35 Eye-Catching Graphic Design Resume Objective Statement Examples

The hiring process is highly subjective, much like graphic design. Interviewers and hiring managers can only work with what is in front of them, and they will be making a judgment call against hundreds of comparison points. In addition to your portfolio, your resume must also stand out. One way to accomplish this is to use an engaging and appealing objective statement.

Whether you are an aspiring or veteran graphic designer, here are some sample objective statements you can use on your resume to impress potential employers.

Experienced Graphic Design Objective Statements

  • Talented graphic designer with seven years’ experience in wowing clients, seeking to join the Soaring Sun Design team as Senior Graphic Design Manager to guide the department in providing excellent service to customers.
  • Versatile, out-of-the-box graphic designer with a three-year corporate portfolio looking for the next step in career, able to use all major graphic design platforms and experienced in advanced color theory.
  • Experienced graphic designer with detailed knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and the entire Adobe Creative Suite, seeking to bring attention-to-detail and consistent design application to all client work and able to showcase 14 years of practical yet bold design concepts.
  • Online media designer with 12 years of experience, industry certifications, and recognition at national conferences hoping to join the family at Smith Design Firm as the next Senior Media Manager.
  • Striving to develop a vibrant graphic design career by joining the New Leaf Designers Collective, leveraging two years of freelance experience, and many happy clients bringing a joyful and excited approach to design and customer interactions.
  • To obtain a graphic designer position after two years of learning and client project delivery, well-versed in company policies and design philosophies, and able to lead teams to succeed with project deliverables.
  • Seeking to join the team of Semaphore Sign Design as Graphic Designer and serve our community through creating vibrant designs that will bring in new customers and maintain brand presence.
  • Graphic designer with four years of brand development experience hoping to make an impact, with an eye for clean lines and bold design that draws in customers from every market segment.
  • Graphic designer with six years of work experience in a variety of mediums including web, print, social, and signage; diverse professional experience with graphic design programs and advertising platforms.
  • Applying to New Leaf Design Haus as the newest Graphic Designer on your team, hoping to join the award-winning crew and bringing 11 years of market experience to aid in client satisfaction.
  • Creative and passionate graphic designer seeking to leverage valuable community connections as a Graphics Department Manager, bringing client relationships to the next level by leveraging team dynamics and delivering outstanding results for all accounts; boasting 13 years of progressive responsibility with client accounts.
  • Skilled designer with a storied background in large-form printing, multimedia collateral, painting, and more over a 15-year career, seeking next career move as the senior graphic designer for a thriving marketing firm.
  • Seeking to join the Mad Mod Graphic Design team as a Graphics Specialist, offering six years of progressive experience and history of successful client interactions along with quick and thorough work ethic on major design programs.
  • To move to the next level in the Graphics department after one year of successful learning and mentorship under a Senior Designer, hoping to continue valuable exposure to graphic design processes and interaction with marketing delivery team.
  • Small-form graphic designer with five years of experience desires to join publishing firm as a cover art designer, coming with a sample portfolio utilizing a variety of design suites that spans multiple genres and audiences.
  • Experienced graphic designer with nine years of satisfied clients looking to join the Nestor Marketing team as Graphics Executive, with dozens of successful projects large and small, demonstrating a career devoted to complete satisfaction.

Entry-Level Graphic Design Objective Statements

  • Recently received Graphic Design certificate from Kennison State College, looking for real-world experience in the graphic design industry, bringing experience in motion graphics, videography and in developing personal website.
  • Energetic graphic design student with developed soft skills, hoping to join a marketing firm in the Southeast region, willing to commute or work remotely, experience with Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.
  • Seeking freelance experience in graphic and character design as an aspiring animator and designer, with three years of part-time work devoted to learning and studying influential artists and animators and developing personal vision and style.
  • Applying to the Mark 23 Design Firm team as the next Graphic Design Specialist, seeking entry into the vibrant marketing and design community in North Florence and hoping to make an impact in the historic downtown arts scene.
  • Committed and conscientious graphic designer seeking first step in career, willing to bring strong attention to detail and care for customers’ wishes in each and every project.
  • To obtain a graphic designer job, coming experienced with Adobe Creative Suite, including industry certification and regular presenter at AdobeMAX Conference.
  • Aspiring graphic design professional and participating member of Public Relations Association and other design and marketing industry groups, coming with recently completed dual Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Marketing and experience with all major design programs.
  • Excited to contribute to the Carrollton Marketing design team, seeking to thrill and delight customers with out-of-this-world designs; experience with Adobe Creative in print and videography.
  • Seeking to become a full-time design professional in the Graphics department, with a growing portfolio of samples available upon request.
  • Applying to the Print Graphics team as a Brochure Specialist, aiming to satisfy customer needs and consider the end-user experience in projects with clean and readable designs that appeal to all audiences.
  • Graphic Design program graduate from East Quetzal State whose work focuses on making each design clean, concise, and compelling in order to draw in customers and website visitors, with the career objective of a lifetime of learning cutting-edge graphic design.
  • Professional and knowledgeable aspiring graphic designer with administrative experience and knowledge of customer sales processes, looking for a staff position to continue learning from an internship experience.
  • Active and creative individual seeking a graphic design position, experienced with Adobe design programs and consistently studying the latest industry trends through review of and contributions to national design blogs.
  • Friendly and capable community member seeking to give back in a graphic design job, hoping to breathe life into a downtown space with immense potential for inviting and energetic designs for storefronts and signage.
  • Doctoral candidate for Graphic Design Theory seeking customer research position with Adobe, seeking to bring public understanding of design to a higher level and impacting the next generation of designers.
  • Looking to join the Design team at Stott/Pearson Screen Printing, in order to more closely align with professional goals and personal passions in providing ways for customers to get to know area businesses.

Career Change Graphic Design Objective Statements

  • Painter and sculptor recently transitioning to graphic design, able to bring real-world sensibilities and a dramatic flair to online design projects for multiple platforms, as well as 20 years’ experience in the community.
  • Marketing sales executive seeking to move full-time into the Graphics department at Cover to Cover Marketing Services, hoping to fulfill personal goals of design career after 17 years of client relationships and assisting designers throughout tenure in current role.
  • Shifting gears from administrative positions to freelance graphic design, able to work extra hours to satisfy client needs and passionately devoted to excellence and excitement, seeking new clients daily.

If you start with one of these statements, make sure that you tailor it to your personal experience and highlight the very best that you have to offer. Make sure to carefully read the job description and use the objective statement to show you have what the potential employer is looking for. You can expand on these qualities in your cover letter, but the hiring manager may only read the first line of your objective statement and then skim the rest of your resume without reading your cover letter, so your objective statement needs to create an impact right out of the gate!


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