Discrimination Against Homosexuals in the Workplace

Discrimination has become prevalent these days and this practice is often observed in the workplace. When talking about the rights of homosexuals, many individuals will surely relate different opinions and insights regarding this matter. Though there are states that protect citizens from discrimination practices, there are still some that do not provide lesbians and gays with protection against discrimination in the workplace. You might find it hard to believe that there are states wherein discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace is highly evident.

What the Law States

However, it is usually against the law to refuse or fire someone because of race, religion, color and most of all due to gender but this somehow depends on where you live. There are some states that ratify laws against homosexual discrimination but many still do not have laws protecting individuals with diverse sexual orientations. There are also state where employers can fire employees or deny employment if these employees are homosexual.

What the Statistics Say

Studies revealed that almost 85% of Americans are not in favor of discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace. Furthermore, it was found out that 61% are in favor of federal laws that are being passed prohibiting discrimination against gays and lesbians in the workplace yet few states passed and enacted these laws.

Current States with Laws

Some states have been active enough in passing laws in order to protect homosexuals against discrimination in the workplace. These states include Illinois, Hawaii, Connecticut, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, Washington, Wisconsin and Vermont.

Unfortunately, lesbians and gays who do not work in the said states are experiencing discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace and they are suffering from serious consequences brought by their sexual preferences. Many corporations and organizations have created their policies that tend to eliminate workplace discrimination however; there is really no clear legal action that lesbians and gays can take if they have become victims of these unpleasant and devastating workplace practices.

This simply means that homosexuals will surely experience complicated scenarios and will find it difficult to decide coming out and revealing their real identities with their co-workers. Some may consider this not to be great deal of predicament, but thinking that homosexuals work eight or more hours per day would seem to be too much for weeks and months.

Gays and lesbians might be granted with the job but in times that company events are held bringing family members and significant others, homosexuals are sometimes harassed and discriminated during these times. Due to this, homosexuals are unable to come or bring their partners with them during work related functions.

Establishing policies in the workplace is viewed to be an effective solution in order to address discrimination against homosexuals in the workplace. These policies must be read and heard by all the employees in order to inform them about serious punishments and consequences in case they will not comply with what is written in the policy. Discrimination might lead to more serious problems that affect them company and the relationship of employees as well so this needs to be stopped.

Homosexual Protections in the Workplace

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