Lindsay Czarniak Salary

Lindsay Czarniak is an interesting news woman in that she is a sports announcer in a predominately male occupation. She has been working in news since before she graduated from college. She attributes her love of sports to her father who she says has been the biggest influence in her life. She is a very popular sportscaster-her good looks absolutely help-and she is paid very handsomely for her work.

How Much Does She Make?

When you get to the level of popular that Ms. Czarniak is at you can pretty much write your own ticket. Her salary which is largely undisclosed is close to a million dollars a year. Is it more than a million? No one knows for sure but there is speculation that it is way up there.

She has paid her dues though. She did not start at the top of her market she worked her way up. She started at a local affiliate and worked her way up to being an internationally recognized sports caster personality.

Some Reports

There are some reports that put her earnings at $500K per year but she just signed a multi-year deal with ESPN (the big league) so it is likely not factual. She is a big pull for men that like both sports and attractive women and she really knows her stuff.

She also is a big pull for other women that like sports so she probably makes double the estimated $500K each year. She also does appearance which she is compensated for so it is likely that her annual income actually surpasses the $1million dollar mark!


It is hard to really pinpoint what her annual salary is because she is an employee of a private company and she can opt to not have her salary/contract agreement disclosed which evidently after an extensive search it became obvious that she elected to do.

We do know for sure that her income is way above the average salary in her field but likely lower than her male counterparts. It is safe to say that her annual salary is somewhere between $500K and $1 million dollars annually. It is a big gap between the minimum and the maximum but reporting otherwise would just be grandiose speculation. Now some people would say she is worth more while others would say that either end is a ridiculous salary for someone to earn to talk about sports.

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