Patrick Mannelly Salary

While snappers don’t get much notice without making mistakes that cause the loss of a game, or date a famous actor or model, this amazing football player was a one of a kind veteran that has received his fair share of time in the spot light. Patrick Mannelly didn’t make any errors during a game or date a bombshell like Pam Anderson, but he is most definitely in the spot light due to the number of years he has played football and the level of talent he possessed. While for many NFL teams who were dropping their older players for the younger models, the Bears held in on Patrick Mannelly due to his amazing talent and dedication to the sport.

Personal Life

Patrick Mannelly played for the Chicago Bears for 16 seasons and only missed 3 games up until his injury in 2011. However in 1998 he married the daughter of a MLB player, Tamara John, and they had a daughter in 2005. Not much is really known about his personal life as he is a rather private person for being so heavily in the public eye due to his football career. But he took on the role of a spokesman for the American Lung Associations Athletes and Asthma Program. He was also presented with the Ed Block Courage Award in 2014, and while he isn’t playing football anymore is enjoying his retirement.

Salary and Career

In 2010 Patrick Mannelly was up for a new contract which he openly stated he didn’t want to discuss any of the details of, but after a game in 2011 against the Chargers he tore his ACL he was replaced with a different snapper from the Rams. However when he was signed in 2005, he earned a signing bonus which paid $560,000 and valuing the total of the contract to $5.185 million dollars, he was said to make $855,000 for 2010/2011 season alone. While his sad parting with the Bears was only due in part to an injury, there is no record of how much money he would have made on the new contract if he had been signed again, or how much he specifically earned annually as football player’s salaries are much different than that of various other professions. There are also no details on his salary now that he is a sports talk show host in Chicago during the day.

Football Concussions

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