35 Eye-Grabbing Teacher Aide Resume Objective Statement Examples

People may think that a job as a teacher aide is easy, but in reality, there are a lot of requirements that must be filled before you can even land an interview. Children are the most valuable people in the world, which is why a teacher aide is expected to be patient, kind, and very knowledgeable about education. Your objective statement is important for showing that you are the type of person that can perform well in this essential role.

Here are examples of objective statements that will get your application noticed:

Experienced Teacher Aide Objective Statements

  • Collegial and collaborative person with a B.A. in Education seeking employment as a substitute assistant teacher, to be available when the primary teacher is not, bringing six months’ experience as a substitute teacher and demonstrated knowledge of curriculum.
  • Mature and reliable individual with five years’ experience caring for children, applying for Teacher Aide position at Lief’nhouze, to utilize independent and collaborative nature to facilitate in the classroom and assist with daily duties. Ability to lift 50 pounds effortlessly will be an asset.
  • Looking to secure a position as a teacher’s assistant for children aged six months to five years, to utilize three years’ experience and proven track record in child development. A passion for providing opportunities to children will benefit the school.
  • High school graduate with three years’ experience in early childhood education and ability to lift 50 pounds, seeking employment as Teacher Aide at HS Smith, holding valid CPR certification and able to communicate effectively with children, parents, and staff.
  • Excellent communicator with GED would like to join an established school as assistant teacher, bringing two years’ experience and ability to work well in team environment, with respect and dedication for children with special needs.
  • Healthy and enthusiastic team player is seeking employment as an assistant floater teacher at an established learning and wellness center, to assist with planning and implementing programs, participate in child care and classroom activities, with one year of experience in early childhood development.
  • Applying for position of Assistant School Teacher at Bento House, coming with four years’ experience as an afterschool teacher, eager to motivate children to be physically active while treating them with dignity and respect.
  • Caring and devoted individual with two years’ experience as an assistant in a childcare center is seeking employment as a teacher aide, to help develop children to realize their full potential. To benefit from CDA certification and First Aid.
  • Experienced individual having worked with pre-school children for four years is seeking Teacher Aide position at MXZ School, leveraging strong English and interpersonal skills to benefit the role, with a benevolent approach towards young children.
  • To obtain a position as an assistant toddler teacher at a licensed childcare facility to leverage three years’ experience in a similar role, with broad availability to work various hours, bringing compassion for children and excitement for assisting in the formulation of curriculum.
  • Qualified pre-school teacher with six months’ experience would like to join Limbra Network in the role of Assistant Child Care Teacher, with the ability to multitask, resolve conflict and able to pass FBI check and criminal background check.
  • Empathetic and physically fit professional with B.A. in Education and 2 years’ experience working with youth is looking to join an esteemed academic institution, to coordinate the physical education curriculum, maintain a record of progress and promote mentorship.
  • Looking to join a team of passionate childcare teachers in the position of teacher aide, bringing 4 years’ experience working with children and two completed college units in Early Childhood Education. Ability to lift 50 pounds continuously and communicate effectively with young children.
  • Compassionate and trustworthy person with 45 DCF hours and three years’ experience working in a licensed childcare facility, would like to join RLY Clary in the Assistant VPK Teacher role, to ensure daily care of children, maintain a fun and interactive classroom environment, and keep a safe and clean atmosphere.
  • Applying for position of Head Start Teacher Assistant at Browla Groen, to leverage two years’ teaching experience and Associate Degree in early childhood education to plan and implement curriculum, to assess child development and devise forward-thinking strategies.
  • Experienced counselor with B.A. in Education, applying for position of teachers aide at Purty Mont, bringing four years’ experience assisting classroom instruction and two years’ experience guiding students in counselor role at RKL Sup.

