33 Impressive Human Resource Resume Objectives Statement Examples

Any job listing may receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applicants. Hiring managers will only have a short time to review each person’s credentials, often only scanning the first page of your resume. In order to make yours stand out from the competition, consider adding an objective statement that summarizes your background and interest in a compelling way.

If you’re looking for a position in Human Resources, here are some different kinds of objective statements you can use to add punch to your application.

Experienced Human Resource Objective Statements

  • Looking for the next chapter in an experienced Human Resources career, bringing 15 years of progressive experience in benefits management, conflict resolution, and arbitration with national-level corporations.
  • Seasoned professional with ten years of Human Resources experience looking forward to joining the Jackson Pointe family of businesses as the next Human Resources Manager, with capabilities in people management software and advanced financial management.
  • Hoping to continue to serve the nonprofit sector in this community by joining this team as an Office and HR Manager, with six years of experience in administration of staff benefit programs and general employee record maintenance.
  • Experienced HR professional with eight years of experience in the automotive sales industry, eager to support regional dealerships as a reliable staff management executive who can manage multiple salesperson accounts in a flexible HR backend system.
  • Seeking promotion to Human Resources Manager at Collegiate Apparel Unlimited, boasting 12 years of progressive experience as salesperson, floor manager, and purchasing associate; strong interest in personnel management and benefits administration.
  • Applying for a role on the Human Resources team at the corporate level after nine years of retail storefront management in three New York regions, with demonstrated staffing management experience and successful overhaul of regional hiring practices.
  • To obtain a senior position at the national publishing headquarters of Secondhand Book Emporium in the Human Resources department; strong communication and team-building skills with industry certifications in business psychology and conflict resolution.
  • Self-motivated and dynamic professional looking for opportunities to grow within the company after eight years of experience and increased responsibility, seeking ways to advance in the HR team after serving as the hiring manager for the Southeast region.
  • Knowledgeable executive with 13 years of corporate experience looking for the next step in a successful Human Resources career, focusing on local and regional companies, well-versed in all facets of human capital management.
  • To obtain a support position in the Human Resources department of Healthy Kids Vitamin company, able to perform daily administrative tasks that support personnel management, benefits administration, and sales team schedule maintenance.
  • Go-getter with four years of experience focused on advancing career in Human Resources management, willing to serve in all facets of HR within the company but hoping to join the Benefits team to provide excellence in service and care for all employees.
  • Seasoned HR associate with 11 years of experience in various roles looking to advance to Senior HR Executive with First-Rate Parts & Manufacturing Co. after holding positions in purchasing, quality control, and sales.
  • To continue my employment journey as a Human Resources associate after four years gaining valuable insights into personnel issues facing this company, hoping to bring dedication and passion to making our associates’ lives better.
  • Desiring a role in the SoundBox HR department, supporting the overall mission of quality musical instruments and equipment by providing corporate support to advocate on behalf of employees’ benefit concerns.
  • Looking to capitalize on three years of human resources experience and progressing career to next level to better serve fellow associates across teams, with significant administrative experience and knowledge of current insurance law.

Entry-Level Human Resource Objective Statements

  • Recent graduate looking for first position in Human Resources with Pop Fizz Sodas, with a degree focused on retirement benefits and healthcare planning.
  • Seeking opportunities to bring Accounting experience into the realm of Human Resources with a national-level advertising company, willing to put forth the effort to ensure all employees receive quality care and benefits.
  • Administrative professional looking for HR position, able to provide compassionate support to employees while maintaining the financial interests of the company at large.
  • MBA graduate with Human Resources certification seeking the first step of employment journey, strong attention to detail and willingness to seek the good of the company through hard work and dedication.
  • Seeking HR position in the Northwest Region distribution center of Pet World Enterprises, in search of ways to combine love of pets with desire to support companies that seek to improve their quality of life.
  • In search of first career position, hoping to bring past administrative assistant experience to a fulfilling role in Human Resources by supporting employee engagement and professional development programming.
  • Looking for valuable role with PrintFast Copiers as an HR Account Executive, with recent certifications in relevant HR policies and able to apply complex guidelines to real-world settings.
  • Master’s student studying Business & Finance seeking support position in Human Resources, willing to bring focus and attention to detail to all administrative tasks that support the goals of the department.
  • Graduate of local nonprofit incubator program in search of ways to support the community through a Human Resources role, who believes that supporting nonprofit workers is the best way to support needed services that benefit others.
  • Hoping to advance from a student assistant position at North Locke University to a full-time role within the Department of Employee Benefits as an HR Associate; well-versed in current HR policies and participant in the latest benefits system overhaul and willing to bring valuable insights to continued work.
  • Seeking a role in Human Resources, bringing focused administrative experience and interest in employee support programs to the work in new and exciting ways for the company.
  • Recently graduated student with business management and accounting background applying for a role with Human Resources to support organizational and department development goals.
  • Performance-driven individual with recent certifications in Human Resource Management hoping to join a powerhouse company in a staff support role, strong references available from prior retail positions.
  • Business Administration student with Supply Chain Management training seeking complementary experience in Human Resources, able to work extended hours and support all segments of the corporate structure.
  • Ability to move into Human Resources role based on prior administrative experience; willing to learn all aspects of payroll processing, employee engagement programs, and personnel scheduling.

Career Change Human Resource Objective Statements

  • Retail salesperson seeking career shift into Human Resources, bringing 20 years of valuable frontline experience to bear in crafting benefit programs that provide true value to associates at all levels.
  • Marketing executive experienced in leading teams to success in corporate initiatives hoping to join Metroline Staffing as an HR Account Manager, able to bring attention to detail and proven employee engagement strategies to the corporate level.
  • Knowledgeable and dedicated Purchasing Manager looking for ways to advance with the company, searching for opportunities in Human Resources to advance employee benefit programs.

As you develop your own objective statement, be sure to tailor them to your own personal experiences, and remember that a strong objective statement can catch a recruiter’s eye as they scan through their piles of applications. Good luck in your job search!


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