Gender Stereotyping In The Workplace

Due to legislation and more acceptance within culture gender discrimination is not quite as prevalent as in the past, but it still exists. Gender stereotyping within the workplace is described as one of the main causes of discrimination, because it allows or causes the mistreatment of others based on preconceived notions. Many of the stereotypes that exist in culture are not based on fact and are simply an opinion. Many people that practice gender stereotyping in the workplace are not even aware of how their perceptions are impacting others. This means that in a lot of ways, gender stereotyping is often subconscious. However, if you are more aware of this issue it is possible to fight against it more effectively.

Negative Ways That Gender Stereotyping Can Affect Individuals In The Workforce:

Leads to Wage Discrimination

This is such a serious issue because it has big ramifications. Women are often stereotyped as inferior to men and this can be seen in wages. On average, women earn only 81% of what men earn based on the same employment, education and experience levels. This means that many women are paid based around gender stereotypes, which cause them to be compensated at a lower wage for the same type of work.

Leads to Hiring and Firing Discrimination

Gender stereotypes in the workplace can also be a contributing factor in the hiring and firing of employees. Gender can be seen to be a huge factor in hiring and firing, which should not be the case. It is a fact that within fortune 500 companies women only account for less than 15% corporate officer positions and less than 2% of CEO positions. This clearly illustrates that women are discriminated against based on gender and do not have the ability to reach high positions in business based around existing stereotypes.

What Can You Do?

Legislation designed to promote equality and get rid of gender stereotypes is a start, but increased awareness is the key. It is time to make this issue a topic of conversation in the workplace and look for ways to eliminate subconscious gender stereotyping that can lead to the lowering of wages or discrimination among top level positions. Gender stereotyping in the workplace will not disappear on its own and it will take a collective effort and greater understanding from all to make it possible.

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