Conchata Ferrell Salary

Conchata Ferrell is an American actress that has largely made her career a success by taking on supporting roles. Born in 1946 in West Virginia she has been perfecting her art for a long time. She has most recently been an Emmy nominated actress on the series Two and a Half Men starring Charlie Sheen. She has been nominated for an Emmy 4 times through-out her career, losing each time. She has won multiple awards for her stage performances.

Her net worth is estimated at about $7 million dollars. She was earning about $100,000 per episode at the height of the show’s popularity which put her annual salary over a million dollars a year. When you consider that the shows stars were making up to 6 times as much as her although Ashton Kucher was making less $100K seems about right.

Her Type Cast

Cochata has always played that gritty type of witty character in all of her roles. She has a unique look to her which does not really make her starlet type material but to her credit she made the most of what she had going on and has made a small fortune doing it.

Of course by Hollywood standards her income is just a drop in the bucket but not too shabby for the small screen.

Her career has spanned decades and she has held her own while many of her counterparts have not been heard from in years. She was a supporting actress in Mystic Pizza, Edward Scissorhands, Heartland and a full range of other films.

She got her career start on the stage and appeared in the original cast of the Broadway hit The Hot L Baltimore. She has enjoyed success through-out her career on the big screen, theater works and the small screen.

She was a cast member of Two and a Half Men for the entirety of all 12 seasons. She did 212 episodes of the show and while she was listed as a supporting actor she was really an anchor on the show and many people tuned in to see what Berta had to say.

Her income is reflective of her great acting talent and her ability to endear the fans. She brings an element of realism to her work and most people can appreciate the results. It is likely that she will continue to pop up here and there on television and on the big screen in films.

How to Be A Successful Actor

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