Workplace Violence Warning Signs

The workplace can be a very different environment that takes some getting used to. Some individuals in the workplace hold positions of power and have authority or influence over others. Workplace violence is something that is combatted with effective job screening, but this does not always keep workplace violence away. It is important that not only all supervisors are aware of workplace violence warning signs, but also that all employees are educated as well.

Here are a few warning signs that might be able to shed light on possible workplace violence issues:

Visibly Upset or Distraught

Everyone experiences their own personal crises from time to time, but not all individuals in the workplace are equipped to emotionally handle the stress in the same way. Keep an eye out for individuals that have recently dealt with the death of a loved one or are going through a personal change that could be painful. Any type of personal crisis that has resulted in a noticeable mood change can be a warning sign that you need to keep an eye on.

Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol

Employees in the workplace that are abusing drugs or alcohol are much more likely to commit workplace violence than those that are not. This means that you need to keep an eye on those that seem to be abusing drugs, because this could be a sign of a deeper issue including depression or mental instability.

Threats or Hold Grudges

Any threats that are made against others in the workplace need to be taken seriously and reported to those in positions of authority. Even if those threats do not seem likely, you still need to report them and take action. You never know when a threat could result in harm caused. If you notice any grudges or building resentment, it is always a good idea to speak with a supervisor that you can trust with the information.

Fascination with Weapons or Violence

If you notice any individuals in the workplace that express a fascination with violence or weapons, you need to report it immediately. Having a lot of weapons and talking about them often is a precursor to workplace violence. This could be a potential issue if it is not brought to the attention of someone with power.

Workplace violence is not something that you can protect against completely, but being aware of eth common warning signs allows you to take a more proactive approach.

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