Entry-Level Teacher Aide Objective Statements

  • Mature and dependable individual with affinity for children is seeking employment as a teacher aide, with a can-do attitude and flexible schedule. To assist the primary teacher with implementing the curriculum, and developing and coordinating classroom activities.
  • Senior year Special Education student at Strandoros University (current GPA: 3.8), looking to join Timehill Prep as a Substitute Teacher Aid after graduation. Seeking to leverage learned knowledge, passion for development, and enthusiasm to begin teaching career.
  • High school graduate with a desire to help children, desiring to join a special needs school in the position of teacher aide, to assist the classroom teacher in carrying out education programs, supervise, and assist with daily self-care needs of students.
  • Excellent communicator applying for Teacher Aide position at EagleEye Kids, to assist with classwork, troubleshoot technical issues, and answer questions. Bringing technical capabilities, deep understanding of diverse cultures, and high degree of initiative.
  • To join a caring elementary school in the position of teacher aide, to provide a passion for teaching children and improving children’s lives. Bringing exceptional organizational skills and community spirit to the school.
  • Committed individual with an A.A. in Early Childhood Education and NYS Teaching Assistant certification would like to join BroZo Academy as a Teacher Assistant, to utilize seven years’ experience in early childcare to encourage students to seek a minimum grade of 75%.
  • Reliable and dedicated person with full Microsoft capability is seeking a career as a teacher aide. Will pass fingerprint clearance, background check and criminal history check. Ability to help staff, children, and volunteers.
  • Aptitude in working with children with disabilities and exceptional communication skills to be utilized in the role of Educational Associate at PTYC Prime, to assist with instructional materials, maintaining the classroom, keeping administrative records and providing orientation assistance.
  • Enthusiastic person with DFC mandated training, VPK literacy training, and open availability, seeking employment as an Assistant VPK teacher, to create interactive learning experiences while mentoring students and ensuring the daily care of every child.
  • Fresh graduate with 18 credits in early childhood education would like to join EearlyBirdKids as a Teacher Aide, to work cooperatively with teachers and present a positive image of the organization while helping students to reach potential.
  • High school graduate working towards an Associate’s degree in early childhood education is seeking employment as an assistant preschool teacher at a preschool with integrity. To leverage compassionate nature and learned skills to help children succeed.
  • Final year Elementary Education student at Palmora University (current GPA: 3.6), would like to join Daniel Priory as a Teacher Aide after graduation. Looking to leverage planning and organizing skills, and desire to begin a successful career in teaching.
  • Mature person with high school diploma and CPR certification is
    looking to join a state school in an assistant child care teacher role, bringing ability and willingness to perform duties as well as history of honest and ethical conduct.
  • Person in possession of G.E.D, driver’s license, and reliable transportation, seeking to join NLPT Todds, able to assist teachers with curriculum, drive children to and from extracurricular activities, and assist with a sports program.
  • Recent graduate with B.A. in Education seeking a position as a Teacher Aide at MSX School, to utilize extensive knowledge of education, child development and psychology to assist teachers in the development and functional behavior of students.
  • High school graduate with six college credits desires to join a team of passionate childcare facilitators, to promote and develop young children, follow the lead of principal teacher, and assist with the maintenance of classroom materials and supplies.
  • Flexible and reliable recent graduate would like to join Akar Grow, to demonstrate professional appearance and attitude while working with and assisting children, with score of 75 on CFISD test and ability to push and pull 50 pounds easily.

Career Change Teacher Aide Objective Statements

  • Experienced counselor with proven track record and three years’ experience is seeking a career opportunity as a teacher aide. Bringing an Associate’s Degree in Education and an ability to communicate effectively to the institution.
  • To leverage my five years of physical education experience with young children, patience, determination, and goal-setting skills, to assist the primary teacher at Yokandal College in the position of Teacher Aide.
  • Looking for a permanent teacher aide position within a team with a dedication for child development and progress. Previous experience as an au pair has equipped me with the skills and passion to see children succeed. Available to work shifts.

When it comes to teacher aide objective statements, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you can meet the job requirements. If you can, then tailor each one of the job requirements to match a specific skill that you have. After that, be sure to include the most relevant qualifications and certificates that you have obtained and you will be well on your way to securing a rewarding job as a teacher aide.


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