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Gary Dell ‘Abate, also known as Baba Booey, is a well-known and famous American radio producer due to producing The Howard Stern Show from 1984 until present. Dell ‘Abate attended Adelphi University and even received the Richard F. Clemo Award in his senior year which opened up several doors for him into his career. He started out interning at many different radio stations including WLIR, and during his internship with Roz Frank he was introduced to Howard Stern. While many years have passed and he is now executive producer of The Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM Radio.

Personal Life

Married since 1992, Gary Dell ‘Abate and his wife Mary have two sons. In January of 1991, Dell ‘Abate lost his brother to AIDs and has since become the president of LIFE beat The Music Industry Fights AIDS. He has also been featured in magazines, books, and even television. As a hobby, he even collects animation cels which is how he got the nickname Baba Booey. He discussed purchasing a Quick Draw McGraw animation cel and rather than calling the character Baba Looey, he said Baba Booey. This nickname has stuck with him ever since and he even titled his autobiography “They Call Me Baba Booey.”


While he only made a salary of $150 a week upon starting out on The Howard Stern Show, Gary Dell ‘Abate has slowly accumulated a larger salary over the years. While it is unknown as to how much he makes now, his annual salary for The Howard Stern Show in 2010 was $6,000,000. This also doesn’t count the money that he made in the year or years that he worked on other projects, including television appearances on shows that brought him even more fame. These shows include 60 Minutes, Hollywood Squares, Roll Jeopardy, and VH1’s Rock. He still works on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio, and brings in a variety of talents including Sting, Demi Moore, and many others to keep the show alive and well.

There is no idea as to how much more money Gary Dell ‘Abate can make per year or his net worth to indicate his current salary, although $6,000,000 per year isn’t something to scoff at for someone who is in the public eye as much as Baba Booey of The Howard Stern Show. His rise has been gradual and the amount of work he has put in is more than deserving of the money he makes.

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