31 Best Hospitality Resume Objective Statement Examples

The hospitality industry is one of the most exciting and adventurous industries to be a part of in today’s world, which is why it receives an increasing number of applications every year. To land that dream hospitality job, you will need an eye-catching resume objective statement that will ensure your resume gets noticed so that you can get that interview.

Here are some examples of what an impressive resume objective statement looks like for a hospitality position:

Experienced Hospitality Objective Statements

  • Highly trained and energetic caterer with 10 years’ experience in the hospitality industry would like to join Hospitality OXY Ltd. as a Senior Caterer to grow a team of enthusiastic catering trainees by sharing expert culinary and customer service knowledge.
  • Looking to secure employment as a housekeeping manager at a resort to utilize seven years’ experience in leading, managing, and coordinating housekeeping team members, to ensure work assignments are completed optimally.
  • Proactive and organized individual with five years’ restaurant experience is seeking position of Shift Leader at Berlington’s Restaurant, to assist with directing operations of all activities while ensuring that food quality, service, and cleanliness meets the highest standards.
  • Creative sous chef with nine years’ experience preparing fine dining cuisine and proficiency with menu costing procedures is looking to join a high-class restaurant as a sous chef to be involved with the entire operation of the kitchen, including additional tasks as required.
  • Applying for position of Restaurant Manager at Paz Paella to utilize five years’ hospitality industry experience and Food Safety Manager certification to help achieve service standards, develop restaurant staff, increase guest count, and enforce sanitary practices.
  • Practical and organized person looking for an assistant manager position in the hospitality sector, bringing three years’ experience in the restaurant industry with high school diploma, to supervise workload during shifts while maintaining a positive attitude among staff.
  • Seeking employment as Restaurant General Manager at Spier Tucker, ready to utilize five years’ restaurant and bar experience, team management skills, customer service orientation, and strong analytical, decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Innovative and trustworthy chef with 12 years’ experience in the culinary arts is looking to fill the position of executive chef at a leading restaurant, to lead a kitchen team by providing guidance, to ensure all food products meet quality standards, and research trends in food to use for menu creation.
  • Professional and energetic person with over two years’ of casual dining management experience applying for Full-Service Restaurant Manager position at Japlo’s Harvest, bringing strong integrity, enthusiasm to thrive, and passion for hospitality and interacting with guests.
  • Knowledgeable wine educator with CSW certification seeking to secure a full-time position as a wine education ambassador at a vineyard or hospitality company, to utilize three years’ experience in wine education and public-speaking experience.
  • Former assistant hospitality manager at KernelXZY for five years is seeking work at Sweet&Salad as a Hospitality Manager, leveraging extensive experience in cross-training personnel, supervising workloads, and maintaining solid working relationships.
  • Strong supervisor with a customer-friendly approach looking to work as a restaurant manager to improve restaurant productivity through mentoring restaurant staff and ensuring duties are completed at the highest standards, bringing seven years of restaurant experience.
  • Desiring a Front of House Manager position with Crock Barrel where skills gained from four years working front of house can be utilized to coordinate daily operations, promote the restaurant, create social media content, and train existing and new staff members.
  • Looking to work as lead prep cook at a reputable hospitality company, bringing two years’ experience as a lead prep cook and ability to work positively in a fast-paced environment with a team-based approach and strong attention-to-detail.

Entry-Level Hospitality Objective Statements

  • Effective communicator with strong organizational skills is looking to fill a hospitality position vacancy, able to lift 50 lbs. comfortably, flexible schedule with weekend availability, bringing strong sense of urgency and passion for helping others.
  • Seeking employment as a Take-out Window Facilitator at Avero’s Crumbs, to utilize good judgment and adaptive attitude while providing excellent customer service, with ability to collaborate in a fast-paced environment, and manage phone calls and payments.
  • Genuine and outgoing team player with Serve Safe certification and clear credit background seeking a position as a restaurant sports bar manager, bringing enthusiasm and knowledge of scheduling and inventory.
  • To pursue an exciting career as a Restaurant Server at Crab Castle, where a hands-on approach, attention to cleanliness, excellent people skills, and a friendly attitude can benefit the restaurant in maintaining its reputation.
  • Friendly person with clean background and a sense of adventure is looking to work as a housekeeper at a hospitality resort, leveraging ability to adhere to safety practices, complete tasks to high standards, and perform additional duties as required.
  • Talented and energetic individual is excited to grow in the hospitality industry in the role of Server at Five Sides Plate, willing to work shifts, with professional and enthusiastic attitude, effective communication skills, and a customer service mindset.
  • Easy-going individual with leadership abilities and excellent people skills, looking for work experience in hospitality and restaurant
    industry, bringing a winning attitude, great work ethic, and ambition to the role.
  • Senior year Hospitality Management student at Sourborn University (current GPA: 3.8), looking to join Meltzi Tours as a Hospitality Associate after graduation. Seeking to leverage communication skills and determination to elevate the company to new heights.
  • Energetic and enthusiastic person with a commitment to thrive in the hospitality industry, desiring a position as a server at a fine dining restaurant. Available to work weekends, passionate about customer service, and strong ability to work under pressure.
  • Applying for position of Hospitality Specialist at Chokka’s Grill to utilize excellent interpersonal skills to greet and seat guests, set the perfect atmosphere, and bus tables as needed. Able to manage reservations and telephones effectively.
  • Hospitality graduate seeking guest service agent position or similar role at an upper-class boutique suites hotel, to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of hotel operations by performing any duties necessary in the role, to begin career and grow within the company.
  • Courteous and professional individual with strong organizational skills and attention-to-detail, applying for position of Host at PXTY Club, bringing an upbeat and positive attitude, efficiency in Microsoft Office, flexible schedule, and great communication skills.
  • Tech-savvy and motivated high school graduate looking for an entry-level position at an events and promotions company to grow within the company, bringing professional image, great attitude and work ethic. Available to start immediately.
  • Ambitious and results-driven graduate with B.A. in Hospitality Management applying for position of Hospitality Associate at Courtland Events to leverage people and communication skills to coordinate events, maintain inventory, and assist the CEO with duties as required.

Career Change Hospitality Objective Statements

  • To leverage my five years of business administration experience, strong verbal and written communication skills, and target-driven attitude to assist a hospitality business to develop and execute a targeted growth plan and prospect new customers.
  • Accomplished sales representative with six years of experience in the FMCG industry would like to join XTY Resorts in the role of In-House Marketing Coordinator to work in a dynamic team to maintain production standards and schedule guests with member services.
  • Seeking employment as a brand marketing coordinator in the hospitality industry to utilize 10 years’ experience in a customer-facing sales position in the retail industry, to benefit from a sales-driven attitude and customer focus to increase business sales.

Now that you know what an effective hospitality objective statement looks like, you will be able to tailor your own based on the position you are trying to fill. The key thing to do is to read the job description thoroughly – even re-read it a few times to make sure you know exactly what the company is looking for. All you have to do then is apply your knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the position. Good luck!

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