Career Options for Felons

Many people who have felony convictions also find it difficult to find for employment. Other businesses are cautious in giving employment among felons. For a lot of felons, they should soar high and never lose hope. There are still many employment opportunities where they can send their application to.

Here are career options for Felons:

1. State/ Government Jobs

Due to the reason that the government makes way in reintegrating and rehabilitating felons in the society, there are government job positions being offered to people who have felony charges. Government-related jobs are known to be the most secured and the best jobs for felons today. Starting in the lowest position and then to the highest, it still depend on the skills and qualifications of the felonies.

2. Online Marketing Jobs

The internet is trusted in providing career options for felons. Likewise, online marketing jobs are offered for them. They can sell their stuff online and join affiliate marketing where they can earn for a commission through the sold products. They can also sell their advertising space in one website to another. Online marketing is deemed to be profitable and does not even require more effort.

3. Food Service Career Option

In the food service industry, there are more job openings to find for everyone. The good news is that there is no ongoing competition among non-felons and felons. For sure, a felon can land a good job as a food service attendant, service crew and the like.

4. Marketing and Sales Career Option

One of the excellent career options to consider is on marketing and sales. This is a good advantage for felons because they do not need to undergo a character evaluation or investigation, or even great resumes. As long people have the skill and ability in talking to people, they are able to sell more products and land a good marketing and sales job.

5. Freelance Jobs

Contractual or freelance jobs are a perfect career option for a lot of felons. Freelance careers are found online that they are popular opportunities. On the other hand, there are also freelance jobs on different services such as constructions, repairs, massage, plumbing and the like.

In regard to this career option, it is important to have a talent. Clients are acquired by means of recommendations. It is best to talk to a circle of relatives and friends for help.

Apart from it, there are many companies online that provide jobs for felons. The jobs include of conducting surveys, answering questionnaires and filling forms. They get paid in doing all these jobs and acquire a good amount of money.

6. Starting a Business

Having a business is one of the excellent career options to consider. Although it may be quite difficult to apply for a loan because of having a bad credit, they can still ask for assistance or help from the non-governmental organization or local government.

7. Construction Sites Job

At the construction sites, felons can look and land for a job that only needs labor. The good thing is that there are no required skills of becoming one.

Choosing a Career

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