy work environment to start customer service-focused career, coming with GED, strong interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills, and typing speed of 55+ wpm to aid fast and accurate data entry.
  • Seeking a full-time Clerical Word Processor position within GHD Company to utilize and expand on existing administrative skills and scientific knowledge. Excellent ability to follow instructions and procedures to provide accurate correspondence and reports.
  • To contribute to a fast-paced, efficient and friendly work environment as a clerical receptionist with high school diploma and strong computer skills, bringing a detail-orientated, self-motivated attitude with excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Senior-year detail-oriented business management student at ASK University (current GPA 3.8), looking to join AR Technical Company as Administrative Assistant after graduation. Seeking to leverage proficient administrative and clerical skills; competency with MS Office and MS CRM; and collaborative, friendly attitude to provide excellent, professional support.
  • Compassionate and professional team player seeking to obtain data entry clerk position to apply MS Office, Excel and Quick Books experience, strong verbal and written communication skills and excellent attention to detail to help drive company success.
  • Highly motivated, positive individual with strong work ethic, ability to follow instructions, and work independently, looking to obtain a Data Entry Clerk position with ANZ Incorporated to utilize computing skills, remarkable communication skills and typing skills of 55+ wpm to assist with fast, accurate data entry.

Career Change Clerical Objective Statements

  • Hardworking, self-motivated customer service assistant with over five years of experience looking to apply excellent communication and time management skills to a clerical position, coming with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.
  • To leverage my three years of customer-facing hospitality experience, ability to work under pressure and strong teamwork skills in an Administrative Assistant position with SBE Company.
  • Detail-orientated retail assistant with five years of experience providing excellent customer service in a positive and professional manner, seeking to transition career into an office administrator position.

Crafting an attention-grabbing objective statement for a clerical position highlights your experience, skills and how your background can benefit the company. The perfect objective resume statement includes the key skills required to perform the role you are seeking and shows the recruiter you have what it takes to excel in the job.


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